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Big Bang and T-ara named the Kings & Queens for  first half of 2012 album sales ::

Gaon Chart has unveiled the top artists in physical and digital sales for the first half of 2012! 

Perhaps to nobody’s surprise, Big Bang and T-ara were named the Kings and Queens of sales for the year so far, as they each came out on top in the categories of physical album sales and digital album sales respectively. 

Big Bang took first with their fifth mini-album, ‘Alive‘, which recorded 267,319 units in sales through May, setting it at a lead of over 100,000 units against SHINee, who took second place with 165,411 units with ‘Sherlock‘. 

Girls’ Generation‘s sub-unit TaeTiSeo took third with ‘Twinkle‘, recording 139,388 units in sales. 

As for the digital charts, T-ara’s “Lovey Dovey” took the lead, followed by Big Bang’s “Blue” and “Fantastic Baby” in second and third respectively. 

Fourth was taken by the biggest rookie of the year, Busker Busker, and their greatest hit, “Cherry Blossom Ending“. The super rookies are a strong contender on the physical charts as well, as they’ve sold 104,180 units of their debut album to date. 

Following after Busker Busker is rookie Ailee in fifth. 

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120624 GD Fancam - Bad Boy Encore

120622 More G-Dragon HQ Fantaken Pictures @ Incheon Airport

120623 G-Dragon's Everyday Tattoo Fashion

“Are you wathing, Donnie?” …GD, his ordinary tattoo style.

“Fire hair, seaweed hair, gore fashion…”

Group ‘Big Bang’ has always received public attention. It is fun not only to listen to their new music, but also to watch their new style. Among others, G-Dragon is the fashion icon of Bigbang. He is considered best fashionista in Idols. The clothes which he wore, the shoes on which he put have always been major issues.
Then how about his style in daily life? Expectably, STYLISH~

The pants covered his knee, the high socks with star pattern. Who would dare to try wearing these style?
At the beginning of June, this was him on Rodeo street in Apgujeong. It’s a place where hot people go. Most people just can’t attract other people’s attention. Of course, G-Dragon, can. His unique fashion, can.

That day, G-Dragon’s fashion was ‘funky’. His pants struck the eye of many people. Long-short black pants with white cross stripes on the upper part and high socks with white star pattern. No one could try wearing these style except for GD.

But the point of that day was his tattoos. He had letterings on his both arms. On his right arm, he also had heart tattoo by Keith Harig who is graffiti artist. And there was dragon ball on his left shoulder. It means his name, G-Dragon.

His act of freedom was also unconventional. He spent time alone without the other members. He wasn’t conscious of public eyes, he passed Rodeo street in Apgujeong naturally. And he met his friends and talked to them with his bright smile.

Nowadays Bigbang has had their world tour in Japan and met fans. And next month, they will hold their world tour in 7 cities around the world. We hope that 2012 will be ‘fantastic’ and ‘monster’(good meaning) to them.

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G-Dragon Screencaptures from Alive Album Making


Credits: GD츠 and nikkistraces@DCGD

BIGBANG HQ Scans from Alive Abum Japan Edition

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Wonder Girls say, “We’re happy to go head-to-head with Big Bang”

Wonder Girls gave their thoughts on competing against Big Bang on the charts.

The Wonder Girls released a new mini-album, Wonder Party, on June 3 with “Like This” as its lead track. On the same day, Big Bang also released a special album, Still Alive. The rivalry between two groups are receiving favorable reviews.

At an interview with news reporters on June 19, the Wonder Girls said, “It must be a lie if we say we didn’t care about Big Bang’s new album, which was released on the same day and time with ours. But we’re happy because we’re friendly rivals. It’s our first time to go head-to-head with Big Bang. There were a few times we promoted our albums on the same period of time, but this time, we released our new albums on the same day and time. We, of course, cared a lot about it.”

Ye Eun said, “We made this album for many people to enjoy rather than to win. We’re happy that our ranking is getting higher week by week. But we don’t think we can always top the charts.”

It’s quite unusual that such popular idol groups as Big Bang and Wonder Girls release albums on the same day and time. It’s commented that the rivalry between two groups helped both groups receive wide attention and also promote their albums.

The Wonder Girls will soon hold a flashmob festival under the title of “Let’s dance and enjoy together.” Having attracted many people’s attention with easy choreography, the Wonder Girls will also hold a live concert on July 7.

Source: Starnews

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GD gifs from Monster Making
Credit: gdtopbaby@tumblr
120618 G-Dragon HQ Fantaken pictures @ Gimpo Airport
120618 BIGBANG Alive Tour in Saitama  Japan Press Pictures
120617 GDYB Backstage @ Alive Tour 2012 in Saitama, Japan
Source: BIGBANG-YG@weibo
BIGBANG - Monster @ Music Japan Live 17.06.2012

120617 Kim Ha Neul sings Big Bang’s “Blue”?


Actress Kim Ha Neul will sing Big Bang’s “Blue” on Gentlemen’s Dignity.

Kim who plays the role of Seo Lee Soo on SBS’s Gentlemen’s Dignity, will drink wine with Do Jin (played by Jang Dong Gun) and Jung Lok(played by Lee Jong Hyuk) and sing after getting drunk.

Lee Soo sang Big Bang’s “Blue” and called it “Lee Soo’s song.” The song has addictive melodies and special lyrics ‘Cruel parting cannot be comforted by loving words or any other words.’ This song seems to speak for Lee Soo’s heartache that she received from having a crush on Tae San(played by Kim Soo Ro).

The shooting took place on June 7 at the ‘Shin Poom’ shooting site in Ilsan. Kim sang Big Bang’s “Blue” in her own style and heated up the site.

Kim revealed, “The melodies of this song is so addicting that I can’t help but sing along.”

Not only that, Kim gave good laughs by acting drunk and singing with a fork as a microphone.

In the series, Do Jin will make a loving atmosphere by sitting on the sofa and looking at her fondly. Expectations are on the rise whether the love line between the two can develop any further.

The production company revealed, “Even though we spend countless days shooting overnight, Kim is showing off new charms that she has never revealed before such as dancing and singing.”

Source: Starnews

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BIGBANG’s ‘Monster’ MV Hits a Monstrous 10 Million+ Views


Big Bang’s Monster music video is living up to its title. 

According to YouTube, as of June 17, the music video for Big Bang’s recent music video Monster has lodged over 10 million views since its release. In doing so, Big Bang has released four music videos this year which have accomplished the feat with BlueFantastic BabyBad Boy and now Monster.

Monster’s high views is all the more impressive considering the fact Big Bang has done no promotions or activities for the single at all since its release. 

Monster’s music video:

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan
Credit:  Enewsworld

120616 MONSTER

Ji and his cap,sooo cute  :x
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120614 G-Dragon Me2day Update Bigger Picture


형 돈이형 보고있나? 일본방송국의 Staff!아 깜짝이야!너무 닮으셨죠?ㅎㅎ“Hyungdon~ie hyung are you watching? Staff of a Japanese broadcasting co! Ah a surprise! Doesnt it look like him? haha”

Source: GD's Me2day
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Big Bang shows 'Monster' power on Gaon charts

Top K-pop icon Big Bang is opening up the next chapter of their career for sure, with the special edition of the fifth mini-album "ALIVE."

A total of five songs out of nine songs listed in Big Bang's "STILL ALIVE" dominated the top 10 of Gaon's singles chart between June 3 and 9, including the title track "MONSTER" that perched atop the list.

Making a bigger bang with the album that dropped on June 3, "STILL ALIVE" sat at No. 3, "EGO" at No. 4, "FEELING" at No. 5 and "BINGLE BINGLE" at No. 6, the chart showed on Thursday.

The special edition is composed of five tracks from the original and four new tracks written and composed by the leader G-Dragon and producer Teddy--"MONSTER," "STILL ALIVE," "FEELING" and "BINGLE BINGLE." 

Solidifying its position as the leading K-pop boy band, Big Bang also saw "STILL ALIVE" debuting at No. 3 on the Billboard's World Albums chart last week.

Sandwiched between the chart-topping song "Monster" and No.3 tune " STILL ALIVE" is Wonder Girls' new song "Like This."

"Like This," off the singers' sophomore mini-album "Wonder Party," also quickly entered the chart at No. 2 after being dropped on June 3. 

Other songs in the top ten include comedian Chung Hyung-don and hip-hop artist Defconn's "The Gloomy Song," Wonder Girls' "Girlfriend" and G.NA's "2HOT."

Over on the album chart, Big Bang's "STILL ALIVE" made a triumphant No. 1 debut, pushing down the former winner B1A4's special edition for "IGNITION" down to No. 10.

Following the big winner of last week, Teen Top's third mini-album "aRtisT" and Wonder Girls' "Wonder Party " each entered the chart at No. 2 and No. 3 during the same period.

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 More G-Dragon HQ Scans @ Extraordinary 20's

G-DRAGON Scans from Still Alive Album

image image imageimage
Credit: 꾸익 @ DCGD
C: 塔塔family @ baidu
BIGBANG’s latest hit poses a question, “Is TV promotion really necessary?”

Group Big Bang has dominated online, album, and music video market without any TV promotions, adding some momentum to the question that has surfaced the first half of the year on whether TV promotions are necessary for success.

Back in April, Busker Busker had a mega hit without any appearances on the network music programs and IU has also had success on the online charts in May with her ‘End of the Day’ off her fan service CD single ‘Spring of a Twenty Year Old’, thus as a result, the relationship between TV promotions and hit songs started to shift. Now Big Bang has garnered much attention not only in Korea but worldwide without any TV appearances at all, adding momentum to the theory that after all, TV promotion may not be a must as it has been in the past.

Big Bang’s new song ‘Monster’ is still topping the main online charts such as Melon as of June 9th. It has been a week since the song was released on June 3rd but it is showing much staying power.

The album and music video are doing well also. According to Hanteo Chart, Big Bang released ‘STILL ALIVE’ on June 5th and sold 15,000 in just a day. The music video that was revealed 3 days prior to that truly broke the records with 2.5 million views in just 24 hours. Without any TV appearances, Big Bang truly had a huge hit on their hands. Even without a comeback stage, the comments keep pouring in from all over the world in English.

If the popularity of the songs continues without any comeback stages or any variety appearances, the expectations are that the shape and form of promotions may change quite a bit in the future.

Many explain that this is possible when you are at the level that Big Bang is. A CEO of a mid-size management company commented, “When you are at a level that Big Bang is, the public seeks them out so the TV promotions don’t appear a must. I think it’s a state that all the artists want to achieve. But for most artists, there are not many methods of promotions other than increasing exposure to step closer to the fans first.”

Source: OSEN via Nate
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Extra Ordinary 20’s Photobook

Credit: ygfamilyy@tumblr
G-Dragon HQ Screencaptures @ Extraordinary 20's Making
Credit: 안경@DCGD
Credit: fantasticji@tumblr
C: // 残花败柳≈ @ baidu

120608 G-Dragon and TOP HQ Fantaken Pictures @ Gimpo Airport



Extraordinary 20's BIGBANG Talk (GD cute)!


Q: Anyone that you thought hey I kinda wanna do a song with him/her?
GD: Wow that’s an original question.
Ri: Right?
GD: Well.. YG people don’t usually do….. it BUT I do have quite a few people that I’d like to collab with. Please contact me.
gd and ri laugh
Ri: Maybe you should tell him/her personally.
GD: I really can’t pinpoint a person, but you know, if our hearts connect.. You!
caption: you! ring ring~
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BIGBANG - MONSTER -Ver. Final- M/V (Japanese Short Ver.)


120603 GD Fancam -  Knockout Alive Tour 2012 in Osaka, Japan


120506 G-Dragon HQ Fantaken Pictures @ Hyundai Card Event


Indie Bands Respond Negatively to Big Bang ′Re-Monster′ Project

Things aren’t looking too good for Big Bang’s new project with Hyundai Card. 


As revealed on June 5, Big Bang and Hyundai Card announced a new project where they asked indie bands to create a reinterpretation of Big Bang’s newest hit Monster

The winner of the contest would be able to produce a digital album with YG Entertainment, as well as use the new music distribution program made by Hyundai Card for indie bands to independently manage the profit of their music. 

While the initiative of the collaborative project was thought to be a good way for indie bands to get their names known in the music industry, the response from these bands haven’t been so positive. 

Various indie band companies have been criticizing this project, saying it is a plan created by a large firm, who do not understand the indie musicians who are playing for the love of music. 

One company executive said, “I don’t know how great this Monster song is, but I don’t understand their motives when they say, ‘hey, remake this song, and we’ll give you money.’” 

They also added, “It would be better for the company to support the indie musicians and their self-composed songs.”

Aside from negative responses, some indie bands showed interest in participating in the competition, leaving the success of this large-scale project open-ended. 

Photo Credit: Hea Jung Min
Credit: fantasticji@tumblr
Credit: i-m-forever-young@tumblr
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G-Dragon for Extyraordinary 20's
120607 Big Bang’s ‘Extraordinary 20′s’ photo collection available through app stores

As reported earlier, Big Bang has released their first official photo book since their debut!

The photo book ‘Extraordinary 20′s‘ was released along with their special edition album ‘Still Alive‘ on June 6th, and contains photos depicting the normal life of Big Bang. The members look more approachable and laid back, which is a big change from their dramatic image they usually show on stage.

The pictorial, shot by famous photographer Hong Jang Hyun, was shot in London as well as Korea to capture the various images of the Big Bang members.

‘Extraordinary 20′s’ can be purchased on and off line, as well as through mobile app stores. For the mobile version, the pictorial has been divided into two different versions, London and Seoul. The London version has been released (android download here), while the Seoul version will be unveiled at the end of this month. The two versions will both be available through the Apple app store as well later this month!

C: carolicity @ ALLKPOP
Sources: l www.bigbangfamily.com
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120606 Extraordinary 20's - G-Dragon at the playground

He is indeed extraordinary   

C: unfbigbang @ tumblr

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BIGBANG - Making of "MONSTER" Music Video


120603 Big Bang and Wonder Girls top the charts

The new songs of Big Bang and Wonder Girls are receiving favorable reviews from people.

On June 3 at midnight, YG Entertainment released the songs of Big Bang’s new album, including the lead track “Monster.”

“Monster” is co-composed by Big Bang’s G-Dragon and composer Choi Phil Gang. It’s an electronic dance song characterized by Big Bang’s distinctive, addictive, and emotional melody.

Immediately after the song was released, it topped the real-time charts of such major music sites as Melon, Olleh Music, Mnet, Bugs, and Monkey 3.

People responded: “Big Bang’s songs are all good!” “G-Dragon’s lyrics writing skill is getting betther,” “Big Bang’s the winner!” “Including ‘Monster,’ the intro song is so good.”


Wonder Girls also ranked in the top ten of the charts with their new songs, including “Like This,” “Girlfriend,” and “Hey Boy.”

The lead track “Like This” is an electronic hiphop song composed by producer Park Jin Young.

In the music video of “Like This,” which was released with the song on the same day, the Wonder Girls are attracting attention by performing cute dances.

People responded: “The song is so good. I don’t think I’ll be sick of it,” “They’re so much better than other idol groups,” “Their new songs are all good.”

Source: Starnews

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IGBANG HQ Screencaptures @ Monster MV Making

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