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BIGBANG with a Fan @ 10CORSOCOMO After Party
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110915 GD and Taeyang spotted at airport coming back from Jeju Island

source : GDWORD_ @ twitter

GD's friends talk about Seungri & GD gets protective

Aren't Seungri and Hyuk Soo quite close friends? Anyway GD and Hyuk Soo went to a gathering, but that gathering is open to the general public. I know an onnie that knows the person in charge of the gathering. When GD and Hyuk Soo were talking to each other, his phone suddenly rang.
GD: Mm...meeting with a friend now...outside, Ah...sure...ah.
(GD exchanged a few words over the phone like that. When GD hung up...)
Hyuk Soo: Who was that?
GD: Seungri.
Hyuk Soo: Ahh...I haven't seen Seungri in a very long time. Really miss him..
GD: Why are you missing him?!?!!
This one is from GD's good friend. He bought a lot of good food for Seungri since he saw Seungri being dragged around all the time by GD and felt sorry for him. He asked GD to give it to him. GD then said loudly,
GD: Why are you buying him all these?? I know how to take good care of him and feed him good stuff even if you don't, so you don't have to worry about him anymore!

Translated by: jwalkervip@tumblr
Big Bang’s G-Dragon chooses Kim Min Hee as the greatest fashionista

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OnStyle‘s ‘Style Magazine‘ recently went behind-the-scenes of G-Dragon‘s fashion photoshoot and interviewed the star on fashion trends and fashionistas.

When asked to choose the ultimate fashionista, G-Dragon immediately chose actress Kim Min Hee. He reasoned, “Kim Min Hee nuna is able to pull off any sort of style. Every time I see her, she has this really distinctive flair that I think is amazing.  Sometimes she’ll look boyish, sometimes innocent, and sometimes even sexy. She doesn’t stand out too much and matches to every situation she’s in.  I think she’s pretty even in just a white t-shirt and jeans.”

When asked to choose a trend that he thinks will be popular for the fall season, he replied, “SNSD socks. Also, one of my fashion principles is wearing my pants lowered.”

The episode will also delve into why he’s obsessed with accessories, where he normally goes shopping, and fashion styles he’d love to try one day.  Check it out on September 17th.

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Source + Photos: W Star News via Naver
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Who makes the most money? Jun Hyun of B2ST or G-Dragon of Big Bang?

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K-Star News reveals how expensive idols are in their broadcast.

SBS E!TV’s K-Star News, which will air on September 16, the idol with the most income will be revealed. It attracts much attention since it will analyze the idols’ income including their pay from commercials.

Kang Ho Dong’s retirement has been an issue in the entertainment world. After he has been charged of evading huge amount of taxes, many people are paying attention to other celebrities’ income.

Among the expensive idols, Jun Hyung of B2ST, and G-Dragon of Big Bang are making tremendous amount of money with their copyrights.

Kim Hyun Joong and Jang Keun Suk rose on the top of kpop stars with TV series. Boys Over Flowers, and You Are Handsome have been big hits abroad; Jang Keun Suk successfully turned into a singer, released albums, and made a lot of money.

SBS E!TV’s K-Star News airs every Friday at 10:00 p.m.

Source: StarDaily News
Artists under the "Big 4" took home 74% of music program trophies this year

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Artists under the ‘Big 4′ agencies (YG, SM, JYP, and Cube Entertainment) have dominated music program wins this year, taking home around 74% of the winner’s trophies!

From the first week of January 2011 to the second week of September, a total of 108 trophies have been given out by the three music programs that declare winners – ‘Music Bank‘, ‘Inkigayo‘, and ‘M! Countdown‘.

Out of those 108 trophies, 80 of them went to artists under the ‘Big 4′. Starting with SM Entertainment, TVXQ won 9 times, f(x) won 10 times, and Super Junior won 11 times, totaling to 30 trophies.

Under YG Entertainment, GD&TOP won twice, Big Bang won 14 times, Seungri won five times, and 2NE1 won six times, totaling to 27 trophies.

Under Cube Entertainment, G.NA won four times, B2ST won eight times, and 4minute once, totaling to 13 trophies. As for JYP Entertainment, 2PM won seven times and miss A won three times, totaling to 10 trophies.

SM and YG combined total to 57 trophies, dominating about 53% of the total trophies won this year. Putting all of the ‘Big 4′ together totals to 74% of the trophies this year.

Teams that put the ‘Big 4′ aside included SECRET‘s “Shy Boy” with five wins and “Starlight Moonlight” with one win, totaling to six wins together. CNBLUE won seven times for “Intuition”, Kim Hyun Joong‘s “Break Down” won four times, T-ara‘s “Roly-Poly” won three times, Jay Park‘s “Abandoned” won twice, and INFINITE‘s “Be Mine” won twice.

IU continued her “Good Day” streak with one win in the first week of the year while K-Will, Wheesung, and SISTAR, all took home a trophy each.

Source + Photos: Segye via Naver
Credit: Allkpop
GD&TOP - Oh Yeah JP VER Promo Pictures!



GD&TOP And Seungri - Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia Greeting

Credit: youngbaebae@tumblr
photo of G-Dragon, TOP, Taeyang and Seungri for a promotional activity

via baidu // miseremei @ tumblr

K-WAVE STATION  ep12_11.09.02

G-Dragon, Seungri & Taeyang supports Se7en’s Yeolbong Restaurant!
Credit: BIGBANG is V.I.P
110909 Kwon Ji Yong (G-Dragon) helps out little Kwon Ji Yong

all photos posted already

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon made a surprise visit to encourage a 4 year old patient who happens to share the same name (Kwon Ji Yong), earning himself the “Wings of Hope” badge.

Little Kwon Ji Yong has a rare form of hypoglycemia, which means he has very low levels of blood glucose.

His family stated that he needed to take medicine everyday, but the insurance didn’t cover the costs, so they had to pay roughly $2,000 every month. Since the family didn’t make enough money to afford this expensive medicine, they were extremely worried. Luckily, Big Bang fans (VIP GD supporters) have donated the needed money to help with their financial needs.

Since 2009, have donated money every month to help not only little Ji Yong, but also a little girl with Chronic kidney disease, and also a male patient suffering from the genetic bone disorder, Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

On September 5th, G-Dragon took the time out of busy scheduled to visit little Ji Yong. There was some good news as little Ji Yong reduced his medicine dosage by 1/3rd. G-Dragon also brought toys and became close to Ji Yong while helping to assemble the toys.

G-Dragon himself personally donated $47,000 to help these children suffering with these rare diseases.

It’s heart warming to hear stories like this and G-Dragon has set a good example for others to follow.

Source + Image: Happy Log Naver
Taken from: Allkpop
G-Dragon has inked his body multiple times in the past, and it looks like the Big Bang leader recently got another tattoo!

Fan reports began spreading across the internet after G-Dragon was seen publicly at the 2NE1 concert held a few weeks back. At a children’s hospital charity event last week, attentive VIPs noted the tattoo yet again.

The tattoo itself has ignited interest among many, as it features a curious cartoon-like heart with arms and legs running on a path. Turns out that this is a famous icon by Keith Haring that is still commonly seen today.

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An artist and social activist whose work responded to the New York City street culture of the 1980s, Keith made his mark on the 80′s by painting throughout the New York subway system in chalk. It wasn’t until later that his art made its way above ground to become mainstream. His works consisted of public art and pieces of pop art. His bold lines, vivid colors, and active figures carry strong messages of life and unity.

Even though the mastermind behind those crazy-odd creatures with three eyes or extra-long necks has passed, we can still remember him through his art, and, now, thanks in part to Jeremy Scott for his collaboration with Adidas, in fashion.

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Photo sources: Tipster
Taken from: Allkpop
BIGBANG’s Jiyong helps Jiyong put on “Wings of Hope”

BIGBANG’s G-dragon helps a patient with the same name as him put on “Wings of Hope”.

(Note: Not full article. Only translated the parts where GD visited little Jiyong)

Since 2009, VIP members ( have expressed their love for G-dragon by donating every month out of never ending sincerity. They have helped not only Jiyong but a little girl that suffers from Chronic Renal Failure and a male patient suffering from Osteogenesis Imperfecta. After this warm news passed on to G-dragon, he also chose “donating” as his love for his fans.

On September 5th, 2 people with the same name met each other: 4yrs old Kwon Jiyong and 24yrs old Kwon Jiyong. A healthy looking Jiyong that had reduced his medicine dosage by 1/3, greeted his hyung with the exact same name as him. Even though they were a bit shy because they were unfamiliar with each other but after playing with the toys that G-dragon had personally prepared, they automatically became closer. After hearing that Jiyong needs to regulate his blood glucose levels every 4 hrs, the pain he suffers from taking in food and that he still needs a lot of medical treatment, G-dragon looked distressed. He stayed with Jiyong and his family for a long time to give them endless support and encouragement.

Source: http://happylog.nave...No=123461436859 + 咚咚噗@weibo

G-Dragon with 'Little Dragon'
Credit: BIU.@DCGD
C: ㅇㅇ @ DCinside
source : DCGD + Daum via TeamBIGBANG

Actress Lee In Hye, “G-Dragon’s hug was my biggest comfort”

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Actress Lee Yin Hye made the surprise confession that G-Dragon had once embraced her.

On the broadcast of QTV’s “Women’s Rankings” on September 8th, the best five undisclosed videos on “My life’s greatest consolations?” were revealed and it was on that topic when Lee Yin Yee revealed her story.

Lee Yin Hye said, “Actually, it happened during my third year in senior highschool. At that time I was busy MCing for children’s programs (BboBboBbo) and at the same time studying, it was too hard. The only place that I could lean on were the children, and G-Dragon was one of them.”

She continued, “For the children I had to work hard and in return I got comfort. In the end, thanks to G-Dragon and the kids I seem to have ended up well in school.”

Source: daum
Translated: Sammi@ibigbang
G-Dragon chosen as the #1 “best rich idol” by 90 other idols

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Big Bang’s G-Dragon was chosen as the #1 ‘idol that makes a lot of money’.

On MBC’s Everyone “Weekly Idol” broadcast on the 10th, the results of a survey titled, “Poweful money force! Rich idols BEST10“, will be revealed.

For this study 90 idols that are currently active were directly involved in the survey and were asked to reveal their most honest answers.

In this survey, the #1 idol picked was Big Bang’s G-Dragon. A lot of idols said, “G-Dragon has the most royalties (copyright fees)“, MBLAQ’s G.O was cited saying one of the reasons was, “He is one icon.“, showing praise in his words.

In addition to G-Dragon, BoA, Kara, beast’s Yong Junhyung, SNSD’s Yoona, IU, etc were ranked as well.

Source: nate
Translated: Sammi@ibigbang
Yang Hyun Suk wanted a G-Dragon, Taeyang and Jay Park unit? 

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Yang Hyun Suk revealed that there were once plans for a Big Bang + Jay Park unit.

On SBS‘s ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’ that aired on the 7th, two of the judges from SBS’s ‘KPOP STAR’, YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk and JYP Entertainment’s J.Y. Park, came together as guests on the show.

Yang Hyun Suk astounded the viewers by saying, “This is the first time I’ve revealed this secret, but during the beginning stages of Big Bang, we were thinking about having a separate G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Jay Park unit“. He further explained, “But in the end, separate teams were formed due to their busy schedules, and they weren’t combined“.

J.Y. Park also talked about what it was like to engage with Yang Hyun Suk on a program stating, “In addition to liking him as a person, I think that he is a producer who has a good sense for things and is better than me in certain areas, so collaborating with hyung is quite enjoyable for me“.

Yang Hyun Suk further explained their close friendship commenting, “I’ve known J.Y. Park well since he was in this teens roaming around Gangnam Station“.

Source: Nate
Translation by allkpop
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A Cute and Hilarious YG Family Fanart

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Credit: askdaesung@tumblr
G-Dragon shooting for Bean Pole
Tweet translation: On set with Bean Pole style mentor GD! GD, dispaying his acting skills of being touched, in the end, I was impressed by his concentration when tears fell ㅜㅜ [JY]
Tweet translation: Style mentor GD is working hard filming for Bean Pole, he's absorbed in the clothes he styled himself~ the sense of style and pose are both special, like Bean Pole! [JY]

Credits: @_BeanPole
110906 HQ captures of G-Dragon on 2NE1TV

Credit: ji-yong@tumblr

C: 비율. @ DCInside
Why did Big Bang’s G-Dragon have his head shaved?

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According to a reliable source from the music industry, G-Dragon, a leader and producer of Big Bang, has recently concentrated all his energy on creating his new solo album.

Someone in the know says, “His shaved head shows his determination to put all his strength in his new album.”

In fact, GD shows up every day in his own office in the building of YG Entertainment, fully absorbed in producing his new album.

The album is scheduled to be released around in October and November, but the precise date is not yet fixed. Considering that he himself writes songs and lyrics, the date can be delayed.

YG Entertainment has kept their mouth closed about the details of GD’s new album, but president Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment is said to make an official announcement regarding the album before long via YG Life, known as the official website of YG Entertainment.

By Gil Hye-seong (

Source: Star News (Original article in Korean)
Photo from Star News
Translated by Geum Jae /
photos of GD at Marc Jacobs event

source : GG @ DCGD
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BIGBANG Lotte Duty Free Shop MV BTS

Credit: gilbakk75@ameblo
G-Dragon Set to Release New Solo Album in October

Big Bang's G-Dragon is making a solo comeback. G-Dragon's new mini album is set to come out this October, and he will start his solo activities around the same time. It will have been one year and seven months since he released his first solo album "Shine a Light" in March 2009.

A YG Entertainment official said, "Right now, we're working on making the songs that will go into his album, which is why we still don't have a title song. After we finish making the songs we'll decide on an album concept." Currently, G-Dragon is working on choosing a title song for his new album.

Upon hearing that G-Dragon is making his comeback in October, singers who were set to release their albums during the same time have decided to change their dates. The reason? G-Dragon's previous songs from his first solo album, such as "Heart Breaker," "A Boy," and "This Love" made it to several music charts, providing a large chance of success for his new album.

Another official from YG Entertainment stated, "Kara, SNSD and Brown Eyed Girls are set to make comebacks starting September. Then in October, we have G-Dragon releasing his new album. This is going to give new idol groups a hard time."

G-Dragon's fellow Big Bang member Dae Sung was recently acquitted of murder charges in a car accident involving a motorcycle. However, Dae Sung is currently not set for any activities until the end of 2011, so the other Big Bang members are going to carry on activities without him.

Credit: sherryxkim@Soompi
110901 궁금타 1000 Seoul Residents' survey on ultimate Idol GD cut
G-Dragon's solo comeback set for next month!!

Fans don’t have to wait any longer for G-Dragon‘s solo comeback, as Big Bang‘s G-Dragon is set to return with his solo on October!

Next month, G-Dragon is scheduled to reveal his mini album and start his solo activities on October for the first time in a year and a half.

It was revealed that G-Dragon is currently working on last-minute items for his songs and will select his title song soon, in addition to envisioning his album concept. A YG Entertainment representative stated, “Because we are still writing songs for his album, we haven’t decided on his title song. When we are done, we will decide on the album concept.”

Many agencies are reportedly reconsidering other artists’ comeback dates that were set for October as G-Dragon is expected to overpower music charts with his solo comeback. One music industry stated, “From September, KARA, SNSD, and Brown Eyed Girls are planned to comeback. In addition to that, it’s hard to find a place for rookie singers with G-Dragon coming back on October.”

With Daesung‘s car accident, Big Bang members are focusing on their individual activities, starting with G-Dragon’s solo comeback.

Source: Star News via Nate 
Translation by allkpop
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Cute pre-debut pictures of jiyong.. ^^

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Big Bang shows will be aired 24/7 on SBS for an entire month!

*quoted image*

Through SBS gorilla “Star Channel” you can watch videos of your favorite stars 24/7 for a whole month. This time, for the month of September Korean idol Big Bang will be the stars of the show. Their broadcasting will begin on September 5.

SBS gorillas “Star Channel” has enjoyed great popularity since it first began on August with 2PM. SBS allows netizens to pick which stars they want for each month by leaving requests and the star with the most request becomes the next celebrity.

Big Bang (G-Dragon, TOP, Taeyang, Daesung, Seungri), needless to say are one of the top K-pop idols and best artists. Throughout the month of September, SBS programs starring Big Bang (“SBS Big Bang Special”, “Strong Heart”, “Chocolate”, “Running Man”, Night After Night”, “Family Outing”, etc.) will be broadcasted 24 hours a day.

Translated: Sammi @ ibigbang
110831 Big Bang’s G-Dragon wins a triple crown

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Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently won a triple crown.

A survey conducted by cable channel Y-Star’s Goonggeumta asked a thousand citizens in Seoul about who is the best idol group member. They answered that G-Dragon is the best for leader, writing song, and rapper.

2PM’s Nickhun won a double crown for the most cute member and multilingual member.

People also chose the hypothetical idol group with the members, including, JYJ’s Kim Jun Su, who can sing very well, Jay Park, who can dance very well, Big Bang’s TOP, who is very charismatic, 2AM’s Jo Kwon, who is the best entertainer, 2PM’s Taecyeon, who has the best figure, and Super Junior’s Si Won, who is the most handsome member.

The show will air on September 1 at 2:00 p.m.

Source : Newsen from Nate, via
Shared by: Misremei @ tumblr
G-Dragon and Seo Taiji: "Same Shirt, Different Feel"

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“Fashionista” Seo Taiji and G. Dragon wore the same shirt, grabbing the attention of many Netizens.

On the 30th, on one online bulletin, there was a post named “Seo Taiji and Kwon Jiyoung’s same shirt, different feel.”

Seo Taiji wore the shirt on MBC’s Seo Taiji Comeback special, "Bookgong High 1st Year 1st Class Number 25 Seo Taiji," and G-Dragon wore the shirt on MBC’s "Come to Play."

Seo Taiji pulled off the look with long hair, an outlined pair of glasses, and a pair of dark pants that created a calm styled look. On the other hand, G-Dragon wore the shirt with a golden colored necklace and a bright colored pair of pants, creating a casual yet fun look.

People that saw the picture exclaimed, “G-Dragon pulled of this popular look off nicely!” “Wow. Not counting Seo Taiji’s age and when that show was aired, it’s really amazing how he predicts the most popular styles.”, “Two fashionistas, same shirt?! I am really curious to where they got that shirt.”, “The two of them are so cool!”

In case you don't know already, "Fashionista" is a Korean slang word for a person that dresses exceptionally fasionably, often to the currently popular style.

Credit: ma.cherie@Soompi
110830 Park Myung Soo Claims That G-Dragon’s Fan Base Has Gotten Broader Thanks to Him

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Comedian Park Myung Soo appeared on the MBC Variety Show “Come to Play” on the 29th and claimed that G-Dragon’s fan base has gotten broader thanks to him.

Park Myung Soo along with the comedians from his own agency Yoo Sang Yeob and Kim Kyung Jin appeared on the MBC Variety Show “Come to Play” in their “Hong – Park’s Unfortunate Kids” special and once again demonstrated his brutal honesty.

Posted Image

During the later part of the show, as part of the “Ranked As I Please” corner, He was asked to list 3 celebrities that ended up being successful after meeting with Park Myung Soo.

One of these people was G-Dragon, who he had recently worked with during the “West Coast Expressway Song Festival” special for the MBC Variety Show “Infinity Challenge”.

Park Myung Soo and G-Dragon participated in the song festival with their song “I’m Being Flirtatious” which swept the charts and continues to rank highly in the music charts nearly 8 weeks after its release.

However Park Myung Soo’s claim that G-Dragon was better off after meeting with Park Myung Soo was met with severe opposition from the other guests and MCs. Slightly annoyed, he explained that while G-Dragon was doing very well even before he met up with Park Myung Soo, G-Dragon became even more well off after meeting him

Park Myung Soo also stated that G-Dragon’s fan base was a bit on the young side because of G-Dragon young age, but after meeting with Park Myung Soo and producing the song “I’m Being Flirtatious”, he was able to make a masterpiece and gain a lot of popularity.

Park Myung Soo also mentioned that he gave G-Dragon a small bit of advice and told him that he need to appeal more for the masses and finished off by saying that he was really happy to have worked with G-Dragon.

Posted Image

Park Myung Soo also claimed that by playing the “Evil Character” and letting Yoo Jae Suk be the hero, he was responsible for making Yoo Jae Suk into a National MC and how Yoo Jae Suk was just a “Citizen MC’ before that, drawing laughter from the other guests and MC.

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110828 GG in nolza con


110609 Infinity Challenge Festival Rehearsal GD

20110828 2NE1CONCERT NOLZA GDinterview

photos of G-Dragon @ "NOLZA"

C: Daum // Me柒儿 @ baidu
Daesung Acquitted of Victim’s Death in Car Accident

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On August 29th, the Seoul Prosecutor’s office dismissed charges against Big Bang’s Daesung over the death of a motorcyclist that was involved in a car accident in late May.

The prosecutor’s office said no sufficient evidence was found to prove the victim was alive at the time of Daesung’s contact with him, and it’s hard to completely rule out the possibility of the motorcyclist being killed from his earlier crash into the streetlamp.

The motorcyclist was found to have a blood alcohol level of 0.186% prior to hitting the streetlamp which resulted in severe damages to his face, neck, and back. However, there have been many speculations as to whether Daesung caused the victim’s death as he ran over the motorcyclist who was lying on the street just three minutes after the initial crash.

The Yung Deung Po police office conducted more investigation over the victim’s autopsy results, and held additional questioning sessions with Daesung, while analyzing more black box videos before reaching today’s verdict.

Also, at the citizen jury trial held on August 25th, all nine members of the committee agreed to exempt Daesung from indictment.

“Based on the evidence we have, it is true that Daesung hit the victim due to negligent driving. But it’s hard to identify the direct connection between Daesung’s negligent driving and the victim’s death, and in that case, the benefit of doubt should be given. So we decided to drop any charges against Daesung,” an official from the prosecutor’s office said.

Daesung was involved in a car accident on May 31st around 1:30AM. He hit a motorcyclist that was lying on the street from an earlier accident and later crashed into a taxi in front of him. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead shortly after the accident.

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110829 Kim Boram Twitter Update

Source: codeboram@tumblr

Park Myung Soo, "GD, let's perform again this winter"

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G-Dragon and Park Myung Soo reunited as Team GG at 2NE1's concert where they performed, "Having An Affair", with Park Bom. 

Wearing black and white costumes, they delivered an exciting performance for 4000 fans. Together with Park Bom, who was in a mini black dress, their performance hyped up the atmosphere at the concert. 

Park Myung Soo said, "It has been awhile since I met GD and Park Bom again after our performance for IC. I'm very glad. G-Dragon and I haven't been in touch after the program but it would be good if I can keep the friendship with him. Thanks to G-Dragon again."

G-Dragon said, "I have been watching 2NE1 closely ever since we were young and I'm so glad to be invited to their concert. I am just so amazed by their stage that I forget that I have to come out and perform too."

Park Myung Soo added, "Now it's summer and when it's winter, I will ask G-Dragon and Bom to perform with me once again."

Source: Nate, translated by Rice @ bigbangupdates

From another article:

G-Dragon jokingly said, "Because Park Bom and I performed on Infinity Challenge, we've been watching the show ever since (recently). We are now known as "Inifinity Challenge fans". Park Myung Soo is a brave soldier/warrior but we have to support ourselves too. (He's saying that if you worked with Park Myung Soo, you will get popular.)

Translated by mystifize @ bigbangupdates
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Young GD XD

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HQ CAPS from The North Face MV

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[M/V] BIGBANG - The North Face® SONG MV_Full Ver.