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Why was G-Dragon the only one to have been placed under investigation?

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Amidst the shocking news of G-Dragon's marijuana incident, the public has started wondering why he was singled out for investigation.

According to the prosecution, G-Dragon smoked a stick of marijuana while in Japan in May. YG Entertainment then followed up with a press release on October 5th, stating that G-Dragon "was attending a party together with several Japanese staff members, when a person he took to be a fan offered him a cigarette at the restroom. After he took two or three puffs he realized something was wrong and flushed it down the toilet." Big Bang was in Japan from May 5th to May 19th, traveling through Osaka, Chiba, and Nagoya to hold a total of eight concerts. This club incident stands out as the likely cause for G-Dragon's positive test results.

However, this begs the question: Out of all the members of Big Bang, why is it that only G-Dragon was requested to take the test?

A representative from the prosecutor's side answered, "That is because we got a tip-off regarding only G-Dragon; the other members were not mentioned at all. Accordingly, we went ahead to test G-Dragon."

Meanwhile, spokespeople from the entertainment circle are keeping close attention to see if this case will signal the start of an investigation into the use of marijuana in the industry. The representative dismissed this rumor, saying, "No other celebrity is under investigation."

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111006 YG Family, Club Party, "A Totally Different Atmosphere".. Also G-Dragon?

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Photos of YG Family partying in a club has become hot topic online.

On the 6th, an online community made a post, titled, "The different image of YG Family during a Club Party!" posting up pictures of different YG artists while out on a club party. As expected in light of recent events, the article's hits was explosive.

In the photo, 2NE1's Sandara, CL, producer Kush, and 2NE1 stylist, Yang Seung Ho, seem to be enjoying themselves in a crazy club party.

In particular, CL who had her face near Jeremy Scott's who was holding her, and a picture of Sandara together with Kush while blowing cigarette smoke, has attracted attention. Also, G-Dragon, who is undergoing a controversy, was snapped in another photo.

Netizens who saw the pictures commented, "WOW! Such a crazy party~ You guys really play hard," "YG singers, artists, and people totally play in a different way," "YG, don't you think you should do better at properly managing your singers?" showing an explosive reaction.

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Big Bang’s G-Dragon will not be blacklisted from broadcast appearances

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Big Bang‘s G-Dragon made headlines recently after it was revealed he tested positive for marijuana usage. Considering how his peers in the industry were blacklisted for scandals, netizens have been wondering whether he too will be banned from appearing on the nation’s biggest public broadcasting channels, KBS, MBC, and SBS.

Fans can breathe a sigh of relief, as KBS, MBC, and SBS officially announced that “appearance sanctions [against G-Dragon] will not be made.”

To start, KBS and MBC have confirmed that they will not be imposing any restrictions on G-Dragon. A representative of KBS stated, “Kwon Ji Yong‘s indictment is currently suspended and thus he is not standing before the law. Consequently, imposing a restriction would be difficult.”

MBC also announced, “We could talk about appearance restrictions, but opening a whole conference is not yet decided. We would usually open a meeting if it were civil or criminal cases, but when a case’s indictment is suspended, we normally will not open one.”

SBS also came out with similar announcements to KBS and MBC, stating that chances of restricting G-Dragon’s TV appearance would be low.

Normally, an official decision for a celebrity’s removal from a broadcast appearance is normally made after each of the broadcasting stations hold a meeting with the Performers’ Regulation Commission. Currently, a total of 12 celebrities have been blacklisted by MBC and KBS after being hit with drug-related charges. Some of these include Oh Kwang Rok, Yoon Sul Hee, Jun In Kwon, Jun Ji Hoon, and Crown J.

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Prosecutor in-charge of G-Dragon's case interviewed

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Major points from the prosecutor's interview:

- Shaving his head had nothing to do with this issue. The test was middle of June. He shaved his head 2 months later. The case was already over then. I didn't even know that he shaved his hair. There's no connection at all.

- We didn't let the public know so soon because he's a celebrity and this is just a small case. We knew that he didn't do it consistently because only his hair was tested positive, not his urine.

- He was suspended of indictment considering it's his first offense and it was unintentional.

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G-Dragon’s urine tested negative for marijuana, but his hair tested positive.

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Why G-Dragon’s indictment for smoking marijuana was suspended?

Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office received intelligent that G-Dragon smoked marijuana in Japan in June so they tested G-Dragon’s hair and urine. His urine tested negative but his hair tested positive for marijuana.

Ten days after smoking marijuana, it is hard to detect it in urine. This means G-Dragon smoked marijuana at least ten days before from the day when he was tested.

According to the District Office, G-Dragon smoked marijuana in May when Big Bang was touring Japan. They performed eight concerts in three Japanese cities in May.

G-Dragon admitted that he smoked marijuana. He said, ”A Japanese person gave me a cigar at a club. When I started smoking it, the smell was different from a normal cigarette. I didn’t think it was marijuana but I did smoke a little.”

But the District Office suspended the indictment for him. A spokesperson for the District Office said, “Since G-Dragon is a first offender and he didn’t smoke a lot, we suspended the indictment for him. We also considered that he is a college student and he deeply regrets what he did.”

An indictment is a formal charge of accusation of a crime. To suspend that crime means there will no longer be charges held against him.

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111005 KBS, MBC, SBS: G-Dragon not going to be blacklisted

Star News confirmed there won't be any problem with G-Dragon’s TV appearances.

KBS rep: “It’s hard to make him not appear on TV since G-Dragon received a suspension of indictment, which means he doesn’t need to come into court."

MBC rep: “We can talk about it but we don’t know if we're even going to have meeting for this. We have meetings for civil or criminal cases but we don’t usually have one for suspension of indictment.”

SBS also said almost same as KBS and MBC

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YG Entertaiment releases an official statement regarding G-Dragon’s marijuana case

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YG Entertainment has just released an official statement about their position regarding the issues surrounding G-Dragon‘s marijuana case.

In the documents released to the press, YG Entertainment stated,

We would like to sincerely offer our deepest apologies to all the fans and to everyone who appreciates Big Bang’s music.

G-Dragon underwent an investigation for smoking marijuana last July. Because G-Dragon had never smoked marijuana, we cooperated with the investigation confidently and proceeded as usual with scheduled events. However, according to the hair strand test, G-Dragon tested positive for minisuscule amounts of marijuana, which shocked us.

While we were contemplating what the reason could be, we thought of the event that occurred in May during their Japan tour. There was a drinking event to celebrate a successful concert with various Japanese associates who visited us at the concert location. When G-Dragon went to use the restroom, a young person who seemed to be a Japanese fan recognized G-Dragon and offered him a cigarette as he greeted him. Out of courtesy, G-Dragon took two or three puffs, but upon feeling that it was different from normal cigarettes, he flushed it down the toilet right away.

We thought it to be a trivial event, and soon we were unable to remember that it ever happened. However, when we began to ponder over the reason for this positive test, that night’s event returned as the likely cause. We contacted the prosecution right away and related the event exactly as it happened.

As celebrities who have received a lot of interest from the public, and as a company who is supposed to thoroughly manage them, we sincerely regret the emergence of this situation, and have been self-reflecting on our carelessness. We deeply bow our heads as we apologize for causing you to worry once again, and we will try our best to make sure this type of event does not occur again.

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