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G-Dragon - most wanted singer to make a school song

Korean pop music (K-pop) is shaking Europe, many TV Music Programs are gaining popularity. But lately, who is the most popular singer among the children? Now we're going to reveal the poll result of the most popular singers held by Daum Kids.

The poll is about "Musician you want to make your school song is?" and the singer who got the first place with 61% votes is G-Dragon. Member from idol group BIGBANG, G-Dragon recently came out in a variety show program with comedian Park Myungsoo. They've been showing off good teamwork in making the song, and GD's gaining popularity even more now.

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110613 BIGBANG @ MTV Performances in Love and Hope Tour
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[ENG] Making of G-Raim & JooTOP Album Vol. 1 Interview

G-Dragon is now preparing for his next solo album?
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Q: Last year, with your solo album “Heartbreaker” as your representative, you said that : “You’re not a idol, but a symbol.” Now looking at Big Bang, it looks like you’re trying to go break the “Idol Image”.

G-Dragon: The views people had for us within this 2 years and 3 months (Big Bang’s hiatus period) had changed. During this period, I think that “Idols” is now a term used for younger idols. We’re all getting older, it is kind of embarrassing still being called as “Idols”, maybe it’s time to be called as “Musicians” instead.

Q. Your first album “Heartbreaker” created a lot of controversies, what do you have to say about that?

G-Dragon: One day, when I was driving, I played it all again one more time, I felt guilty. (laughs) I was really confident at that point, albums to me are like my diary, when I’m 60/70 years old, I can always look back and hear it, read the lyrics and think back about who did I love, what was I thinking about at that point. After that, I find that my diary used as a idea for my solo album, I find it too impulsive (laughs). If I wasn’t that impulsive at that point, I could have done better. I’m now currently preparing for my next solo album, if the production is fast, it’ll be released by next year.

Source : 志龙Oppa_撒啦嘿 微博 & 《歌迷大世界》2011 No.10 magazine

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Park Myung Soo calls G-Dragon a musical genius

In a recent interview, comedian Park Myung Soo only had words of praise for Big Bang’s leader and producer, G-Dragon.

Giving themselves the name ‘GG‘, Park Myung Soo and G-Dragon recently teamed up to present viewers with a special song on MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” at the West Coast Highway Song Festival.

On June 15th, Park Myung Soo expressed through his phone interview,While working with G-Dragon, I realized that he truly was a young musical genius. If I made a request about something, he would immediately present me with not one, but three different ideas”.

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He continued, “At first, I had difficulty adjusting to Big Bang’s style of music, so we had to overcome our fundamental musical differences. However, G-Dragon wrote a song that was easy enough for me to follow along with, and made sure that the song still sounded great. Thanks to him, I was able to naturally close the gap between our music styles. I’m sure that many people will enjoy the song G-Dragon and I worked on together”.

Meanwhile, the special ‘West Coast Highway Song Festival’ of “Infinity Challenge” will start airing on July 2nd as part of a special 4-week series. It will show the Infinity Challenge members each teaming up with different singers, and viewers will be able to see the hard work that went into preparing for the festival.

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110501 Big Bang - Stupid Liar (Goodbye Stage)


Story Behind G-Dragon and Park Myung Soo’s Duet Song

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G-Dragon and Park Myung Soo’s duet song for MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” has drawn much attention. Many were able to see a vague picture of the song through fan cam on the internet and got more curious about how the song was created.

The episode aired on June 11th finally revealed the story behind the song. In this particular episode, all members of “Infinite Challenge” started to prepare their duet song with their own partners. Park Myung Soo had to fly to Japan to meet up with G-Dragon, who was having a Japan tour with all other Big Bang members at that time. Park Myung Soo asked G-Dragon to show him the song, and while Park Myung Soo was listening, G-Dragon revealed, “I thought about Myung Soo hyung when I was writing the lyrics. I put those words that you say often in the lyrics.” He thus revealed part of the song and lyrics with a shy expression on his face.

The song features strong beats and fierce rap, yet the lyrics indeed remind people of Park Myung Soo; it begins with “Don’t look at other women. Don’t’ meet other friends. Where are you at now? I’m not sorry.”

After hearing the song, Park Myung Soo couldn’t hide his worries. “It seems to be harder than Naeng Myeon,” which was the duet song he sang with SNSD’s Jessica before. G-dragon jokingly replied, “CEO Yang said it’s such a shame to give you such a good song.”

Couldn't stop laughing while watching the two discussing the song and the lyrics! Can't wait to hear the whole song next week!

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[UFO messages] GD's replies to fans

Oppa I want to go to the washroom, but it’s really dark outside and I’m scared. I think I’m going to burst.
- Where is it? Let oppa take you there!

Ah! Kwon Jiyong I’m about to go crazy! When will you reply my message?
- What’s going on…you can’t go crazy…

If I don’t see 5 messages fly to me in 1 second, I won’t talk anymore.
- What’s the point of living if we can’t talk?

I’m going to like Seungri if you don’t reply my message~
- I replied, so Seungri is still mine.

Jiyong ah, let’s go to the park.
- What are you going to do to me if we go?

Jiyong ah~Jiyong ah~What are you doing??
- I should go shower but since I have to reply messages to all my girlfriends, I’m just sitting in front of my computer..ㅠㅠ

It’s already midnight and no one is around?? Who’s here? Really miss you all~ㅠ
- I’m here hehehehe. BIGBANG are night owls!

Jiyong oppa! Let Seungri oppa go! He’s mine ㅠㅠ Will you let go or not? Ah..!
- You want to fight…? Seungri is mine…..hehehe. Just kidding ^^

Jiyong ah, are you sleeping? Waiting for your reply…
- I haven’t slept yet…oppa is replying you now kk

Jiyong ah, noona got bitten by 10 mosquitoes while sending you a message…there was a lot of blood…reply my message…
- Ah! I was also attacked by mosquitoes just now….these bad guys…let’s both scream at these mosquitoes! Hehe…

Oppa, let’s date?
- Shouldn’t it be ‘let’s get married’?? That’s correct isn’t it? ^^ Hehe…we’re still young…we’ll talk about this later ^^

Did you tell everyone our secret travel plan happening tomorrow?
- Ah…Seungri already knows…I guess we have to cancel it now kk.

There’s so many stars in the sky. This one is mine~whose is that one? ^^*
- That star is also yours.

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Big Bang is #2 as the Korean star people want to travel with in Korea!

Korea Tourism Organization did a survey on the topic of “Korean Wave”. Total of 12,085 people in 102 countries participated in the survey. Among all participants, 53.3% of them are most interested in K-Pop, 32.5% are most interested in Korean drama, while 6.2% are interested in Korean film the most.

Regarding to the question of “Which Korean star do you want to travel with in Korea?” The result differs from country to country. Yet in total, first place goes to Super Junior (13.3%), second place goes to Big Bang (8.6%), third place is JYJ (6.7%), the fourth and the fifth are DBSK and SNSD respectively.

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In Japan, first place goes to actor Bae Yong Joon, who is considered as the pioneer of the Korean wave in Japan. The fact he won the most votes shows Japanese are still more interested in Korean drama than K-Pop.

In English and Mandarin speaking countries, it is Super Junior won the most votes. In Spanish and French speaking countries, the first place goes to Big Bang. In German and Russian speaking countries, actress Kim Tae Hee and singer Rain won the most votes.

It is interesting to see the result differs in different countries, how about you? Where are you from and who do you want to travel with in Korea?!

Which stars make the most money from CFs?

Which stars make the most money from endorsements?

Recently, the top 7 male and female CF (commercial film) stars were revealed based on how many different products they had endorsed from June 2010 to May 2011. However, based on profits during a one year contract period, it appears that Lee Young Ae tops t he money list with around $1.1 million USD earned as a CF model. Popular idol group Big Bang followed her up on the list with approximately $1 million USD from advertising products such as cell phones and beer.

‘World Star’ Rain and actress Go Hyun Jung are close behind the boys with $920,000 USD each. In places such as China and Thailand, Rain has even more advertising endorsements than some of their native people and despite being forty-years-old, Go Hyun Jung is still beautiful and creates a lovely atmosphere for her luxury make-up and coffee CFs.

Idol groups 2PM and JYJ each have earned about $740,000 USD. 2PM’s agency said, “Even though the boys are currently resting from activities, they’re still busy with advertising promotions and filming schedules. When an advertisement calls for both strong and manly charisma, everyone wants 2PM.”

‘Sexy diva’ Lee Hyori and the recently discharged Jo In Sung have also earned around $740,000 USD. While Jo In-Sung was in the army, many top stars were busy appropriating his CF contracts. After gaining a lot of popularity through the drama ‘Secret Garden’, Hyun Bin had received about $640,000 USD as a model and over $3.7 million USD from advertising before he enlisted in the army. Lee Seung Gi made between $460,000 and $550,000 USD.

A person who works in the advertisement industry explained, “A CF star’s payment is decided based on the person’s image and popularity.” Considering the top names mentioned in this article, this comes as no surprise. While some of them didn’t make the list for endorsing the most products in a year, they made this list for earning the most money.

Source & Photo: Ilgan Sports
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Gil Reveals Park Myung Soo’s Undying Love for Big Bang’s G-Dragon

At 11:55am on June 10th, Gil put up a picture of the Infinity Challenge “Hwe Shik” for the pop show special. (Hwe Shik, is basically the word for office parties that are held in Korea after work or even events.)

A fan asked where Park Myung Soo was and Gil wrote, “He is right behind G-Dragon. During the Hwe Shik, Park Myung Soo never left G-Dragon’s side.”

Last May when the Infinity Challenge members were making teams, Park Myung Soo was uninterested in anybody else except for G-Dragon.

Netizens commented, “Myung Soo is G-Dragon’s Clown,” “Park Myung Soo must really like G-Dragon,” “Does that mean Myung Soo will choose G-Dragon over Yoo Jae Suk?”

The pop show special for Infinity Challenge will be broadcast on June 18th and June 25th.

Source: Star News
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110611 Infinity Challenge (West Coast Highway Music Festival Part 1)

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110611 Infinity Challenge Translation

I only translated a little part of it because I’m too lazy to type the whole thing I think it’s so cute how Myungsoo is 뻔뻔하게 asking for a song like ordering a burger while GD is timidly protesting with a smile on his face XDD

Video credit: bluebluepuresky@YT



GD: Our CEO says it’s such a pity.. When he knows that I will make a song with Myungsoo hyung.. he said..

Myungsoo: What?

GD: (Imitating YHS) “Ah it’s such a pity. I want to make this song as Bigbang’s song”

Myungsoo: Well, just tell him to do his own work.. do his own work..

Myungsoo: “Oh it’s such a pity” he said so?! We should meet and do a negotiation. How much is your contract? Just come to our company. I don’t have any greed about money! I’ll give everything to you!

GD: Nope. I like my office now

Myungsoo: Ya, no no. I’m going to give you much better treatment. When is it over (The contract)

GD: It’s still long

Myungsoo: In that case, you come then. If I take the boss the rest will follow… My words is too harsh again.

GD: *lol’ed*

(Caption: Myungsoo who’s worried about the song GD made)

Myungsoo: But this is okay… it’s okay…

GD: (If you don’t want it) Bigbang will use it though

Myungsoo: Because you said so, now I feel it’ll be a pity to give it up…

GD: If Bigbang sing it we will be number one anyway

Myungsoo: It’s not like I’m rejecting… For now let’s just keep it!

GD: If you don’t want it we can use it!

Myungsoo: No no no just keep it! Keep it! There’s nothing else?

(GD let Myungsoo listen to one his song in his phone)

Myungsoo: Let’s keep this one too!

GD: No that’s mine.

Myungsoo: Let’s swap phone!

GD: It’s my song! My song…

(Caption: Myungsoo who planned to release his 9th album with this chance)

Myungsoo: Nothing else?

GD: Aah there’s nothing more hyungnim..

Translated by: hellodoubleu@tumblr