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G-Dragon : ''Park Bom has a good singing voice''..
The two members G-Dragon (Kwon Jiyong) & Park Myungsoo on ‘‘Infinite Challenge” featured 2NE1′s Main vocalist Park Bom in their collaboration song.

Featuring Bom in the group of GD & Myungsoo became a hot topic.Bom made a suprise appearance on MBC TV’s ”Infinite Challenge” of the ”West Coast High Way Festival” in the song ”Wind” she was featured on with GD and Myungsoo. YG Entertainment requested that another ”family member” should join the duo.

Aired in December last year, MNET’s 2NE1 TV season 2 featured Park Bom and G-Dragon recording in the studio. G-Dragon complimented Bom’s voice back then saying ‘‘In every song that her voice goes, it’s a hit. Her voice is very good” he continued praising her by saying ‘‘If her voice doesn’t come in one of our albums, we can’t release it”.

Again G-Dragon featured Bom in ”Wind” to improve the quality and support. The ”Infinite Challenge” 3rd ‘West Coast Highway Festival’ included singers such as G-Dragon, 1mcm, Midon, Sea Boys, Sweet Sorrow and more. The members also have partners in this episode.

NOTE!: The translations are rough, there might be some mistakes, so please take note.

Source: TVreport + Translated by Yasmine@WeLoveBom.


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My male friend saw this inside the club (this was when their album promotions were over and before they went to Japan for Love & Hope concert). He drank a lot that night so he had to go to the washroom to throw up. He bumped into Lee Seungri by the door. Seungri went in to wash his hands and had no expression on his face + he was wearing a cap. While my friend was in the middle of throwing up, he heard people shouting outside. He didn’t catch anything that was said since he was feeling dizzy but after he was done, he finally made his way outside. He stepped out of the washroom and heard someone yelling, “Didn’t you understand anything that I said? Are my words too difficult for you? Why would you give him so little alcohol? He’s almost awake!” He looked over and was shocked to see that BIGBANG’s leader, Kwon Jiyong was the one yelling at Seungri. They both looked at my friend for a second, then Seungri turned around and started to walk away. Jiyong shouted again (to Seungri), “Ya! Where are you going?” then looked at my friend. My friend didn’t want to stay there any longer so he tried to quickly walk back into the club. He turned around to glance back and saw that Jiyong had walked over to Seungri and was hugging him from behind. When he told this to me the next day, he said their relationship was weird & even asked me if BIGBANG was having problems since the leader was shouting at the maknae (he wasn’t a VIP), but I quickly explained to him that they were not!

Source: kisssssssssss naver cafe + rikujn@weibo
Translated by: mystifize@twitter
GD*TOP in the list of TOP models for Elle
Other male artists listed on the top models are Jo Kwon of 2AM, Taecyeon & Nickhun of 2PM, Yoochun and Junsu of JYJ and Gikwang of B2ST.

Source: + 062518|tumblr (thanks for the tip)

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{Translation} {NEWS}GD*TOP in the list of TOP models of Elle

Bigbang G-Dragon

A. He seems so comfortable on stage. He has talents in rap. His confidence is number one in the world. ★★★★★ Kim Bonghyun

B. Something he has even more ingenious than his song writing skills is his style, the fact that he has style is a common sense now. Even his forehead is stylish, this stylish person. ★★★★★ Kim Yoonkyung

C. He’s alright, with the help of Seungri and TOP. Worrisome if alone. He should be more prideful to be funny in talk shows. ★★ Kim Yoon

D. I hope bad things will happen to him. He needs to find the balance point between Pride and Persistence. This is for G-Dragon’s own good. 

Bigbang TOP

A. None of the idol “rappers” are good. TOP is an exception. He is the beginning of the “proud rap” among idols. ★★★ Kwon Eun-Kyung

B. He is handsome, but he wouldn’t have been this famous if he was a solo artist. ★★★ Kwon Eun-kyung

C. Seungri can babble and G-Dragon can be stylish all they want, but they will never win over TOP’s bingu-ness. ★★★★ Kim Do-Hoon.

D. But he’s so full of himself that he’s an actor now. You know you’re lame on the movie screens, right? Kim Do-Hoon.

credits: toptopia @ tumblr

G-Dragon performing with Park Myungsoo and Park Bom

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GD&TOP - great minds think alike,great idols dress alike ..{Dejavu}
G-Dragon - Burberry “Bright Lights” Sunglasses
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Park Bom, supporting GD and Park Myung-Soo’s stage for Infinity Challenge Song Festival

2NE1’s Park Bom joins MBC’s Infinite Challenge. On June 9th, according to a person-in-charge from the program’s broadcasting team, Park Bom will be arriving at the Chungcheongnam-do Expressway Service Area by 8PM for the “West Coast Expressway Song Festival”.
Park Bom will be supporting in GG’s (duo composed of Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Park Myung Soo) song – “Windy”. “Windy” is a song composed by GD with Teddy and Kush. This song features Park Bom, who’s from the same company as GD, and she will be performing this live in the Song Festival.

This year’s “West Coast Expressway Song Festival” will be held two years after the Olympic Expressway Song Festival in 2009, and before that there was the North Gangbyeon Expressway Song Festival in 2007. Because of its history, the show is gaining a lot of attention.

Source: Nate
Chinese translations by 伶伶@2ne1吧baidu
English translations by amandajaclyn@21bangs

Park Bom to sing in G-Dragon & Park Myung Soo’s joint performance

2NE1’s Park Bom is making a special appearance in a song festival for MBC’s ’Infinity Challenge‘.

According to a representative, the idol will make a surprise appearance on June 9th’s ‘Seohae Ahn Highway Song Festival’, held at a rest area in Chungnam.

Park Bom is preparing to sing a song for ‘GG‘, a collaborative unit between Big Bang’s G-Dragon and comedian Park Myung Soo. Titled, ’I’m Having An Affair‘, it was composed by G-Dragon, Teddy, and Kush.

How did Park Bom get tied into such an unusual event? Apparently, the songstress was around the studio when the song was being created, and decided to take part in its performance.

‘Seohae Ahn Highway Song Festival’ is taking place for the first time in two years; Infinity Challenge’s other song festivals were in 2007 and 2009.

The event will host other singer-comedian pairs, such as Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Juk, Gil and Bada, Jung Hyung Don and Jung Jae Hyung, Noh Hong Chul and Psy, Jung Joon Ha and Sweet Sorrow, and finally Haha and 10cm.

Source: Star News via Nate
Credit: Allkpop
G-Dragon recording for Infinity Challenge Song Festival

C: via Gilbakk
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Daesung not coming to Singapore for Korean Music Wave 2011 concert

Dear all. We hereby confirm that G-Dragon, TOP, Taeyang and Seungri will be attending Korean Music Wave on 15 July 2011. Unfortunately, they will not be performing any BIGBANG songs. Instead, look out for an explosive performance from duo GD&TOP and solo performances from Taeyang and Seungri. We would like to seek your understanding and sincerely thank you for your patience and support.

(from Korean Music Wave 2011 facebook)

LEGEND of BIGBANG (Arirang) part.1


LEGEND of BIGBANG (arirang) part.2

Seungri Reveals How Big Bang Members Get Girls' Phone Numbers

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Seungri revealed how his Big Bang hyungs get the numbers of girls.

On the June 6th episode of SBS "Night After Night", Seungri tells us something about his members and the opposite sex.

Seungri said, "Big Bang members place emphasis on seniority ranks. The oldest hyung and maknae do things according to their ranks. Hyungs would say, "Seungri ah, go to her, get her number and say something to her." But if she is a beautiful woman, the hyungs will go get her number themselves instead."

He elaborated, "I use the straightforward way to get a girl's number, I will just say, "Mr. G. Dragon wants you to give him your number." Such a confession attracted laughters.
Source: Newsen via naver
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates
Photo credit : LG via S @ bbvipz
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Big Bang Interview in TV Weekly Magazine

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BIG!! BANG!!! Report
The fastest live report and the publishing of PV photos of the new song, 'Tonight'



’Keep the promise with fans', BIGBANG return gloriously with their new album.
The victorious return after 2 years!

The long awaited 'BIGBANG 2' has been released. Please listen to the words that the 5 members say about this album which has been sold well.

T.O.P.: It has been about 1 year and 9 months since we released the last album 'BIGBANG' and within this period of time, a variety of changes have occurred. Regarding my vocal approaches, I learnt how to control my voice when I have to be tender and when I have to be loud. I have become more mature in this way.

D-LITE (We call him D.L in the following): I have gained experience from the activities in order to improve myself. I think the things that I newly learnt can supplement my original personality. In a nutshell, this piece of work is a great and smooth album.

G-DRAGON (We call him GD in the following): We have been growing a lot. When we are all combining together, we have become smoother.This is the album which can show how we are like now.

DL: Yes, it gives you the feeling that 'this is how BIGBANG like nowadays'. I think this is the thing that we have accomplished.

GD: During this period of 1 year and 9 months, we started to understand more of our own specialty. I myself has also been maturing in recording and it has become smoother.When I say, 'sing this song' everyone can sing it with a voice which can match the feeling of the songs. I think it is our growth when comparing with the previous albums.

VI: Concerning the songs which are included in the album, there is little resemblance that we have in this album with the previous ones. In the previous albums, there are many songs which are upbeat but most of the songs we have included in this album are sad and about separation. We are seeing whether we can receive good responses from the melody and lyrics composed by the more matured BIGBANG.

SOL: Yes. I think that when listening to the 10 songs which are included in the album, the feelings can be different according to the different situations you are in. Therefore, a range of feelings can be found in the music of the album. I think I would like to do more of these in the future.We have also used various methods in producing this album which are different from the previous works. It has given out the feelings of having more layers of the album.

GD: Because the types of the vocals and those of the melodies we have today are more than ever, many thinkings of people have been inluded.

T.O.P.: The title song of the album, 'LOVE SONG' has a tinge of western feeling. I think it is the best sign to show our changes individually.

SOL: BIGBANG becoming deeper and darker = freshness. I hope that you can enjoy listening to all of the songs in the album.

V.I.: We have increased our depth of expression when singing the songs because we have accumulated a lot of experience.

DL: You are right.

T.O.P.: So, to my impression, our supporters were particularly young girls only young girls but we will be glad if we can attract people from the former generation with this album.

G.D.: In order to attract more people to listen to our music without difficulties, we are also seeking to make music which is more popular.

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GD's 'Night Date' is?

Q: What do you feel happy about coming to Japan this time?
A: Meeting the fans that we have not met for a long time.

Q:The greatest memories you have at night?
A: No comment! (Laugh)

Q:What is your ideal date at night?
A: Riding on a good car, we will have a driving date!

was born on 18th, August, 1988.
Rapper, vocal and leader
The feeling of being an adult has filled the pv of the new song
We are going to reveal at the fastest pace about the their shots of the title song of 'BIGBANG2' album, 'Tonight' which have placed great emphasis on thrt individual colors and the must-do poses in filmming a PV!

G-Dragon appeared in the opening scene. He wore a wild coat which attracted a lot of attention,he is really the representative of the fashionista from Korea. Then, he changed to black stylistic suit and a top with Dalmatian pattern, etc. He has changed several special pieces of clothes which caught others' attention. TOP dressed in a piece of suit, his style of clothing together with the girls in the car intensify the feeling of being an adult.VI was standing under the blue sky and singing enthusiastically on the patch where a monument is enacted. His feeling is so colourfully 3-dimensional. SOL was driving a black sports car at night on a street, his sining at the coast of the sea really caught our attention. Then, we will talk about the D-Lite whom has become the key person of the story. He showed his painful, worrying and other expressions when he saw the girl that he loved. We can certainly tell his acting skills from all of these. He was wearing a white shirt in a red car with a open top which made him look irresistibly cool. The passager seat was therefore always filled with a passenger. He has never been involved with a woman and sexy moments like this before. It is uncommon to see such kind of expression which belongs to an adult on his face...

The scenes that the 5 people include night scene and desert and it was necessary for them to change their costumes from time to time. Each person's dynamic facial expression and movements were captured by the camera and it is also enjoyable to do such kinds of shots. This PV has two versions, both Korean and Japanese version. Therefore, we can also enjoy some fun when we trying to look for the differences in them.

The lyrics of the new song is about the 5 people, I listen to this song every 'tonight'!

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The fastest report on 'Love & Hope Tour'
About the concert on 13th, May, Chiba Makuhari

It has been about 1 year and 3 months that they hold the tour for the whole nation. In order to express their wish about the relief of the big earthquake, they changed the title of the concert to 'Love& Tour Tour' urgently. They started the concert with the title song 'TONIGHT' and have received a lot of cheering from the audience. They also performed their newest songs of 'BIGBANG 2' They also sang songs like 'Let me hear your voice' and 'Gara Gara Go!'. They sang 24 songs in total and delivered a cool performance which was charming. SOL, D-LITE, VI's solo songs were revealed at the later stage of the concert which showed their singing power. The duet group of GD&TOP had appeared in the corner riding their segways when their PV was showing in the concert at the same time. At the beginning, V.I. was the MC and he said, ' we have fulfilled the promise to come to here again!' then, screaming could be heard and the yellow lightsticks could also be seen waving everywhere in the concert. When they were doing the encore stage of 'MY HEAVEN', the happy faces that every people wore had left a deep impression on us.

Scanned by: Tisya @bigbangupdates
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates
GDYB Photos @ Love and Hope Japan Tour Concert
Credit: -undercurrent@tumblr

Photo of Show Luo and G-Dragon

Credit: showluozhixiang@tumblr

GD, TOP & Seungri’s favorite nickname

Q. Out of all the nicknames the fans give you, which one do you like the most?

Seungri: Mm….me…well i like “baby seunghyun”.

GD: For all the normal people who feel embarassed with questions like these, he (Ri) doesn’t care & says it out loud and can answer so smoothly. I also have a favorite, “cute jiyong”…

TOP: ….if you’re “baby seunghyun”…then what am i?!?! “ahjusshi seunghyun” or “seunghyun harabeoji” -_-

Ahaha TOP, you're so cutee <3 Ahjusshi seunghyun lol

Source: kyuyanhyun@weibo
Translation: mystifize@twitter
Credit: talislin @

G-Dragon Presented at the Membership Training of "West Coast Highway Singing Festival" (110602)

Big Bang ‘s G-Dragon attended the third singing festival of MBC which is called ‘West Coast Highway Singing Festival’ .

The members of ‘Infinity Challenge’ (Yoo Jae Seok, Myung Soo Park, Joon Ha Jung, Hong Chul No, Jung Hyung-Don, HA HA, Gil) and some musicians left the 2 days 1 night meeting at MT on 2nd of June. They met up in order to from rallies with each other for the singing festival and have intermediate check to strengthen their relationship.

About 1 hour and 30 minutes before they left MT at 12 noon, the opening of the festival was filmmed at MBC's Ilsan Dream Center . ‘Good Life Singing Festival’ (tentative name) and later known as ‘West Coast High Way Singing Festival’ has officially commenced.

On this day, it is said that G Dragon dressed comfortably and was there with other members in the opening.

(The info of other artists’ is omitted here)

Note: MT= Membership Training. 엠티.
Essentially, what we have is the time-honored Korean tradition of building strength and unity within a particular group. Typically, a company or university major will go on MTs to become closer and improve relationships within the group.

Source: hankyung via naver
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates
Credit: talislin @
BigBang’s G-Dragon, appeared on “Infinite Challenge” Song Festival MT despite of Daesung’s incident
Bigbang’s G-Dragon, despite Dasesung’s incident of traffic accident, has appeared on the third song festival of MBC’s “Infinite Challenge,” as scheduled.

On June 2nd, all members of “Infinite Challenge” and the musicians who participate on the song festival left for two-night MT in Kanghwa Island.

At noon program opening shooting lasted for an hour and a half at MBC Dream Center lobby, formulating “the Broad-and-level road Song Festival” to “the West Coast Highway Song Festival.”

Particularly for G-Dragon, he appeared on the show as scheduled despite Daesung, another member of BigBang, is now under inspection for causing a traffic accident on Yanghwa Bridge in Seoul on early 31st last month. At the program opening shooting, G-Dragon was dressed casually and did not have problem proceeding the show. Other musicians, besides G-Dragon, participated in MT except for Psy, who had another schedule.

“Infinite Challenge” song festival came back after the one in 2009, and it is scheduled to be held in June but the location is not decided yet.

Last month, through the special episode of “Dinner Show for Song Festival,” Yoo Jae Seok teamed up with Lee Jeok, Jung Hyeong Don with Jung Jae Hyeong, Noh Hong Chul with Psy, Park Myeong Soo with G-Dragon, Jung Joon Ha with Sweet Sorrow, Haha with 10cm, and Gil with Bada.

Source Nate by Hanna
G-Dragon presented at the recording of ''West Coast Highway Singing Festival''

Posted Image
Big Bang ‘s G-Dragon attended  the third singing festival of MBC which is called ‘West Coast Highway Singing Festival’ .The members of ‘Infinity Challenge’ (Yoo Jae Seok, Myung Soo Park, Joon Ha Jung, Hong Chul No, Jung Hyung-Don, HA HA, Gil) and some musicians left the 2 days 1 night meeting at MT on 2nd of June. They met up in order to from rallies with each other for the singing festival and have intermediate check to strengthen their relationship.

About 1 hour and 30 minutes before they left MT at 12 noon, the opening of the festival was filmmed at MBC's Ilsan Dream Center . ‘Good Life Singing Festival’ (tentative name) and later known as ‘West Coast High Way Singing Festival’ has officially commenced.
On this day, it is said that G Dragon dressed comfortably and was there with other members in the opening.
(The info of other artists’ info is omitted here)

Source: hankyung via naver

Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates

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GD has a juicy lips ^^
cre: tumblr
110601 A SHOT A DAY - G-Dragon

C: ashotaday // yoonhome @ baidu

110527 YG on AIR - Episode 5 [ENG]

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