GD at Infinity Challenge

posted on 13 Jun 2011 10:41 by moomooae
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G-Dragon - most wanted singer to make a school song

Korean pop music (K-pop) is shaking Europe, many TV Music Programs are gaining popularity. But lately, who is the most popular singer among the children? Now we're going to reveal the poll result of the most popular singers held by Daum Kids.

The poll is about "Musician you want to make your school song is?" and the singer who got the first place with 61% votes is G-Dragon. Member from idol group BIGBANG, G-Dragon recently came out in a variety show program with comedian Park Myungsoo. They've been showing off good teamwork in making the song, and GD's gaining popularity even more now.

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Source: 빅뱅을즐겨라@bbvipz
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