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Jung Il Woo to become in laws with G-Dragon?

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At a press conference for new tvN Kdrama ‘Pretty Boys’ Ramen Shop‘, actor Jung Il Woo began to talk about his beloved Shar Pei, Ah Woo with his fans who were present at the event.

“My dog who was given to me as a birthday gift from my fans last year now weighs nearly 40 pounds, and won’t listen to anything I say,” he said. “When I was filming ‘49 Days‘, G-Dragon who also has a Shar Pei called me and asked if I was interested in letting our dogs get married“, he revealed.

But due to the busy schedules of both, the dogs have been unable to meet yet. He continued, “I was so busy filming the drama, we were unable to get together to arrange the marriage for our dogs… And also because Ah Woo is female, I feel like she should play a little hard to get anyway. If he contacts me again, though, I think I just may allow it.”

And in regards to his fans, he said, “My fans keep me grounded, and they are my source of drive. They are the reason I am able to keep a good head on my shoulders… My fans that have been with me since my debut know me better than my own family. To me, they are my acting coach, and my stylist, and I work hard and am always aware of my actions because I don’t want to disappoint any of them.”