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110928 G-Dragon refuses to share any of his ‘Sunny10′ drinks

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Big Bang‘s G-Dragon is addicted to ‘Sunny10′ drinks and he’s hogging all the bottles for himself!

On September 28th, G-Dragon wrote a simple message on his me2day, which read “Sunny10 model“. He attached a hilarious photo to his post, which sees him clutching multiple bottles of ‘Sunny10′ to his chest as he throws an impish glance to the side.

If you remember, GD&TOP became the endorsement models for beverage brand ‘Sunny10′ a while ago. The photo almost makes it look like G-Dragon is refusing to share with T.O.P., doesn’t it?

Watch the CF here

Source + Photo: Star News
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110928 G-Dragon Me2day Update
승리야 이게더 맛있어 -써니텐 모델-
Seungri ah~ this is more delicious -Sunny10 model-
Source: G-Dragon's Me2day
Translated by: skymiki@twitter
110928 Seungri Me2day Update
목마른사람 손~~^_^ !!!!! 지용이형이 추천한 써니텐~ 굿뜨굿뜨
"People who are thirsty, (raise your) hands~~ ^_^ !!!!! Sunny 10, recommended by Jiyongie-hyung~ Good good"

GDTOP & Seungri featured on Malaysian Star Newspaper
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 Seven South Korean acts put up an awesome performance during the Korean Music Wave 2011 at Stadium Merdeka. YOU can’t argue with K-pop daebak (literally meaning K-pop is awesome or the best), a pop music phenomenon which is the rage here! Amid frenzied scenes of pop adulation, the Korean Music Wave 2011 concert underlined the genre’s popularity at Stadium Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur last Saturday night.

The biggest K-pop concert in Malaysia (to date), the screamfest was headlined by Big Bang’s Seungri and GD & TOP, and featured Park Jung Min, FT Island, U-KISS, Teen Top and girl group 4Minute. The screaming never stopped as the seven sizzling South Korean acts wowed 10,000 K-pop fans made up of VIPs (Big Bang fans), Primadonnas (FT Island fans), KissMes (U-KISS fans), 4nias (4Minute fans), Angels (Teen Top fans) and Park Jung Min fans.
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By the time it was Big Bang’s turn to perform, the crowd was on their feet, with some perched on plastic chairs while others moved to the grass where they could bounce and groove freely. Looking dashing in a suit, Big Bang’s Seungri got fans leaping with joy when he declared that “Malaysian fans are bagus”, then serenaded them with VVIP, What Can I Do and Strong Baby.

While the rest of the acts kept to a black-and-white theme, GD & TOP were a riot in their colourful outfits as they ran about the stage belting out High High, Oh Yeah and Knock Out. Making their debut performance here, the duo were pleasantly surprised that local fans could sing Korean songs.

Posted ImageA blast of pyrotechnics and golden streamers took the show to its grand finale but fans waited around to watch their idols being shuttled off in vans. The show may be over but my ears are still ringing with fans screaming saranghae! (We love you), bogoshipoyo! (We miss you!).

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Kush with GD
"In the studio"

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G-Dragon with MTV VJ Utt

G-Dragon writes his songs even in a crowded airport?

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Big Bang’s G-Dragon’s airport photo is the latest buzz on the web, but not for the reasons one might expect from a fashionista like GD himself.

The photo above was posted on an online community board on the 23rd under the title, “G-Dragon writes his songs even at the airport”.

The poster described, “G-Dragon was standing in the baggage claim area wearing a headphone. Then suddenly he took out a piece of paper and started writing something on it. I took a peek at it and I was surprised to see that he as writing music notes”.

As you can see in the photo G-Dragon is in a busy airport with many people around him, but when his musical genius kicks in he has to write his songs regardless of the time or place.

After seeing the photo the netizens commented, “So this is how managed to write more than 100 songs”, “It’s nice to see him concentrating so hard”, “He looks good even when he’s writing songs”, and so on.

Source: Donga via Nate
Translation by JJ @
More BIGBANG Pictures for Soul by Ludacris Headphones
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110923  G-Dragon Fantaken Photos @ Incheon Airport going to Singapore

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BIGBANG for Soul by Ludacris Headphones
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110921 G-Dragon and Taeyang @ Vogue Fashion Night Out in Seoul

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Vocal trainers rank the idols with the best vocal talent

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NOTE: This survey has 3 parts. Idols were ranked by their 1) vocal abilities, 2) dancing and 3) looks.

Out of the 30 vocal trainers, 8 of them chose 2AM. Cho Hong Kyung, the director of a vocal academy, explained, “As a ballad group that needs to have their vocal talent stand out, they have a strong foundation. SHINee tries to sing on par with the actual CD recording as they can, which makes them just as impressive, but 2AM is just a bit above them.”

SHINee followed closely behind, earning a total of five votes. Vocal trainer Cho Hye Young praised, “SHINee has the ability to express their songs in a unique color. Their musicality is also excellent.”

Big Bang and JYJ tied at third with four votes each. Commenting on Big Bang, trainers stated, “They’re a very unique team that can take any song and express it in their own style.“ As for JYJ, ”The members each have exceptional talent.”

In the female group category, ballad duo Davichi earned a total of 8 votes. Vocal trainer Ham Yoo Sung stated, “They work well with each other and harmonize beautifully. The level of their expression is above the rest.” Director Cho Hong Kyung added, “Davichi shows so many things through just their music alone. Together, they harmonize wonderfully and fit well with ballads.” 2NE1 and SISTAR tied at second with seven votes each.

In the individual member category, 2AM’s Changmin topped the chart for the males, coming away with a total of 9 votes. Vocal trainer Yoo Ui Joo stated, “Changmin doesn’t have a vocal style that depends on the trend, but has a comfortable vocal talent that’s all his own, which is extremely charming.

JYJ’s Junsu took 2nd place, while MBLAQ‘s G.O. ranked 3rd with six and four votes respectively. Han Min Woo, vocal trainer and professor at the Changjo Music Academy, praised Junsu by stating, “He has the ability to comprehend songs well and leads them out,” while vocal trainer Kim Tae Hwan praised G.O. by saying, “He has a modern musical color and rhythm as well as great diction.”

As for the girls, SISTAR’s Hyorin racked up 12 points and was praised for her “charming husky voice with a strong sound.” SNSD’s Taeyeon and Davichi’s Haeri tied in second with 8 points each. On Taeyeon, they praised, “She has the skills to go solo. Her voice itself isn’t powerful but she has an exceptional ability to express emotions, which is rare for someone her age. She knows the mature taste of songs that singers like IU don’t have.” On Haeri, they praised, “She’s multi-talented in that her voice tone is great, her pronunciation, she’s got great vocalization and is always in tune.”

Full List:
Male Group
1. 2AM (8)
2. SHINee (5)
3. Big Bang / JYJ (4)

Male Group Member
1. Lee Changmin (9)
2. JYJ’s Junsu (6)
3. G.O. (4)

Female Group
1. Davichi (9)
2. 2NE1 / SISTAR (7)

Female Group Member
1. Hyorin (12)
2. Haeri / Taeyeon (8)

Source: Naver, allkpop
Taken from: bigbangupdates
110921 Who are the best dance idol groups ranked by professionals?

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According to a recent report, there is estimated to be a total of 100 teams of boy and girl idol groups in the Korean mainstream music scene by the end of 2011. However, these groups are usually judged on the basis of popularity and their fans rather than by professionals. With that said, how would professionals rank the groups? 27 choreographers and dancers were asked to pick the groups with the best performances.

Idol groups usually use their performances to visually deliver their music. The performance that goes along with the song is the weapon of idol groups to captivate their fans.

So who were the top groups chosen? Let’s take a look.


The group that received first place for performance was Big Bang. Big Bang obtained 8 votes out of the 27. Dancer Jin Jung Woon stated, “Most idol groups comeback with predictable dances, music, and outfits, but there are a few who people anticipate the most and give them their full attention. One of those groups is Big Bang.”

B2ST was able to achieve 7 votes, securing second place right behind Big Bang. The judges stated, “The choreography is original and the members’ ability to express themselves is overall very good and stable”. This shows the growth B2ST has under gone since their debut in October 2009.

2PM and INFINITE, a group that is showing an upward trend at an impressively fast pace, received 4 votes each and were awarded 3rd place with a tie. Dancer Shin Mi Yeon stated, “2PM has great balance of acrobatics and dance.” Dancer Bae Sae Jin stated, “INFINITE possesses a dance talent that cannot be beat by anyone. Even while performing simple choreography, each of the 7 members showcase their own distinct style.”


[irrelevant info omitted]

As for individual members, which idols took the top spots?

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In the survey for the best individual members of a male group, Big Bang’s Taeyang and G-Dragon took 1st and 2nd place, respectively. Choreographer Lee Woo Won stated, “Taeyang dances knowing the dance. He puts in emotion when he dances.” Dancer Kim Tae Gyu also picked Taeyang and explained, “His delicacy on stage and the coordination with the dancers, and a ‘feel’ that can’t be imitated is the biggest reason.”

Dancer Han Ji Hun stated, “G-Dragon has a very specific style of his own.”


[irrelevant info omitted]

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Source + Photo: Naver
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Lee Moon Sae talks about Big Bang’s remake of ‘Sunset Glow’

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Singer Lee Moon Sae spoke up about boy group Big Bang remaking his original version of “Sunset Glow“.

On a popular KBS 2TV entertainment program that aired on the 20th, Lee Moon Sae sang the classic song himself, and he told the backstory to how the Big Bang remake came about.

“Yang Hyun Suk called me one day and said, ‘hyung! Big Bang might re-vamp ‘Sunset Glow’ and sing it as their own, is that okay?’, so I just told him, ‘Do all my songs!’, and I gave them permission.”

“I didn’t do much to help,” he continued. “G-Dragon put my name in the rap for me. When I do events, I actually sing the Big Bang version of “Sunset Glow”. That’s the only way I can get the 20-something year olds get up and start clapping!” he said, which caused everyone to burst out in laughter.

While on set, Lee Moon Sae continued to make everyone laugh with his hilariously witty remarks.

Source & Image : MoneyToday StarNews via Nate
Credit: Allkpop


G-Dragon's New Tattoo - Keith Haring
source:tattoo artist :J.Mi

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info on the tattoo : ukbigbang@tumblr
110920 Big Bang nominated at 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards

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Big Bang was officially nominated under the “World Wide Act Asia Pacific Nominees” category for the upcoming 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards!

This is a tremendous breakthrough for not only the boys but for all of KPOP, to be considered for an award in Europe and it further proves that the Hallyu wave doesn’t stop in Asia.

Make sure to VOTE now and show your support for Big Bang, as the voting for this category closes on October 23rd!

The 2011 MTV EMA’s will take place in Belfast, Northern Ireland at the Odyssey Arena on Sunday November 6th.

Source + Voting Page: MTV EMA website (Category: World Wide Act Asia Pacific Nominees)
C: allkpop

G-Dragon #3 in "Who would you vote for class president" survey

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UFO Town, a site where stars and fans can send messages to each other, did a survey asking "Which idol would you vote for class president?". The results are:

1. B2ST's Yoon Doo Joon - 26% of the votes
2. Shinee's Onew - 16% of the votes
3. BIGBANG's G-Dragon (tie) - 10% of the votes
3. Infinite’s Sung Kyu (tie) - 10% of the votes

The top 3 idols are all leaders of their groups. Other stars on the list included B2ST’s Yong Jun Hyung, Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Infinite’s Sung Yeol and L, MBLAQ’s Seung Ho, FT Island’s Hong Ki, 2AM’s Jo Kwon, and more. Over 1,000 people responded to the survey, which was conducted from August 25 to September 16.

Source: TV Report, UFOTown
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Big Bang working on new songs with Japanese R&B singer Shikata?

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Shikata, a Japanese R&B singer who worked with Big Bang before, updated his blog yesterday (16th) that he's going to South Korea (on the 17th) to work on "something interesting" with BIGBANG. He didn't provide any other info.

For reference, he worked with Big Bang on the Japanese lyrics of the following songs:
- Beautiful Hangover
- Top of the World
- Tonight (JP Version)
- Ms. Liar (JP Version of Stupid Liar)

He also worked (as a composer) with JYJ for the song, Itsu datte Kimi Ni (With You Always). Here are samplers from his latest album:

SHIKATA mini album "My Place"

source : bigbangupdates
110918 G-Dragon @ Gimpo Airport leaving for Japan
Source: hana_pot@twitter