G-dragon Birh day

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120824 G-Dragon Twitter Updates

본의아니게 승리로인해 뮤직비디오찍는거다아니까 한장!
"Although it is against my will, everyone now knows that I'm filming a new MV thanks to Seungri, so here's a shot!"

그리고 곧...! "ONE OF A KIND" MV 가 나옵니다. Y'all Ready For This? 으으으흐흐흐 떠어어얼려어어어어요오오오오~많은사랑부탁드립니다 
"And soon...! "ONE OF A KIND" MV will be out. Y'all Ready For This? Euheuheuhhuhuhu I'm shakiiiing~ Please show much love, bows."

Translation: @mystifize and @Big_Seunghyun

BIGBANG ALIVE Making Collection - GDragon and Seungri RECORDING LOVE DUST


120823 [G-DRAGON - 'ONE OF A KIND' M/V Counter]

Source: BIGBANG@Facebook
120821 G-Dragon Twitter/Instagram Update
이제야받았다 Thanx vitamin water.
Finally I've got it. Thanx vitamin water.
Trans of the pic: Happy birthday GD! yay! Your happy birthday is coming. Here are vitamin waters which want to celebrate your 25th birthday. For you, who is special than everyone else, we have your pictures since debut,  you can be absorbed in seeing them. Don't be moved~ It's not funny if best top star gets touched by just these things. But if you're impressed, don't hide your mind. We like to be HONEST because we're from New York. Again, happy 25th birthday and we'll expect your constant love for vitamin water.
Translated by: LueKim@twitter


{ME2DAY} 120818 Seungri: Today is Big Bang's leader, G-Dragon's birthday.

credit: gilbakk2010@YT
빅뱅의막내 승리가 리더 권지용형에게 생일축하메세지^_^
TAG: 사랑한다 권지용 나 버리지마..........
Big Bang's maknae Seungri's birthday message to Jiyong hyung. ^_^ 
TAG: I love you Kwon Jiyong don't leave me
Video Trans: Today is Big Bang's leader, G-Dragon's birthday. I really wish you a happy 25th birthday. I'm filming this video with my heart to wish him a happy birthday even though he's not with me right now. Be excited for Jiyong hyung's solo album that is coming up. Kwon Jiyong... Jiyong hyung! I love you!

Translated by: @kristinekwak

Big Bang G-Dragon Tells Taeyang to Take Care of His Passport

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With Daesung and Seungri’s passports stolen in Japan, Big Bang’s G-Dragon made sure to tell Taeyang to take care of his. 

On August 17, Taeyang tweeted, “Wordup Tokyo,” announcing his arrival in Japan for the Summer Sonic Rock Festival. 

Following soon after, G-Dragon tweeted to Taeyang, “Yo. Take care 
of your passport! Safety is first! Have a fun trip while eating sushi if you can! It’s my birthday soon, so come come with a present! That’s why we’ll be together forever!” 

Taeyang finished the conversation with, “Puhahaha! Nice mang!” 

A little while later, Taeyang tweeted a series of tweets wishing G-Dragon a happy 24th birthday, showing that their friendship is still strong. 

Photo Credit: Taeyang and G-Dragon’s Twitters, Hea Jung Min
G-Dragon's 6th Anniversary Message (190812) ::


Original Post is from  - http://www.ygbigbang.com/6thAnniv/#dearvip)

Anyone can see it!

-- Original Text --

벌써.. 아니, 이제!!! 6주년이네요 항상 너무 고맙고 미안한, 그래서 더 잘해주고 싶은! 평생 V.I.P로 모시겠습니다! Still Love V.I.P! ♥

-- Translation --

Already… No, Now!! It is 6th Anniversary. Always thank you so much and sorry, so want to be nice to you more. 

Will forever serve you as V.I.P! 

Still Love V.I.P! ♥

Translated by hooddorami@tumblr / Credit : hooddorami@tumblr


Happy birth day To G-dragon

18 /08 /12
Seung-chan's Diary: Seung-chan and Jiyong is Nyongtory (120818)  ::

Today is Big Bang's leader GD's birthday! Happy Birthday!

He has always been the center of Big Bang and he's the one who created the Big Bang today.

I respect him a lot! I think I'm really lucky to be in the same group with him.

I want to send him energy now that he's currently creating new music. (=´∀`)人(´∀`=) Hyung! All the best for your solo album. Everyone is looking forward to it!

I feel nostalgic looking at these photos. We are close right? ^^ I miss him~

(*Note: Nyongtory is the "couple" name of G-Dragon and Seungri in Korean i.e. "G-Ri")

Translated by 0401rurutic @ Twitter
Photos via DCVI / Shared via @bigbangupdates / Credit : BBU


G-Dragon working out at the gym snaps,shared via Hwang Ssabu ::

YGE trainer Hwang Ssabu uploads photos of birthday boy G-Dragon working out:

Hwangssabu: gogogogogo~^^

Zoomed in pics:

Source : @Hwangssabu  / Shared via @bigbangupdates / Credit : BBU