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YG Speaks Out for the First Time Regarding Daesung’s Accident

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Earlier today, we reported the autopsy results regarding Big Bang's Daesung’s May 31st accident. Yonhap News was able to get a short phone interview with Yang Hyun Suk, head of Big Bang’s YG Entertainment.He replied, “Daesung will take the moral responsibility for the accident and follow the legal procedures.”  

Yang Hyun Suk added, “Daesung is currently in a state of shock. He will be taking time off and halting all of his activities as a celebrity to reflect on the unfortunate accident. Things are very hectic right now, so it is difficult to say anything regarding Big Bang’s current and future activities.”

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[FAN ACCOUNT] G-Dragon: “Compared to my fans, My Pain is Nothing"

Note: This VIP posted this account up again because the ongoing Daesung situation reminded her of this. G-dragon talks about his controversy in 2009 at a gathering with friends.

I know of an onnie whose boyfriend is G-Dragon’s (Kwon Ji Yong) friend,
so that onnie also went to a certain gathering.
G-dragon was very unhappy and kept saying that he was completely useless,
so the people at the gathering and my onnie’s boyfriend asked him if everything was okay.
G-dragon said, “Compared to my fans, my pain is nothing.”
So everyone asked him why? Why bring up the fans? What happened to them?
G-dragon said, “I was at fault but how come the ones saying sorry are my fans?”
G-dragon did not appear in public after what happened, and he was blaming himself.
If he still appeared in public, he would have been bashed. He said while he was keeping himself away from the limelight, he saw VIPs crouching down on their knees to bow like they were the ones in the wrong.
He wanted to apologize to them, telling them how sorry he was and for believing in him.
His heart was hurting, and the people at the gathering wanted to ease the tense atmosphere so they asked,
“Ah, yes but why are you talking about your fans here?
G-dragon said, “That’s not right. It’s not okay to laugh even if it’s just our fans.”
So my onnie’s boyfriend asked, “What did you believe in to make you believe your fans?”
G-dragon said he was reading the messages left on the message boards and the tears wouldn’t stop falling. Netizens asked the VIPs why they were covering up what G-dragon did, and saying things like ‘don’t protect him’.
Then a VIP responded by saying that, “We are not covering up for him, but since we are fans so that’s why we believe. Even though there are lots of people pointing fingers and blaming him but if fans were like that too, then what about Jiyong? We are not helping him cover up anything even if he was at fault, but we are standing behind him and believing in him.”
Since the atmosphere was getting even more tense, G-dragon went on to say, “But my fans are chic. If you get on my bad side, they will hunt you down!” That’s how he managed to ease the situation. And in the end,
G-dragon said, “We (BIGBANG) wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the VIPs.“

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PLAY with GD&TOP Photobook
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Gmarket [StayG:1st 110708] Concert Promo Movie

Having an affair - GD, Park Bom, Park Myung Soo

BIGBANG signed a contract with Warner Music?

The long-awaited album of BIGBANG (members SEUNGRI, G-DRAGON, TAEYANG, DAESUNG, TOP) finally hit the Greater China.
The fans  from Taiwan, who most eagerly looking forward to, as the Korean Pop  group BIGBANG set off the peak of Korean wave. After a nearly year long  negotiations and numerous meetings and the rigorous effort of Warner  Music, the finally awaited album of BIGBANG will be release in Greater  China under the copyright issues of Warner Music. YG and brokerage firms  (?) for the first time authorized the use of the Taiwan Design for the  albums.

Two new  exclusive Korean Album with a title of Taiwan Limited Edition CD + DVD.  The said album is bound to be release on July 8 in Taiwan. Pre-ordering  will start on June 24. BIGBANG’s latest hit song “Love Song’ will be  premiered at MTV Taiwan on June 23.

BIGBANG‘s 4th mini album and special edition will come in a Taiwanese exclusive limited CD+DVD deluxe version.

A BIGBANG 2011 super calendar poster will  be obtained when the two albums are pre-ordered. Also, if only one is  purchased, fans can still have a chance to acquire the limited BIGBANG 2011 card set with signatures.


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Trans: Zai @ iBB

1. Girls Generation’s Taeyeon
2. Big Bang's G-Dragon
3. TVXQ’s Yunho

4. SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong
5. Super Junior’s Leeteuk
6. SHINee’s Onew
7. BEAST’s Doojoon
8. CN Blue’s Yonghwa
9. After School’s Kahi
10. 2NE1’s CL

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Tiny teasers from DAZED & CONFUSED Photoshoot
Taken from: TeamBIGBANG
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How does Park Myung So compliment G-Dragon's 'I'm having an affair'?
In Infinity Challenge 's 'West Coast Highway Festival', Park Myung So speaks highly of 'I'm having an affair'.

The gagman Park Myung So's praises to the song 'I'm having an affair' has drawn people's attention to the background of making the song.

'I'm having an affair' is the song created by Big Bang's G-Dragon. It is the project made by the two people in order to promote 'Infinity Challenge's West Coast Highway Festival'. They have become best friends when they were doing the project.

On 18th, the episode was aired and their preparation for the festival was shown. The two were found preparing in a room and on that day, G-Dragon's 'I'm having an affair' was revealed.

Park Myung So visited the studio to meet G-Dragon and when he listened to the self-composed song 'I'm having an affair' by G-Dragon, he really has praised the song a lot.

After listening to G-Dragon's 'I'm having an affair' ,he said, 'I asked you to make a more popular song but you have made a perfect one.It is scared to listen to G- Dragon's songs since his masterpieces will come in by a double extent when you just ask for one.' After hearing it, G-Dragon has indeed bursted into laughters.

He further elaborated, 'Hyun's mindset and range of making music has been broadened after working with you.'

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Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates

Which K-pop artist will make it BIG in Europe ?

Now that we’ve seen the massive popularity of K-Pop in Europe, following the giant success of last week’s“SM Town Live World Tour Concert in Paris,” the whole industry is scrambling to find out which artist would make the biggest splash in the European market.

SM’s live concert itself had historical meanings for being the first-ever full concert held by a Korean entertainment agency on European soil. Also an array of activities surrounding the SM concert in Paris reflected K-Pop’s growing presence in the European region. Nearly a month prior to the concert, a massive flash mob event was organized by local French fans to appeal for another concert, as tickets to the first and only scheduled event were all sold out in less than 15 minutes. SM eventually budged and added an additional concert which also sold out in a matter of few minutes. Extensive press coverage was provided for both concerts, as five of SM’s most popular artists—DBSK, Super Junior, SNSD, f(x), and SHINee—put on a show for the ages in front of more than 14,000 fans.

But despite such explosive fanfare, K-Pop is still considered a novelty in many parts of Europe. Compared to Hollywood stars or other western singers, or even Japan’s manga culture, K-Pop perhaps has a smaller following, albeit growing at a rapid pace, in Europe. In order to expedite this growth, many entertainment agencies are expected to follow suit and plan for something similar to what SM has done in Paris last week.

So, in order to help the industry do a better assessment of K-Pop’s presence in Europe, Soompi has put together a list of celebrities that are deemed most popular and appealing to European fans. If you have other ideas or disagree with the list, please feel free to speak up because it could possibly influence the way agencies map out their plan in European markets—your voice matters!

Here goes the list (in random order): 

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Big Bang is arguably the hottest band in Korea right now and their presence overseas continues to grow as well. Similar to other idol bands, they have a huge following in other parts of Asia, especially in Japan. Originally starting out as a hip-hop inspired band, Big Bang is particularly gaining recognition from fellow hip-hop musicians worldwide. U.S. rapper Flo Rida has admitted to being a fan of G-Dragon as he even invited G-Dragon as a special guest for his concert in Korea. American DJ/Producer Diplo, who’s previously worked with Kid Cudi, Snoop Dogg, and Bruno Mars, lauded GD & T.O.P as “rapper rappers” with “crazy flow,” adding they have a rapping style far superior to that of American musicians. In a recent poll in Japan, fans went as far to pick G-Dragon as a better rapper than Eminem. But Big Bang’s musical style has changed to incorporate a lot of different musical genres including electronic and rock, and fan response has been higher than ever. Plus they are choreographed by Shaun Evaristo, one of the most renowned dancers in the world, giving fans more reasons to follow their acts. Last February, Soompi and YGE ran a joint “Big Bang Contest” where more than 900 contestants from 30 different countries, many of which were from Europe, participated. TIME magazine once described Big Bang as the “most promising” Korean musician to advance into Japan, and we see no reason why they won’t succeed in the European market as well.

 {The not BB-related info omitted}

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110618 Dara Me2day Update: with G-Dragon
제일 잘나가~뮤비촬영장에 응원하러 찾아와주신 사장님,테디오빠,쿠시,지용이!파이어때부터 매번 한결같이 응원와주시는 훈훈한 와이지 빼밀리!덕분에 지치고 힘든 밤샘촬영 으쌰으쌰 할수이땅!^0^졸리지않아~!!!ㅋ못나간다고 썻지만 사실은 제일~잘나가는 지디와 함께 찰칵!^_^v
Our president, Teddy oppa, Kush, and Jiyong came to the music video shoot for The Very Best! Ever since Fire, the tight YG Family would always come and support us each time! Thanks to you guys, even during the tough and tiring shoots through the night, we can shout out eusha eusha!^0^ We're not tired~!!! Ke I snapped this with GD who wrote that he's "The Worst" but the truth is he's "The Very~ Best"!

T/N: GD's sign says "I'm...The Worst"
Dara's sign says "I'm The Very Best"

Source: Dara's me2DAY
Translated by GEE @

Big Bang || 13 Questions to GD from Junon magazine (June 2011)
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The title of the tour in Japan is ‘Love&Hope’. Can you tell us what you love and hope (dream) most at the moment?

My fans in Japan are my love and hope.

What I love most right now is the ‘Love&Hope’ 2011 tour and my car.

I love my fans and people close to me. My hope (dream) is to thank many people around me.

What I love right now is my car. I hope that those who suffered from the earthquake is able to smile.

T/N: I can’t see what it says about VI because of the writing on the scan

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If you were a girl, which member would you date? (You can pick yourself) Please tell us the reason as well.

What? The members? That’s hard…ummm…no one lol. I’m sorry.

Everyone. Each one of us have different charms, so I can’t pick one.

I want to date every member. I will leave it up to you to decide the reason.

I would rather be single lol

I choose D-LITE…If I were a girl, I would want to meet someone like me lol

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13 Questions to G-Dragon

Q1: 2011 is going by quickly; half of the year has already passed. How has the first half of 2011 been for GD? Please summarize BIGBANG’s activities the first half of this year.
GD: In a short period of time, we were able to show various styles through many albums: GD⊤ V.I. SOLO; BIGBANG Comeback, Special Album and BIGBANG2. I am full of emotion because we were also able to do so many different individual activities.

Q2: The BIGBANG2 album was just released. In this album, what/where are the points to listen for?
GD: We wanted to combine all of our Japanese activities at one time so we combined our previous singles with new songs. We wanted to introduce our music that we refined with higher quality; if you are able to feel this, I will be happy.

Q3: Please tell us what to listen for in the latest track!
GD: “Tonight” is very much a BIGBANG-type song. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a song that can showcase the individuality of all 5 members. We’d hope that you will be able to notice this even during our performances on stage.

The point for “Ms. Liar” is the happy melody and fun lyrics. The instruments used give the finishing touches by creating a fun, rock rhythm.

Q4: We’re sure that every song recorded on the “BIGBANG2″ album had a lot of thought to it but which song is GD’s favorite?
GD: “Love Song!” This is the most recent song we’ve released in the first half of this year. This is also the last song we’ve promoted in South Korea and we also put it as the last song on the “BIGBANG2″ album. The song is fresh since it breaks away from everyone’s typical expectation of the type of music BIGBANG usually makes. The music video is also cool so it’s definitely this song!!

Q5: BIGBANG’s songs are limitless and enjoyable. How do you create these songs that can move people’s hearts?
GD: It depends on the song. I make sure to include my heart as much as possible when I write a song. By doing this I believe my sincerity will definitely come through. I make it so I talk a lot with the members and the staff. I try to create songs that, when listened to, a lot of people can empathize and be comforted. When producing songs, rather than focusing on the subject/details or just the melody, I place more importance on creating the overall mood of the entire song.

Q6: In “Tonight” and “Ms. Liar” you howl like a dog. Is this your new favorite thing to do?
GD: In rap, it’s characteristic to have a personal style and a special gesture. For me, that sound (the howl) is my gesture to let people know that GD is on stage. It’s also a device to increase happiness. I want it so that, no matter what song it is, you would think of me if you heard that sort of sound (the howl).

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Q7: What will BIGBANG show us in the last half of 2011?
GD: We are anticipating this last half of the year very much!! We plan to work with a famous composer and of course, new composers as well. We are producing music that has a different feel from before and I am confident in it; please look forward to it.

Q8: Tell us your new favorite fashion styles and accessories!
GD: Before, I liked to wear colors that would stand out but now I like more of a simple and chic style. Also, I’ve also been collecting rings and bracelets. My recent favorite brand is “Chrome Hearts” because it’s something that I can wear anytime.

Q9: You’ve changed your hairstyle a lot; which one is your favorite?
GD: That’s a difficult question…I change my hairstyle from song to song in order to match the mood and concept of the song. When some time has passed, there’s times when I get a little embarrassed about my previous hairstyles. [GD smiles in the interview] Even though my hair is pink right now, my favorite style is actually one that isn’t over-styled.

Q10: You can be cool…you can be innocent; you’ve shown us many of your faces. But what is GD’s personality really like?
GD: I think I’m just what you see. I do change a little bit but in general, I have a calm personality. I’d be happy if you all think of me that way too.

Q11: The love songs you’ve written have many different themes: they can be extremely sad or happy or provocative. Which BIGBANG love song do you personally identify with the most?
GD: As an example, I wrote the song “What is Right” (I apologize that it’s a Korean song), about a person that is uncertain with their love and relationship as the couple transitions into adulthood together. I wrote the song with this type of sentiment, trying to capture the honest emotions about love and the relationship during these years. It could be that it’s that sort of experience for me. I can’t quite find the answer [to this question], but I can say that I always feel that love is very complicated.

Q12:What is one thing that has happened recently that made you happy? Please tell us about a time when you felt you’ve been in a dream or a situation that made you burst out laughing.
GD: Just a little while ago, I went to a beautiful island in Korea called “Jeju Island”. It was really fun and I had such a good time/I made such good memories, I want to go back there again.

Q13: Lastly, please give a message to all of your fans in Japan!
GD: I am grateful for the support all of you always give. I know we were not able to be together when you were grieving [the earthquake and tsunami], but I pray for many good things to come to you and that for these good things to just come even one day sooner. Keep the good memories of the BIGBANG concerts; I will be glad if it is able to bring you a lot of strength. Additionally, even after this, I would like it if you do not change your love and affection for BIGBANG.

Born: August 18, 1988
Blood Type: A
In addition to all of his effort already put into BIGBANG activities, GD also energetically performed in solo activities. In February of this year, GD&TOP “The First Album Japan Edition” was released. Currently, he is in the middle of promoting “BIGBANG2″.

(Left page, bottom right box)
This layer is for real!! These are some of GD’s accessories from the “Chrome Hearts” brand that he mentioned during the interview. Seriously, his personal belongings are like an exhibit. (Smile) By the way, the hand in the picture is GD’s real hand! You can see just a little bit of his thumb in the upper right corner; it is so cute! <3

BIGBANG NEWS! (Left page, bottom left box)
We'll be continually updating you with BIGBANG news!
We (Junon Magazine) unintentionally introduced them last time... we have been following the members of BIGBANG throughout May but are they doing well? They are currently doing activities in Korea but it'd be a lot nicer if only they could be a little bit closer. Anyways, the "BIGBANG2" album was just released and the "BIGBANG Presents 'Love & Hope Tour 2011' ", finished with great success, having more than 100,000 people in attendance! The life of BIGBANG is definitely great isn't it? (Smile) From what GD has already said on this page, we look forward to all of the things that they will show us during the last half of 2011! These cool and popular guys are always surprising us like a closed box-- you never know what is going to come out of it/what's inside. Anyways, Junon Magazine will continuously be following BIGBANG!!

After 1 year and 9 months , "BIGBANG2" is released and is a compilation album of 10 songs. Singles from "Koe wo Kikasete" are included as well as two Japanese versions of "TONIGHT", first released in South Korea, and "Ms. Liar". Furthermore, GD's favorite song "LOVE SONG" is urgently being recorded! In addition, there are GD straps (guitar?) and V.I. magnets! There's no one that isn't in the palm of their hands!!

Magazine scanned by: as tagged
Translated by: Nanz & Amy Sakaue @

BIGBANG Greeting and Promoting Halo! YG Day - Dance Competition


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And thither hied, a sad distemper'd guest,
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