BigBang in Japan

posted on 10 May 2011 09:42 by moomooae

GDragon Cut from YG on Air


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Big Bang's Interview in Junon Magazine, June Issue

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If your members were girls, who would you like to be with?

VI: Eh? I have to choose among the members?It is difficult... En....
It is not(laugh). Take me please.

G-Dragon: All the members. Everyone of us has our own charm.I am not able to choose only one among them.

TOP: All the members. The reason is I can imagine random things about it.

SOL: No.If this happened ,then I would like to remain single. (laugh)

D-Lite: If I were a girl, I would like to meet a boy like myself. (laugh)

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Member's unique answer for JUNON

The title of the concert this time is 'Love and Hope' , we can feel the love. Please explain what your hope (dream) is.

TOP: I love all of my Japanese fans. Because of this, I wish