G-Dragon as an "Idol(s) Who Drive Fast Luxury Cars"

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Big Bang to promote four title tracks

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Earlier, allkpop reported that Big Bang would be promoting double title tracks. It turns out that YG Entertainment was trolling us all along, as Big Bang won’t be promoting two tracks — they will be promoting four.

On February 16th, the label updated their YG-Life blog with a new graphic pointing out four title tracks. In addition to “Blue” and “Bad Boy“, Big Bang will be performing “Love Dust” and “Fantastic Baby“. All four tracks were written and composed by leader G-Dragon, with support from producers Teddy and Choice 37.

The boys are looking to doing it big this year, and you can’t any bigger than promoting four tracks simultaneously (…or can you?)

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120216 Music Big Bang Hits the Streets of New York for MV

Are you wondering what the Big Bang members’ styles from all the teaser photos will look like when they’re brought together? Check out the new photos from their music video shoot.

A user of an online community website updated a series of photos under the title ‘Big Bang in Harlem, New York’.

Big Bang flew over to New York on February 9 to shoot the m