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BIGBANG for The North Face Never Stop Dreaming from 1st Look Magazine

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Big Bang travels overseas for the first time on Jeju Airlines ‘Big Bang’ airplane ::

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Big Bang has recently traveled to Japan on their ‘Big Bang’ airplane for their performances in Nagoya and Osaka. 
Jeju Airlines reported on May 16th that Big Bang traveled overseas for the first time flying on Jeju Airlines’ ‘Big Bang’ airplane. The members took off from Incheon on the 16th on flight number 7C1602 for their performances in Nagoya on May 17th & 18th. 
Big Bang’s Japan Tour will cover 5 cities during May and June, and the boys will also travel on a Jeju Airlines’ ‘Big Bang’ plane when flying to Osaka and Fukuoka. 
Jeju Airlines who signed Big Bang as their newest models has decided to sponsor their performances overseas in order to strengthen their global image, as Big Bang has developed a wide fan base all over the world.

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