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GDragon Cut from YG on Air


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Big Bang's Interview in Junon Magazine, June Issue

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If your members were girls, who would you like to be with?

VI: Eh? I have to choose among the members?It is difficult... En....
It is not(laugh). Take me please.

G-Dragon: All the members. Everyone of us has our own charm.I am not able to choose only one among them.

TOP: All the members. The reason is I can imagine random things about it.

SOL: No.If this happened ,then I would like to remain single. (laugh)

D-Lite: If I were a girl, I would like to meet a boy like myself. (laugh)

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Member's unique answer for JUNON

The title of the concert this time is 'Love and Hope' , we can feel the love. Please explain what your hope (dream) is.

TOP: I love all of my Japanese fans. Because of this, I wish there is hope among them too

D-LITE: I love the title of this concert, 'Love & Hope' and cars.

SOL: I love you too, the fans who are surrounding me. My hope(dream) is to touch the hearts of a lot of people.

G-DRAGON: I also love cars. Moreover, I also hope that the people who have suffered in the disasters can gain back their smiles as soon as possible.

V.I.: Recently, I have poured my love in my fitness management. For hope...I am thinking, thank you. (laugh)

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Has been appearing consecutively for 5 months!!
You can find us here for 5 months.
2011 BIGBANG is today

Finally~ It is there! This month, we have G-Dragon to be featured in our magazine! The leader is fashionable but he is also famous for his non-made up face. Please enjoy the following interview which we have done with him!

Work Q1: The 1st half of 2011 has passed swiftly. Then, for GD, how did you pass the 1st half of 2011? Please also conclude with some words about the activities of BIGBANG in the 1st half of the year.
GD: GD&TOP, VI SOLO,BIGBANG COMEBACK, SPECIAL ALBUM, and then BIGBANG 2 album, we have released many albums within a short period of time, we are able to show a variety of colours. For me, I have also been doing a wide range of activities, my feeling toward them is beyond description.

Work Q2: You have released album ‘BIGBANG2’. How are all the songs like in this album?
GD: We want to organize the songs that we have introduced when we have been promoting in Japan and also introduced the new songs that we made this time together.We want to share with you the music that we have made after we have experienced life even more. We would be delighted if we are able to do so.

Work Q.3 Please introduce the newly released songs to us.
GD: ‘TONIGHT’- a song that carries the style of BIGBANG. It has been a long time since we have a striking song which can display our individuality. The stage performance also worths paying attention to.
‘Ms. Liar’- it has a interesting melody and the lyrics is also interesting. We use the rhythm and musical instrument which can produce the style of rock to make this song. After adding all of these elements, we ended up getting a even more interesting song.

Work Q.4 I think he songs which are included in ‘BIGBANG 2’ has been packed with a lot of feelings that you had, what is the most favourite song of GD among all the songs?
GD: “LOVE SONG’! this is the most recent song that we have released in the 1st half of this year. This is the last song that we have promoted in Korea for our activities in the 1st half of the year and is the last song in ‘BIGBANG 2’. This is a song which has been deviated from the regular image that what BIGBANG’s music should be and gives you a fresh feelings. The MV is also very special!!

Work Q5: Sad songs, happy songs, etc can be found among the songs of BIGBANG. How can you produce the songs which can move people?
GD: It depends on the songs; however, it is for sure that I have tried my best to write the songs with my heart. I believe that the most important thing is we believe can really communicate with the listeners in this way. We have talked a lot with our members and staff, I will make the songs which many people can be related themselves to and be comforted after listening to them. In addition to the lyrics and the melody of the songs, we also place emphasis on the overall atmosphere that the song brings out when we are producing.

Work Q.6: In ‘Tonight’ and ‘Ms. Liar’, GD has made a dog-like howl in both of the songs. Is it your recent favourite?
GD: There is a fixed style for rapping but it can also coupled with individuality. My ‘sound’ on the stage presents the image of GD which let you know he is there. The performance will be more interesting with this element added. I Hope that whichever songs that you listen to with such a ‘sound’ in it, you will think of me.

Work Q7: In the 2nd half of 2011, what will Big Bang going to show us?
GD: We are also anticipating about it! We plan to collaborate with famous as well as new song writers. We firmly believe that we can deliver a feeling which is different from those in the past, please look forward to it, everybody.

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Private 8: Any style to recommend? What is the most favourite thing that you have bought recently?
GD: In the past, I used to prefer wearing clothes which colours can attract attention as much as possible. However, recently, I prefer simple chic style more. Moreover, I also collect rings and bracelets. The most favourite thing that I have been wearing recently are 'Chrome Hearts' accessories.

Private 9: Wearing accessories can make you feel happy. What do you like best?
GD: It is a difficult question... The hair was set in order to match the atmosphere of the song. I had to fit the concept. As time passed, it is a little bit embarassing to look at this hair style I have set previously. (laugh)
Now it is pink in colour,I don't think it is too bad.

Private 10: Sometimes, you are cool and sometimes you can be innocent... We can see so many facial expressions on GD's face, what is your true character?
GD: Certainly, I am what every one of you think I am like. My personality can be seen partly under certain situations but the whole can only be seen by combining all together. I will be glad if you can think so too.

Private 11:In the love songs that composed by GD, there are sad ones happy ones and provocative ones... A wide variety of love can be found. Which song of Big Bang is the closest to the love story of GD?
GD: For example, the song 'What is Right' (a Korean song) I was not very sure what love was although I know better when I am growing up. I write about the innocent feeling that I felt in those years. I cannot find the answers anywhere, I always think it is difficult to handle love affairs.

Private 12: What has recently made you happy? Share something like what you have been obsessed with or what have made you burst into laughters.
GD: Previously, we have gone to 'Jeju Island' which is a beautiful place. We had a lot of fun there. I want to go there again.

Private 13: Lastly, please leave a message to every fan of Japan.
GD: I always thank you for your support. I knew that I was not able to be with you together when you were experiencing the sadness, I pray that there will be a lot of good things happen soon. The concerts of BIGBANG is a good memory for everyone and I am glad if the concerts can give you power. And please don't change your love towards BIGBANG.

Source: As tagged via 21 bangs
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates

110526 MNET Idol chart - G-Dragon the #1 fashionista

BIGBANG chooses the member they would like to go out with,if they were a girl {MAGAZINE- Trans}

{MAGAZINE}Big Bang's Junon Interview parts {Translaton}

Q: Since the theme for your tour is Love & Hope, can you share with us what you currently love, and your hopes and dreams?

TOP: I love our Japanese fans. I also have my own hopes and dreams!

 DS: I love this concert tour and my car.
YB: I love the people around me and the fans. My hope is to move people with my music. 
GD: I love cars, and I hope the everyone in Japan who was affected by the earthquake would smile again soon. 
SR: Lately I'm in love with physical strength management. My hope... I'm still thinking (smiles)

Q: If you were a girl and could date anyone in the group, who will you choose and why? (you can also choose yourself)

SR: From the members? This is hard. Hmm.. no one (smiles) sorry 

GD: Every one in the group! Each member has his own charisma, I can't just pick one. 
TOP: I want to date everybody in the group. As for the reason, use your imagination (smiles). 
YB: Aish, if that's the case, I will just stay single! (smiles). 
DS: If I were a girl, I would like to try dating someone like me.

Q: Big Bang's comments on BigBang2!

GD: The instruments and musical compositions extends to different aspects. I wanted even those who don't know us to listen to us without any resistance, so that those who are sad would feel comfort, and those who are happy would be even happier. Our songs were created with different emotions, so that anyone who wants to listen is welcome.

 TOP: "Love Song" talks about a man missing a woman who's no longer here. This is a song you can listen to at night alone, creating an atmosphere that is almost soundless. I think this would also sound good when you listen to it in the morning.
 YB: I like "Somebody to Love". I like the choreography, creating a scene as if you are currently looking for someone. The lyrics also created a memorable impression. 
DS: To sum it up in one sentence, "this is a bigger album with smoother flow". It's not just about our own parts anymore. We also thought about how our parts would affect the others, so that all 5 parts are sung more naturally. 
SR: "Ms. Liar", penned by GD, is about pretending to not notice the lies told by the woman you like. It's tragic. GD's work has a more adult taste to it. Please listen to it! 

Highlights from Q&A with G-Dragon 

Q: The songs you've written about love includes feelings of sadness, happiness, playfulness. So if you were to use a Big Bang song as a metaphor for your love life, which song would you choose? 

GD: For example, "What is Right". At that time, I didn't really know much about love and I just continue to learn and grow. I wrote this song in order to candidly express the emotions I was feeling. I think this is what it feels like. What is the answer? Why can't I find it? I just feel relationships are tough. 

Q: What's one thing that made you happy recently? For example something you're currently crazy about or something that made you laugh out loud...

: Recently we went to a beautiful place in Korea called Jeju Island. It was very fun and I have a lot of good memories there. I want to go back again. 

Q: Can you reveal what you like about the latest fashion trends or your recent purchases?

GD: In the past, I would almost always wear flashy clothes. But recently I've been leaning towards more monochromatic and refined fashion. Also, I've been collecting rings and bracelets. I really like Chrome Hearts accessories lately.

 Chinese translations by GDFW
  English Translation via amandajaclyn18 @ twitter
Credits :  @amandajaclyn18

Kim Hye Jung's Interview Part 1: Working with GD and Directing 'Butterfly' MV

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Kim Hye Jung (part I)
Director of ‘Butterfly’ music video from G-Dragon’s first full-length solo album
Producer of videos for ‘Gossip Man’ and ‘She’s Gone’ featured at G-Dragon’s Shine a Light concert

G-Dragon’s gallery planned an interview with director Kim Hye Jung for the publication of G-Book volume 2. Inverview questions were taken from gallery members for a period of about two weeks from April 20 to the beginning of May; after screening such interview topics in addition to survey questions regarding director Kim Hye Jung’s projects and videos, it has all been organized and produced into an interview book that was released on June 1, 2010. We thank director Kim Hye Jung, who not only graciously agreed to the interview, but also sent us honest and sincere responses to all of the questions

1. How did you come to work with G-Dragon?
- What was your first impression when you were asked to work on the music video; what was it that most influenced your decision to work with G-Dragon?

When I first received the request and heard the music, I thought it was really surprising.

That fact that [‘Butterfly’] had a completely different feel from the intense title track was fresh to me, and first and foremost I liked the song a lot. I sketched a few scenes that came to mind while listening to the song, and it’s true that once I showed it to them, I worried that my ideas were too far from what was considered popular. But surprisingly, G-Dragon had requested something that would not entangle him within the idol frame but would rather allow for more freedom. I remember that after that first meeting was over and I turned to leave, President Yang [Hyun Suk] told me that “of all the songs on his album, this is the one that G-Dragon treasures the most.”

I had felt this way when I first received the song, but once again it came to me like a fresh shock and I felt really good. I started to give this artist called ‘G-Dragon’ a second thought and knew that it would be an awesome project.
What most influenced my decision to work with G-Dragon.. would probably be just because he is G-Dragon. ^^

2. How was working with G-Dragon?

G-Dragon’s music stirs up visual inspiration. I think he wanted to express his music visually in that way and give off an extremely fresh feel.

Even though he did not say much, G-Dragon fully understood story boards and concepts that were explained to him only once and followed through by preparing not only his wardrobe and hair accordingly, but also props and other items for the set.

I believe that he was extremely professional in his ability to put forth his best on set and yet respecting the line between his own role and the role of the director.

3. What is your impression of ‘Butterfly’?
- Was there any inspiration that immediately came to mind as you first listened to the song?

There was an image that was floating around in my head from the moment I first heard the song until the moment production for the music video was complete. It was the image of ‘the laugh of a boy in love.’

The feverish thrill that all people experience at least once. I thought of things like twinkling joy and memory. But because the pounding of the heart may be painful to the one who is experiencing this fever and the beauty of it all may only be recognized after the fact, at times this fleeting transcience came across to me as a distant sadness.

4. How did the form for the ‘Butterfly’ music video come about?
- Where did you get the idea for the music video’s concept?
- The union of real picture and animation: what led you to utilize such a technique?

When I first received the request, I heard that they wanted an animated music video. The concept came about after discussing the preliminary sketches I drew.

The music itself gave me very vivid visual inspriation, but it was G-Dragon’s blond transformation that helped me conjure up images of different fairy tale characters.

Also, G-Dragon himself as a person is someone who looks very strong but is actually quite sensitive and pure, and he has a complicated charm that simultaneously carries conflicting sides, just like how he is loved by many yet still somehow looks lonely, so I started from there and created a character accordingly.

Truthfully speaking, the combination of real picture and animation is something I didn’t even expect. The real picture was taken for the purpose of the animation’s motion capture, but there were too many great takes to just throw away. Also, G-Dragon fit in seamlessly with the illustrated background. I showed a few scenes with G-Dragon cropped into the animation to G-Dragon himself and the rest of the YG staff, and in the end, we decided to change the direction of production accordingly.

5. I’m curious about the girl in the ‘Butterfly’ music video.

The girl is a universally relatable virtual character.

I wanted those who watch the music video to become one with the girl and see G-Dragon through her eyes. And so we purposely designed her looks, clothes, and style to be normal rather than flashy.

The scenes in which the girl is blankly staring out the window or where the boy comes along and haphazardly grabs the girl’s wrist and carries her to a far away land resembles my childhood to a certain extent, when I would fantasize and dream about breaking free from reality.

6. About ‘Butterfly’ music video

The ‘Butterfly’ music video is a kind of fantasy. I believed that the fantastic and beautiful feel given off by the music and the fantasy world that G-Dragon guides you through were one and the same.

I gave a lot of thought to the background of the fantasy world, but I gave the most consideration to the character of mystical boy. I wanted to show a side that was different from the strong and unique image that we’ve seen [from G-Dragon]. Of all the music videos off of his first solo album, ‘Butterfly’ is the one in which he changes outfits the least. (^^)

But it’s true that it was extraordinary because of G-Dragon. This character who is not just a nice and handsome fairy tale prince, but has a somewhat dark side to him, and yet is able to disarm those around him with his bright and unconditional smile is a character that I believe only G-Dragon could have pulled off.

As long as the production time for this music video was, there are many symbolic elements hidden all over the music video. And I was really interested in all of the various interpretations by those who watched the music video once it was released. There were ideas that I had intended and even those I had overlooked. There are many questions in this interview asking about this, but I don’t think it’s my place to say one way or another. I believe that the meaning of the music video will be made complete once we put together all the different interpretations by those who watch it through their different view points.

7. How was working with G-Dragon on the ‘Butterfly’ music video?

While turning ‘Butterfly’ the song into the music video, the things that G-Dragon specifically required were not about simply trying new things. He did so in order to break free from the preconception of being an idol and show never-before-seen sides of himself.

As expected, he showcased a shocking transformation through a solo album into which he poured all of himself, but I believe that ‘Butterfly’ was another shock in and of itself.

To be continued.

Source: DCGD
Translated by: Seungie @tumblr
Taken from:
BIGBANG on Junon Magazine

Credit: 형이다@DCGD

Jung Hyung Don defines fashion for G-Dragon on MBC’s “Infinity Challenge”

On May 21st, MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” aired a Spring special ‘Infinite boss picnic’ episode where the seven members relieved a day out of a salary man’s job by showing up at work for him. Yoo Jae Seok played the department head; Park Myung Soo, a deputy department head; Jung Jun Ha, a director; Jung Hyung Don, a secretary; Ha Ha, an employee; Gil, an intern.

As a secretary, Jung Hyung Don showed off his ‘crazy existence’ by wearing a red jumper, beanie, sunglasses that open sideways, and slippers. The production staff included a caption that read, ‘Infinite Boss’s Fashion Leader.’

His castmates asked him, “Why did you wear clothes from home?” Jung Hyung Don shouted back with confidence, “Where is my camera? G-Dragon, are you watching this? This is fashion!”

The gagman’s known for previously criticizing G-Dragon’s fashion on the same program, so his brave statement left viewers amused.

Source: Star News
Translation: allkpop
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110520 G-Dragon at the airport, back from Japan

C: winnie @ // 权家的 @ baidu

Big Bang - Love Song MV Making Film


Credit: toptoptabi@tumblr


 110518 Idol Chart Show (personal income) BIGBANG G-Dragon

G-Dragon from 2011 BIGSHOW photobook

Source:아웃오브 @ bestiz / GKGD @ DCGD (via Gilbakk)
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Big BanG on Sakigake Eight ~''Love & Hope ''~Tour

Cr SJBBwonderful
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Infinity Challenge x BiG BanG - ep.2 - available parts on dailymotion
Credits :  shiareagy6thalbum via @ibigbang
110515 G-Dragon - New A SHOT A DAY photo
C: GDAE @ bestiz
LG Optimus BIG - BIGBANG's BIG Story Interview
Credit : @samosvetlee

GD, Psy and Dara ‘CJ’ Commercial (30s)

20110510 LG Optimus Big [Opening_messege]


Chris Matsumura Blog Update: BIGBANG FujiTV 「HEY!HEY!HEY!(Recording)」 Photo

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Source: chris-matsumura@ameblo
Taken from: TeamBIGBANG
110509 Big Bang on Hey! Hey! Hey! Fuji TV Japan (Full Interview)




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