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G-Dragon and Seungri for Singles Magazine "Barefoot Campaign" 
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G-Dragon: Youthfulness is like a motorcycle!

Adults say that motorcycles are dangerous and tell us not to ride on them, but don’t the children ride on them anyway? They even pursue for speed. Youthfulness seems to be like that too. You’re at the age where you don’t want to do the things you are allowed to do and want to do things you’re not. When you’re over the speed limit, you might miss out. You won’t know the correct direction and will blindly move forward and there will be lots of twists and turns along the way. 

The present me is like that and being a singer seems like I can’t be too sensible. I’m still worried though. I used to do things with no hesitation but nowadays, I need to consider all my options.

This seems to be the process of becoming an adult, but it shouldn’t be like that. 

Seungri: I don’t like to lose. In fact I have a strong desire to win and that’s why my name is called “Seungri” (Victory).

If people tell me that I can’t do something, I will want to do it. If they say I still can’t do it, I will want to do it even more. If there’s absolutely nothing else I can do, then my tears will fall. I think that is youth.

Rather than the people who follow rules, the ones that exceed all expectations are those filled with youthfulness and energy. I hope that I can enjoy every moment and stay happy forever under any circumstances.

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More Pictures of G-Dragon and Sean with Seungil
G-Dragon Visits Park Seung Il With Sean

Big Bang’s G-Dragon went to visit Park Seung Il who is currently fighting Lou Gehrig’s disease with Sean of Jinusean.

Sean continued to support Park Seung Il after he read the book that Park Seung Il wrote, “Writing Hope With Eyes.” Also, Sean has been pursuing activities in order to help build a sanitarium for patients with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Sean wrote through his twitter on August 22nd, “G-Dragon became the present. G-Dragon went to Park Seung Il the day after Park Seung Il’s birthday. Park Seung Il told me that it was such a good gift, G-Dragon promised that next time he came, he would bring good gifts.”

Park Seung Il also wrote this on his internet café of G-Dragon’s arrival. Park Seung Il said that G-Dragon was different because he was not awkward and also held his hand, Park Seung Il stated that G-Dragon’s hands were very war, and also that one could tell he had a good heart because of the text-messages he received.

Park Seung Il revealed the text messages:

Park Seung Il “I hope that through you, the culture of giving out towards sanitariums will catch on.”

G-Dragon, “I agree. Including myself there are so many good people in the world and a lot don’t know how to help out, I will try to spread the word and find these individuals ^^, fighting!”

G-Dragon also posed with Park Seung Il’s book and also promised to write his thoughts on the book on his own café. G-Dragon also promised that he would write a song for Park Seung Il and put his name as the writer.

Also in other news, for G-Dragon’s birthday fans had donated approximately $20,000 to the Seoul University’s Children’s Hospital and also donated approximately $50,000 of his own money in addition.

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110822 Sean Twitter Updates

G-Dragon became a gift for someone.He visited my friend Seungil who us suffering from disease called Lou gheric

My friend Seungil said to me"'Thank you4the gift",then G-D said "I'll be back w/ the real gift" Put a smile on his face

Big Bang’s manager looks like G-Dragon’s twin?

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Big Bang’s manager made fans do a double-take thanks to a recent picture he took with G-Dragon.

The manager tweeted the photo above on August 19th along with a message: “Thank you to everyone who wished G-Dragon a happy birthday! I hope that the Big Bang members continue being happy with all of your attention and love”. He later added, “Don’t go anywhere and always cheer them on.”

While fans felt affection for the manager’s warm message, they felt momentarily dazed by the sight of two G-Dragons. Both the manager and GD are seen rocking a shaved hairstyle and similar plastic frames.

Netizens commented, “Who is G-Dragon? It’s confusing haha”, “You look good with a buzz cut! Everything suits you”, “I want to see you again on stage!”, and “He looks like a high school student”.

Source: Money Today via Nate
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GD&TOP to perform at 'Hallyu Dream Concert'

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Concert : Hallyu Dream Concert
Line-up : GD&TOP,SE7EN and many more
Date/Time : Mon, October 3, 18:30 onwards
Venue : Gyeongju Citizen Stadium,Gyeongju
Ticketing & Tour package: Gmarket (date/time available will be advised)

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G-Dragon, Park Yong Guk, Jung Yong Hwa, Jun Hyung: What do they have in common?

Photos of G-Dragon (BIGBANG), Park Yong Guk, Jung Yong Hwa (CNBLUE), and Yong Jun Hyung (B2ST) were recently posted on a portal site with the title, "SINGER-SONGWRITER IDOLS".

Netizens commented on how the four of them are all competent singer-songwriters. G-Dragon, who recently participated on Infinity Challenge, created a song for the show's song festival; Jung Yong Hwa has written a lot of songs for for CNBLUE like how rapper Jun Hyung produced songs for B2ST and helped the gain popularity.

Aside from being singer-songwriters, people jokingly commented that what's also common with them is they all have "YONG" in their names.

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G-Dragon sends a “Thank You” message to his fans

Big Bang’s G-Dragon sent a heartfelt “Thank You” message to his fans for wishing him a happy 24th birthday.

The popular idol celebrated his birthday on August 18th, and he received many messages from both fans and celebrity friends alike. Displaying his courteous manners, G-Dragon shared a post on his UFO TOWN page, thanking everyone for their warm wishes.

He wrote: “Hello~ It’s Jiyong! After debuting, I was able to have such happy birthdays because all of you guys celebrated it with me~ Thank you!”. He added, “I hope you guys have a good day, too! Be happy!! ^^”

G-Dragon announced in the beginning of August through a handwritten letter that he would not be accepting gifts for his birthday starting this year. Instead of sending presents, his fans donated 20,000,000 won (approximately $20,000 USD) to Seoul National University Children’s Hospital under his name.

Happy birthday, GD!

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G-DRAGON's Berkeley with The North Face&BIGBANG's CM Song

BIGBANG 5th Debut Anniversary
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::★Happy 5th Anniversary,BIGBANG ★::
For the 5 years ofcountless laughts&tears,


that felt like a lifetime 


 beautiful hangover 


 heart-warming memories,


지용이 생일 축하해주신분들 너무 너무 감사 합니다 ^^ 앞으로도 여러분에 관심과 사랑으로 빅뱅멤버 모두가 행복할수 있으면 좋겠습니다 ~~어디 가지마시고 항상 응원해 주세요 ^^ 여러분 모두 행복 하세요~~
Translation : Thank you so much who congratulated JiYong’s birthday^^ I hope that all Bigbang members can be very happy surrounded by your attention and love~~ don’t go anywhere, keep support them^^ be happy everyone~~

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GDragon & Seungri for Magazine Singles 7th anniversary "Barefoot Campaign"
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Info on the event:
Singles magazine is hosting their 7th Anniversary "Top 50 Stars" Exhibition and Charity Bazaar, benefiting the Barefoot Campaign, which helps buy shoes for children in the mountainous areas of Vietnam. In the charity bazaar, clothing is 50% off and all proceeds will be donated to the Barefoot Campaign. The exhibit will have photos of barefoot top celebrities of Korea

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American rapper Flo Rida celebrated the birthday of  Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon.

On August 18th, Flo Rida tweeted,Happy birthday GD.”

Last year, G-Dragon's "Heartbreaker" cast a doubt on plagiarizing Flo Rida's "Right Round". However, Flo Rida gave an interview and cleared that G-Dragon didn't plagiarized.

And last May, Flo Rida had his concert in Korea and G-Dragon gave an opening act for him.

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GTOP in 2NE1_TV_Season 3_E08 (ENG)
GTOP 's part starts in 9:25

Big Bang's parodies on "Viki All-Time Rankings"

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Korea films and dramas are enjoying great popularity all over the world. The high rankings of the videos in America have drawn the public attention.

On 18th, 'VIKI RANKINGS ALL TIME' , a United States global site has revealed the top 10 of the Korea drama and movies that the Idol Stars starred in.

The most popular drama is MBC drama 'Playful Kiss' starred by Kim Hyun Joong since people watch it from youtube. The drama has attracted a lot of viewers and the fact that it has already been made into a movie has become even more appealing to the overseas netizens and they are requesting the production of season 2 of the drama.

The second place goes to the parody of  'Flowers Over Boys' by the popular group,Big Bang . In 2008, when they were holding their national concert, they introduced 'Flowers Over Big Bang' which was adapted from the well-received comics, 'Flowers Over Boys'.  Big Bang members took up the roles of the flower boys group 'F4'. T.O.P. acted as Tsukasa and he always had the powerful friends around him, namely Rui (G-Dragon), Sojirou and Akira (Seungri and Taeyang) and Tsukushi (the role of  herorine which was taken up by Daesung).

'Secret Big Bang' was broadcasted in SBS 'Big Bang Show' this year. It also ranks 5th in the chart which shows that they are very popular all over the world. 'Secret Big Bang' is a parody of the hit drama, 'Secret Garden' and in their parody, G-Dragon took up the role of Jiraim, T.O.P. was Kimjootop, Taeyang was Taetimjang, Daesung was Kang Secretary and Seungri was Seungska.

Moreover, the 1st reality show of f(x), 'Koala', gains the 8th place and Shinee 's live music show, ' The  Muzit' ranked 15th.

In the meantime, the dramas, animations, music videos and news from all over the world are available in 130 languages which serve an average of 4 million viewers/readers per month. For famous sites, the page views and the cumulative views of the vidos can reach as high as 1 billion and 10 billion  respectively.

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GDragon for Magazine Singles 7th anniversary "Barefoot Campaign"

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110816 BIGBANG G-Dragon BEANPOLE 2011F/W
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Singer-producer G-Dragon gets a lot of money from royalties

According to Korea Music Copyright Association, there are 2 composers who have received an annual royalties of 1 billion wons, 8 have received 300 million wons and 100 have received 100 million wons for their royalties.

Among these composers, who have received the largest amount of royalities? tvN enews has revealed the chart of it.

2nd- G-Dragon
He is the member of the Big Bang and he is also the producer for the group. The sales record of the album released by G-Dragon is record breaking and it has dominated various sales charts too. There has been a shortage in the market for his solo album 'Heartbreaker' ever since it was released. Up til now, the sales record of this album has already reached 1 billion wons which is really surprising.

Although the album was released in August, 2007, 'Lies' of Big Bang is still greatly loved by the public. The song was released under the name of Big Bang but all of the royalties go to G-Dragon. G-Dragon's outstanding ability of being a producer was recognized since the song won the annual song award in MKMF 2007 (a prizes giving ceremony in Korea showbiz).

Moreover, it is also a suprise that 'I am having an affair' composed by G-Dragon for the 'West Coast Highway Festival' of MBC TV 'Infinity Challenge' has swept various music charts.

(Omitted info of other composers)

Source: Nate
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110816 How Did Big Bang and Super Junior Beat the 5th Year Jinx?

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There has been a well known curse that popular idol groups break up five years after their debut. Such was the case for H.O.T., DBSK*, and SS501**.

Two idol groups that have seemingly conquered that jinx are Big Bang, and Super Junior. Still going strong today, they still show us their talents and capacity to stay in the entertainment industry.

Just how were they able to beat the jinx?

1. Both groups' members were motivated to achieve their goals. After their first year of debut, they didn't gain much attention and love from the public despite the fact that their companies, YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment, were really big in the entertainment industry.

This influenced both groups positively since they all pushed themselves to work even harder to accomplish their dreams. This compromise linked them even more as their different ideas, dreams and determination contributed to their successes.

2. The different personalities of the members do not surpass the others. Super Junior's members are really good at performing arts. Their different personalities such as Heechul's creativity, the good singing abilities ofKyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung when performing emotional songs, the talent of hosting and MCing in variety shows that Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Shindong have shown in SBS' Strong Heart. They all developed various talents.

In Big Bang's case, their leader G-Dragon is in charge of writing, composing and distributing the songs to the group. T.O.P has his rough voice and he also displays a playful side. Daesung and Seungri show their talent to amuse people while being on variety shows and no one can deny the singing talent that Taeyang has on his solo performances. Despite the fact of having different talents and personalities, it creates a synergy within the group.

3. They have a very strong friendship with each other. After five years of officially working together as a group (in addition to the years in training), Super Junior and Big Bang members seem to not have had huge conflicts among them. Though they all are on their 20s, they might have little fights or discussions but they solve things right away. Their friendship has become more solid after all these years, and this reason is the main base to success over the five year jinx of disbanding and which has become the path that inspires other groups and make them want to follow it.

Overall, it is nice to see K-Pop groups last for a long time, despite all the difficulties that arise in the business. We really hope that this jinx will disappear in the future.


*DBSK's contract controversy started in 2009 and is currently split into the JYJ trio and Yunho and Changmin continuing as a duo under DBSK.
**SS501, despite having members in different companies, still have plans to continue as a group.

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BIGBANG on Weekly Women's Seven Magazine 8/11 issue
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Quoting Day 17 (To the staff of the YG Fans Community, G-Dragon is…+ the preface of G-Dragon written for his part)

He is the leader who can cheer all of his fellow members and staff up.

Recently, the schedule of the members of Big Bang is really hectic; however, no matter how many things are packed in it, they will always say, ‘it is okay, we can still have a try.’ I really want to say, ‘hey, you guys are so amazing’ and I also want them to know we don’t want them to be so tiring for we love them so much.

Under such a situation, it is not easy for us to suggest them to try more new things so most of the time, we just keep silent. Nevertheless, GD can always spot that there are something happening and he will ask us what actually are going go. He is our ‘all-rounded leader’ and ‘Kwon professional’. Whenever he is with us, he can always cheer up his members and under his influence, we do not feel that we are working but we are enjoying what we are doing.

Jiyong is really a professional when he is working. He can influence the people whom he works with. The outcomes of our works become better if we work with him. Although from time to time, we have different opinions with each other, we can still sort our our ways because of his guidance. I do always want to say a ‘thank you’ to him for what he has done.

(From the staff of the YG Fans community)

The preface of GD written for his part in Shout To The World
In order to achieve my dreams, I have been challenging myself. Although the process is hard but it is really worthy,

The tears that I have been shedding up til this moment have all become the foundation of my success.

I want to become the kind of person who can create miracles and looks charismatic.

For me, the greatest blessing is: I can stand on the stage forever to show you what I have.

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I am not doing close translation of every word in the book, just quoting here and there from the sections. And I have paraphrased and summarized so it might contain errors. I am just sharing to spread the love, not hate. If you don’t feel comfortable reading it, please ignore me.And my works has nothing related to any profit making purpose. You are not allowed to reproduce it in any material forms for such a purpose. Thanks for your understanding.]

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Jung Hyung Don said he wants to see Big Bang’s GD.

On the 11th, MBC Every 1 said when Jung was shooting MBC Every 1′s Week Idol, he sent a video letter to GD.

Jung said, “It feels like GD is a regular member of the show. We haven’t seen each other after shooting Infinite Challenge."

“Although it’s been ten years after my debut, I was happy to meet you at the time. When can I see you again? I miss you,” he added.

In the show, Jung showed off his friendship with Super Junior’s Kim Heechul. The show will air on the 13th, at 2:00 p.m.

Source: Star News from Nate | Taken from: BBupdates
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Quoting Day 16 [In the eyes of the vocal trainer, G-Dragon is...]

GD to the vocal trainer: ‘Teacher, I don’t think it should be like this?’

Before the debut of Bigbang, it is a norm that the singers in the music industry sings R&B and emotional songs so our practice also focused on these areas.

However, there was a day that GD told me after much of his consideration, ‘I don’t think we should sing emotional songs, I think it does not suit our needs now. We have to change the focus of our training.’ I was quite surprised to hear such a comment from a trainee; however, I did agree with him.

Although they were really leading a very tight schedule, GD was still able to squeeze some of his time to write songs. I really thought that, ‘woo, such an amazing kid!’ And I always had to remind myself, ‘I have to be very good at everything myself in order to teach him’. Jiyong ah, please let me have some rest too…

He was said to be the legendary fashionista in the showbiz, I have always been anticipating what kinds of albums that he would introduce in the coming future. I know Jiyong know that everyone put so much expectation on him too and he must be feeling so much pressure!

However, I do truly believe that he will keep alive his determination towards music and the spirit of ‘never give up’ to pursue his dreams!

[Note: If you want to repost it elsewhere, please include the following disclaimer:

I am not doing close translation of every word in the book, just quoting here and there from the sections. And I have paraphrased and summarized so it might contain errors. I am just sharing to spread the love, not hate. If you don’t feel comfortable reading it, please ignore me.And my works has nothing related to any profit making purpose. You are not allowed to reproduce it in any material forms for such a purpose. Thanks for your understanding.]

Source: Shout To The World (Chinese Version)
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Big Bang's comical photos draw interest from netizens

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On August 9, it was announced that the Big Bang members became models for The North Face. After that, some pictures were released in online community with the caption: “Clothing brand models -- Big Bang”.

In the photos, Big Bang members looked like they were having a lot of fun. The photos included one showing Seungri climbing up a [rock climbing] wall and a photo of the members sitting inside a tent. Taeyang's photo lying inside a red sleeping bag also attracted attention.

Fans left comments like: “They look so innocent and child-like”, “I like them because they are so clever, in a way”, “Would we be couples if I buy the same clothes?”

Source: Nate
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Quoting Day 15 (In the designer's eyes, G-Dragon is...)

He is born to be a fashionista

I think it is because he is full of confident, he can accept every type of fashion that I want him to try on. Combining with his own creativity, he can come up with a brand new type of fashion which only belongs to himself.

Although he is only looking at 1 object, he can come up with 10 different aspects of that object. I feel really shocked about his creativity, for example, when I show a costume to others, they will just say, ‘oh, it is really nice. ’ However, G-Dragon will talk about under which situations he should wear it in order to let the clothes and himself shine the most on the stage. No matter how ordinary the things are, he can still think of innovative ways to make it extraodinary. I think he was born with this ability.

When he sees something he really does not like, he will not be hesitant to say ’ i don’t like it’ or ‘no, please don’t do it’. This is where his charisma lies. However, maybe because he is the leader, it is more often for him to convince his fellow members to follow him instead of venting his dissatisfaction.

No matter what he does, he has a very clear goal. That’s why he can learn and grow very fast. Even when we are just talking about which costumes we should wear, he will still figure out what he will actually look like in his mind. He knows what kind of feelings he would like to bring out by wearing his clothes and he knows how to bring them out. I heard that even when he is with his trainer, he will tell the trainer that he wants to develop a body shape which can carry the clothes well. You may think that he can do so only because he is talented; however, to me, he is the one who work very hard to achieve what he wants.

[Note: If you want to repost it elsewhere, please include the following disclaimer:

I am not doing close translation of every word in the book, just quoting here and there from the sections. And I have paraphrased and summarized so it might contain errors. I am just sharing to spread the love, not hate. If you don’t feel comfortable reading it, please ignore me.And my works has nothing related to any profit making purpose. You are not allowed to reproduce it in any material forms for such a purpose. Thanks for your understanding.]

Source: Shout To The World (Chinese Version)
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Big Bang in MInx Land

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South Korea’s award winning and massively loved boy band Big Bang have now joined the long line of fashionable men getting a Minxing!

Being one of the most famous boy bands in Asia, Big Bang showcased their extreme make-over for July 2011 print of Dazed & Confused Korea. All 5 members of Big Bang met with the fabulous Jinny Kim of the Nail-Ae Salon in Seoul, Korea for her expert application of one of Minx Nails’ forever favorites – Silver Lightning.

The shoot for Dazed & Confused took place in an old rockin’ warehouse in Seoul, Korea where Jinny got busy creating the lasting effect of Minx Nails.

When Jinny first heard she would be providing nail fashion for the band, she was so excited. ”I couldn’t believe I would be meeting the most beloved boy band in Asia,” Jinny confided. ”I wanted to be prepared, so I selected the most stylish nail fashion that would match their Chrome Hearts jewelry.”

“It was the first time they had worn Minx, and as soon as it was applied, they loved it and commented on how great it looked with their jewelry,”enthused Jinny. The application was easy and because Minx Nails is a solid nail coating, there were no fumes or drying time required – perfect for a hectic photo shoot.

The Dazed & Confused magazine was published with 5 front covers – one featuring each member of Big Bang – and inside each magazine is a special 4 page shoot with individual member’s photos.  This special edition was sold out in only four hours in Japan, and in Korea fans were standing in line around the country to get a copy the morning the July issue became available.

Top manicurist Jinny Kim admitted to buying all 5 magazine issues! ”I love every photo. There were so many great photos including the photo of T.O.P showing Minx reflected against the floor, and the photo of G-Dragon showing the great match between Minx and his Chrome Heart jewelry,”

And what fantastic images! The photo shoot was conducted by Kim Jung Man, Korea’s top celebrity photographer who is respected worldwide for his artistry and integrity.

For more behind-the-scenes photos of the shoot, visit Minx Nails Korea Facebook. (Official site is coming soon) 

Big Bang’s popularity is not limited to Asia – earlier this month, Big Bang fans in the U.K. organized a flash mob event in the hopes of convincing the group’s record label, YG Entertainment, to bring the band to London for a concert.

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Why Big Bang and Super Junior can break the jinx of disbanding?

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It is common that the idol groups break up 5 years after their debut, for instance, H.O.T., DBSK, SS501,etc. All of these groups were disbanded after they had debuted for 5 years and they had to start their solo activities. However, the situation is different now.

The represtatives who can break this jinx are Big Bang and Super junior (who have just released their 5th regular album, Mr. Simple ). They are still staying together after debuting for 5 years and even more, they show us their competence of staying in this industry has been enhancing throughout these years.

The 3 reasons of why they can break the jinx
The first reason is 'the members do really wish to achieve their targets'.There is a common thing shared between Super Junior and Big Bang, after 1 year of their debut, they did not receive much attention from the public. Although both SME and YGE are big entertainment companies, the music brought forth by both of the groups could not win the love of the public in the 1st year of their debut.

However, this brought positive influence to the groups since the members of these groups devoted themselves even more to achieve their dreams. Their committment united the groups too. The different ideas and dreams that the team members own have contributed to the success of the groups. Their determination enables them to last for more than 5 years.

The second reason is the personalities of the members do not overlap with each other. The members of Super Junior are good at performing arts. The creativity of Heechul, the good singing skills shown by K.R.Y when they were delivering the emotional songs and the talent of hosting variety shows shown by Lee Teuk and Shindong in SBS' Strong Heart' all show how different they are from each other.

It is also the same case with Big Bang. The leader, G-Dragon is responsible for composing the songs for the team directly. The handsome hyung T.O.P. is talented and has a naughty side. Daesung and Seungri are talented in doing variety shows while no one can cast any doubt on the solo performances of Taeyang.

Although they have different skills and personalities, they are not jealous of each other.

The final reason is that they have very strong friendship with each other. There are no major conflicts among the members of Super Junior and Big Bang. Although at their 20s, they might argue or even fight with each other, they settle the issues quickly.Their friendship became more consolidated after all of these and it is the foundation that they can walk together on this path for more than 5 years.

The breaking of the jinx by Big Bang and Super Junior has become an inspiration for other group currently. We hope that the jinx will disappear totally in the coming future.

Translated by: Rice
GD: "I'm always the first one to text Seungri..."

MC: Jiyong-ssi, has Seungri-ssi ever made you upset?
GD: Yes! I still feel that up till now.
V.I.: There shouldn’t be any…what is it?
GD: I’m always the first one to text Seungri. There’s barely times where he texts me first.
MC: Ah…so Seungri-goon doesn’t contact Jiyong first.
GD: Yes, that’s why I feel he treats me unfairly but the most upsetting thing is!! After I text him, it takes him a long time to reply back so I ask him why it takes him so long.
MC: Ah…and then what was his explanation?
GD: He always says, “Aiyo…hyung…I didn’t notice the text that you sent me~”
V.I.: I really didn’t know!!
GD: He’s always like that. I anticipate a lot to see when Seungri’s texts will arrive and because I get so nervous, my body shakes all over. I never let go of my phone whenever I text Seungri…but it seems that Seungri isn’t like that…
V.I.: No…I really couldn’t confirm the text (ㅠㅠ)
GD: I keep waiting for the text to arrive but Seungri doesn’t think like that. I bet all he does is glance at his phone once in awhile to see if a text arrives or not. When he notices the text is for him, then he’ll reply. That’s why I feel very upset.

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Big Bang featured on a MTV Style,USA : Korean boy band Big Bang wears Minx Nails

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G-Dragon, TOP and Taeyang @ SuperTraxx Concert 2011 Backstage

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Big Bang "The North Face" Ads
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G-Dragon @ SuperTraxx 2011 Concert Talk (GD Focus)

G-Dragon and Park Myung Soo's 'I am having an affair' ranks 1st in 'Summer Dancing Song'

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Big Bang's G-Dragon and Park Myung Soo's 'I am having an affair' has garnered the 1st place in 'Summer Dancing Song'chart of Monkey 3.

The professional music site, Monkey 3 has added up the total number of downloads and streaming in June and July and the 'Top 10 Summer Dancing Songs' are selected in their summer special.

The 1st place was captured by the song of G-Dragon and Park Myung Soo, 'I m having an affair' which is an interesting electronic dance song. It is a song they composed for the TV programme of MBC 'Infinity Challenge' and the song has swept various online music charts once it was revealed.

The following places go to Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Jeok 's  'Apgujeong Sunshine' ,F(X)'s 'Hot Summer', Secret's 'Starlight Moonlight', 2NE1's 'I Am the Best'. Miss A's 'Goodbye Baby', Tiara's 'Roly-Poly', 2PM 's 'Hands Up', Hyun-A's 'Bubble Pop' and Beast's 'Fiction'.

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GTOP on PSY’s Summer Stand “Soaked Show" Performance 
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High High - Super Traxx Concert





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Big Bang keeping themselves busy utill 2012 comeback

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YG entertainment previously announced that Big Bang member, Daesung, was to suspend all promotions until the end of the year and further addressed the public that the other active Big Bang members would instead focus on their solo activities and albums. Although the group is said to be on hiatus until 2012, fans are still cheering the group on and anxiously awaiting their individual activities. So what exactly have the members of Big Bang been up to lately?

Member Taeyang recently performed a duet with singer Zion for Eugene and Gi Tae Young’s wedding. During the past month, he also took some time off in the States and worked with famous American producers, The Underdogs. Taeyang has also stated that he is working on a new song with artists Choice37 and Lydia Paek.

Leader G-Dragon has been busy making preparations for his second solo-album and even responded in an interview, “If the production is fast, it’ll be released by next year.”

Maknae Seungri was recently spotted working with Choi Pilkang in a recording studio. Fans have speculated that he is also preparing for a new solo album.

Rapper T.O.P. was recently selected as one of the newest models for the popular clothing brand, the North face and took part in a photoshoot with actress Lee Yeon Hee. T.O.P. will also be attending the upcoming Seoul Socialite Party with fellow member G-dragon on August 11th.

In addition, netizens were happy to hear news yesterday that Daesung “is currently out on a trip with his church members and will be back on Friday. GD also visited Dae at church last Sunday.”

Meanwhile G-Dragon, T.O.P., and Taeyang are set to perform at Toyota’s SuperTraxx Concert, alongside other artists, including BoB and Miss A, on August 5th.

Thus, although Big Bang is not currently promoting as a group, fans still have many promising events from big bang members to look forward to. 

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GD&TOP Press Photos @ SuperTraxx 2011 Rehearsal
He shaved his head !!
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Credit: gilbakk75@ameblo

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Taken from: bigbangupdates
Taken from: bigbangupdates

110803 Jung Hyung Don to G-Dragon, “We must end the fashion debate now”

Jung Hyung Don tried to call G-Dragon to end the 'fashion debate' which started ever since the airing of 'Infinity Challenge'.

Today on MBC's 'Everyone Weekly Idol'. the ranking of the idol fashionistas who are posing threats to Jung Hyung Don was released. The best 7 'terrorists' (since Jung thinks they are threatening his 'fashionista' position) and the worst 3 were disclosed.

When Jung Hyung Don revealed the ranking , he said, 'GD,G-Dragon, Jiyong, Kwon Ji Yong, Big Bang' Therefore, we can see he regards Big Bang's G-Dragon as his biggest rival in the field of fashion.

He elaborated, 'now I have to end this debate with G-Dragon' He also said he had tried phoning G-Dragon about this.

The netizens commented, 'I really wonder how G-Dragon manages to bring out such images' and 'I have voted for Jung Hyung Dong. G-Dragon, have you seen this?' etc.

Besides G-Dragon,in the same programme, the comedian was also calling 2PM's Jun Ho, Beast's Doo Jun together with Lizzy and Jung Ah of After School.

Source: Nate
Translations by: Rice

Big Bang ranks #6 as the stars who recognized the most at overseas
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A survey with the above title was conducted from July 26th to August 2nd and a total of 191,674 votes were cast. SNSD topped the survey with a whopping 83,705 votes, which was 43.7% out of the total votes.

Fellow SM Entertainment labelmates Super Junior, who has just released their 5th album Mr. Simple, came in second with 49,852 votes (26%).

JYJ and TVXQ came in 3rd and 4th respectively with 15,408 votes (8%) and 10,405 votes (5.4%).

Also, KARA, Big Bang and SHINee were ranked fifth to seventh in the survey.

Fans commented on SNSD’s dominance in the survey; “Right now, SNSD. In the future too, it’s SNSD!”, “Asia’s best girl group, SNSD”, “SNSD is undisputed without having to consider for even a second”, etc.

Source:, Nate
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GDYB - I see no difference -edit

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G-Dragon “I’m Having An Affair” Song of the Month Cyworld Interview!

Q1. Congratulations! In the month of July you’ve become one of the most beloved artists and the song “I’m Having An Affair” has been awarded with the digital music award, ‘Song of the Month’! What are your thoughts? ^^

A1. In this hot summer, thanks for the love given to “I’m Having An Affair.” Summer of 2011!! If you’re having fun through our music, I’m more than happy^^. In the future, I want to ask for a lot of interest please. Together with Myungsu hyung~ Also I’d like it if you could enjoy this with the other singing member, Bom noona.

Q2. Even though many of you probably already know about this song, “I’m Having An Affair”, could you please introduce the song ^^

A1. “I’m Having An Affair” is a result from wanting to create a song that blended well with the summer time, but that was also exciting and made you want to move up and down. Everything with Infinity Challenge went well but above all, working and singing with Myungsoo hyung was easy. I really enjoyed myself while working on this song and I feel the song was released intact!

Q3. Through MBC’s ‘Infinite Challenge’ it must have been really hard to meet the combination of G-Dragon, Park MyungSoo and Park Bom~ To have to combine three very different styles of music into one, did you have difficulty?

A1. With “I’m Having An Affair” I thought the combination shouldn’t be too daring, I thought it was a good song already with the individuality of each one of the members. I think that Bom noona brought a cool good voice, while MyungSu hyung focused more on the stylish image of the song and had previously gotten ready for it. As a result I think their charms were well exposed in the song and I was proud.

Q4. During the preparations for this Festival I think there must have been many episodes with Park Myung Soo-ssi, please tell us one of the most memorable episodes you remember~

A1. When recording, Myungsoo hyung worked very hard, that memory has stayed with me. Because there is a certain age difference, I was cautious when speaking but Myungsu hyung was rather active and working with him felt comfortable. ^^ Especially when picking out or wearing clothes, he would wear them without any prejudice and happily, that will remain in my memory.

Q5. Many sources showed G-Dragon’s music made an all-kill on all music charts! After this, the expectations of future music coming out from you have become high. Please tell us about future activity plans or album plans. ^^

A1. There still aren’t any specific activity plans or plans for an album. However, I will always work hard and I won’t be able to release an album I want until there is a chance for me to do it and until I feel satisfied with the results.

Q6. These days, what’s your favorite song? Please introduce it to our Cyworld Music members~

A1. I’m not listening to any specific genre in particular. Over the time, there have been a lot of good songs!

Q7. Lastly, please convey a greeting to all of your Cyworld fans.

A1. In this hot summer, thanks for the love given to “I’m Having An Affair”. Summer of 2011!! If you’re having fun through our music, I’m more than happy^^. In the future, I want to ask for a lot of interest please. Bom noona and Myungsoo hyung, please give them a lot of love! Thank you!

Source: 산장@dcgd
Translated: Sammi @
110802 Big Bang Cut on 2NE1TV Ep. 5 Part 2




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