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G-Dragon’s Mom is Jealous of Daesung

The members of Big Bang revealed the reason behind G-Dragon's mom jealousy.

Actually it is not related to GD but because of the quantity of skin products Daesung has on his room.

According to the Big Bang members Daesung takes special care of his skin and his room is covered with different products. When G-Dragon's mom saw his room she was surprised by the quantity of different things he had. T.O.P mentioned that Daesung's room is fit for a princess.

Take a look at the video with the cute confession.

clip: http://www.youtube.c...player_embedded

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G-Dragon wants to give fans his selcas

G-Dragon has revealed a set of hilarious selcas and is looking for people to give them to.

On April 1st, G-Dragon revealed the pictures on his personal me2day and stated, "Who are the winners of my photos? Dun dun dun!" The pictures were taken with a polaroid camera and later decorated with markers by none other than GDragon himself.

Fans have responded in excitement, leaving comments such as "Me! Send them to me!" and "I want all of them."

On the other hand, Big Bang will be returning to Inkigayo on April 10th with their 4.5 album after finishing up promotions for "TONIGHT" on March 27th.

Don't you want one of these adorable selcas?

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Source: Star News
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Big Bang Song Included in Earthquake Album Charity.

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This album contains 79 songs from Japan different artist. This album is contribute to Japanese Red Cross Society. Big Bang Koe Wa Kikasete or Let Me Hear Your Voice is included in this album as well.

For more information check http://www.universal...rld.jp/ainouta/

C: UniversalMusicWorld.JP
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110401 YG-Life Update:D-DAY 7
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--the same piece of clothing on  COME TO PLAY--
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Big Bang gears up for “Inkigayo” comeback

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By releasing their teaser for “Stupid Liar” earlier today, Big Bang sparked the official hype for their double title track comeback, which will be held in two weeks.

On April 1st, YG Entertainment revealed, “Big Bang will be releasing their special edition album on April 8th. Kicking off with SBS’s ‘Inkigayo‘ on the 10th, Big Bang will be beginning their official promotions once more.”

They continued, “‘Stupid Liar’ has an impressive level of perfection that made it a strong title track contender for Big Bang’s fourth mini-album. ‘Love Song‘ and the other eight tracks will also be found soon.”

Upon hearing the 30-second teaser for “Stupid Liar,” fans had excitedly commented, “I got goose bumps,” and “It has a very fresh sound!”

Source: Sports Today via Nate || ALLKPOP
When you were doing an interview for your solo album 2 years ago, this is what you wrote. ‘G-Dragon is not an idol. He’s an icon.’ When I see Big Bang now, I think you guys passed the image of idol.
I think people’s view of us and our place within the 2 years and 3 months have changed. All that time, the age average have decreased and we have aged a little bit more. I’m kind of embarrassed to be called an idol and I think we’re currently on our way to becoming a musician.

After ‘Lies,’ the hook songs were overflowing and you came back by throwing away that style. As a producer for this new album, did you think that you had to make music that was different from your common idol songs?
I did think that we had to be different. We could have taken the easy way, but I thought we shouldn’t, so we continuously changed the song which took a long time. The title song, ‘Tonight,’ was actually made one and a half years ago and we spent all that time changing it. While resting, I watched a lot of music programs and it wasn’t the certain style of music, but the time spent on the whole song in general was too fast which made me feel a bit disappointed. Before, when I listened to a song, that song would become the memory that I had during that time. But these days, the songs don’t have a lingering scent or leave a certain memory for the listeners. I wanted to make those kind of songs. A song that will be loved by many and also becomes a memory for the listeners. Because we went through this process, people become more attached to this album.

I think this is an album where all five of your individual skills and abilities were shown. As a producer, what were you trying to pick out from the members?
It’s the same for me as well as the members, but before, within Big Bang, one person was the center. But as the members did their individual activities, they were able to obtain their own color for sure. I thought right now was the time for the five of us to gather together because we’re at our highest. I collaborated with them like a star to star feeling, so I worked with them with the thought that I couldn’t let one be buried among the others. The ability to not let one’s part flood away. As individuals, our music style and skills have to be alive so that we can see the effect each of our synergy has and also for the flow of the entire song, I saw it as doing our best. For example, in Daesung’s case, compared to the other members, it has been a while since many have seen him, so he tried to show that he definitely changed. Daesung’s strength is his husky voice and depending on how you listen to it, it can be a bright voice or it can be the voice of a bad guy. In order to capture that voice, we fixed ‘Cafe’ a lot. Because we were satisfied with the results of the song, I felt Daesung’s part was poured out.

I feel like the title song, ‘Tonight,’ was arranged minimally but at the same time you gave it a sense of fun and seems like you prepared a lot for that.
The way people listen to music have changed to mobile these days, so we made a section for ringtones and coloring. For those who listen to the music that way, it’s not only the chorus but I wanted people to like each of the member’s parts as well. The dilemma of what to show on stage, performance-wise, is reflected in some parts of the song. When it explodes, it should definitely explode and when we go up again, I wanted to give off the feeling that this part is the climax. For the part where the guitar solo comes up, since I’ve done a lot of concerts, it was an idea that was influenced by concerts. I had the thought of wanting to show an upgraded performance to reflect my experience in holding many concerts.

When you were a duo with TOP, I felt like you were trying to show that you were doing music because it’s fun for you. Now that that time has passed, what part of you have changed now that you’re back to being Big Bang?
Like the song, ‘Knock Out,’ I wanted to experiment many songs within Big Bang. I saw that even the song like ‘Knock Out’ can be loved by people in Korea and felt hope that this kind of music can become a trend one day. A conflict can happen easily within the group, musically. But for us, we’re able to relieve that conflict through unit activities and solo activities. There are songs that we’re able to do as Big Bang and songs we can do when we’re doing solo activities.

You slightly touched on mobile use, do you tend to worry about the system of the music industry?
Because the board is spinning so fast, this situation can be difficult for those who are working with music. Even though we worked 2 years to release this album when we perform on music programs for 3 weeks or even for a month, we have to change the song. If not, then we have no way of promoting our songs and that’s how the system works. Within those 3 weeks, the writers are judged on everything so I’m sure there are parts where they feel that it’s unfair. Many idol teams believe the reason that you can become popular by relying on one song and so they tend to rely on the writers a lot. That’s why they tend to clash a lot, which is a problem. I tend to think about this kind of things a lot because I feel vexed.

You seem to have become more of an adult now than when you came out with a solo album 2 years ago. Do you feel that yourself?
I can only feel about these kinds of things if that’s how other people see me as (laughs). I think I’m feeling the same things the people in their 20′s feel at that age so I think I’m going out well.

But that age group date a lot right?
Dating is dating, but I experienced a lot of pain while I was doing my solo activities. I thought about a lot of things, and as I cleaned up those pains, I think I became a bit more free. I was much younger when I was doing my solo activities and I think there were a lot of things I needed to take care of by myself. If I was in the learning position before, now, I think I’m able to enjoy a lot more. Whether it’s on stage or a relationship with someone.

As I was preparing for this interview, I listened to G-Dragon’s first solo album and it’s good. Because this album had a lot of issues, I think it actually received a lot of reviews, musically.
I also listened to it all of a sudden about a week ago in the car, but I felt embarrassed (laughs). During that time, my confidence was all grouped together. Personally, I think an album is like a journal. When I’m in my 60s, 70′s, I can look back at my album and the lyrics and think back of who I was in love with and can also know about my thought during that time. But my solo album journal is very childish. I’m sure everyone goes through those kinds of times, but I felt a squirming feeling (laughs). I think it’ll be better if I took out those energy. I don’t know when it’s going to be, but I’m thinking about my 2nd solo album and I’m currently preparing for it. Maybe as fast as next year?

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Translated by: solshin3 @ 21bangs.com

[110330] GD & Stylish Noona @ Seoul Fashion Week
GD me2day

message : 웃어봐요 빵야빵야~!
translation : Try to smile ya ya ~!

C: GD's me2day // 김연아 @ bestiz

BIGBANG - M Soundplex Rehearsal! (2)

110329 BIGBANG - UV Syndrome begins Cut+EP_03 Preview!

[110329] UV Syndrome Begins Ep02


10 Corsocomo x BIGBANG

BigBang's Schedule:

March 29
[TV Broadcast][PM 11:00] Mnet UV Syndrome Begins

April 1
[Release]30s Preview of "Stupid Liar"

April 2
[TV Broadcast][AM 12:00] Mnet MSoundplex Episode 2

April 4
[TV Broadcast][PM 11:15] MBC Come To Play

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110329 BIGBANG - UV Syndrome begins EP_02 Preview!!

[preview] Big Bang on Come To Play

YG Entertainment on Big Bang's "Love and Pain Tour" (110328)

It is scheduled that BIGBANG will promote in Japan in May and June but fans had rise their concern about their Japan tour. YG Entertainment has the same concern as the fans about BIGBANG.

Ever since the earthquake, YG has taken into consideration whether to postpone BIGBANG's Japan tour date. Since the situation in Japan is still not stable currently, the schedule is still not confirmed yet although we have already communicated with the company in Japan for a few times already.

Like other Korean singers who have advanced into the Japanese market, the final decision whether we will still carry out the same schedule depends on our contract with the company in Japan since the company has the authority to do so.

In fact, this problem is not only faced by YG and BIGBANG since in May, other groups like ‘SNSD’ and ‘2PM’ who have also planned to do their activities in Japan. These days, concerning the Japan’s situation, BIGBANG would rather proceed their concerts and donate some of their earnings to the 2700 victims of the affected areas in Japan, our VIP fan club in Japan also planned to help too.

We totally understand how you are concerned with the safety of BIGBANG in Japan. Whether BIGBANG can process their concerts safely depends on the places they perform and we will make a decision based on how the Japanese feel and after understanding the situation thoroughly.

Your concerns are justified since amidst such an expected disaster, the safety of BIGBANG should be put into careful consideration. Although there are still a lot of variables in the Japan situation, and so is the Japan tour of BIGBANG, I really wish to express my sorrow to the fans who have been hurt in the disaster.

Through this concert, we will keep on consulting with the Japanese side to see how we can help to contribute to the relief work.

Source: YG Life Blog
Translated by: Rice @ bigbangupdates
Big Bang's Love and Pain Tour faced strong opposition (110328)
Idol group BIGBANG’s Japan tour faced with strong opposition from their fans. BIGBANG is scheduled to have their Japan tour on May 10th and 11th in Osaka, and from May 13th till 15th, they will hold the concerts in Makuhari Messe.

Moreover, they will also hold concerts in Nagoya on May 17th and 18th. That means a total of 7 concerts will be held according to the the original plan. However, on 11th of March, an earthquake of 9.0 magnitude occurred in the north east part of Japan. Afterwards, tsunamis hazards emerged together with the threats of radiation explosions.

The whole Japan is facing emergency situation. Even though the Japanese government has spared all of their efforts in dealing with the critical situation, the nuclear radiation threat from Fukushima is still hard to be contained. A number of Japan concerts has already been cancelled.

Since BIGBANG is believed to be holding their tour as planned, fans have expressed their opposition to it. YG Entertainment said they would only hold the tour in the safe regions instead of the regions which are still dangerous. However, the fans said it is of no difference between the safe regions and dangerous regions at this period of time.

The fans commented, "Since there is a danger like this, we should put the safety of the singer at the top of the list." ‘"Since Japanese are facing such kind of tragic incidents at the moment, I wonder whether they would still be interested in appreciating the concerts." "How do you distinguish the dangerous and safe regions in Japan?" and "It is the duty of the entertainment company to discuss with Universal Japan to decide whether to cancel or postpone the tour."

They have also commented ,"Other celebrities have also cancelled their concerts there so what is the point of insisting BIGBANG’s?" The decision has aroused a lot of criticism from the fans.

Note: Information on the promotion and release of the special edition album are omitted

Source: donga news
Korean to Japanese translation: happyrichlife @ameblo
Japanese to English translation: Rice @ bigbangupdates
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Big Bang to return with double title tracks, “Love Song” + “Stupid Liar”

Big Bang will be continuing their promotions with double title tracks, “Love Song” and “Stupid Liar,” from their upcoming special album!

The YG-Life blog previously teased about the release with an image that read “I HATE THIS LOVE SONG!”, and officials have confirmed that the line is actually a part of the lyrics for “Love Song”!

YG Entertainment revealed, “‘Love Song’ has a bit of a different feel from the songs Big Bang has previously released, so we’re expecting fans to feel something new. ‘Stupid Liar’ was a track that the boys debated over with ‘Tonight‘ as the title track for their 4th mini-album. The song itself features a guitar riff with a rock genre that’s both speedy and powerful.  It really brings out their vocals and raps.”

They continued, “As it is the first time the boys are making a special edition album, we’re going all out with the jacket design and the album’s overall packaging. It is disappointing that they will only be promoting for a three week period, but we’ll be working hard to make sure that they greet their fans more frequently.”

Their Korean promotions will thus only last until May 1st due to Big Bang’s Japanese tour, which is scheduled for May through June. Meanwhile, broadcast appearances for Big Bang will be restricted for about two weeks in order to allow the boys to film their music video and rehearse their choreographies.

Due to a lack of time, they will only be filming the music video for “Love Song,” which will be released on April 15th. In addition, Daesung’s solo track, “Baby Don’t Cry,” which was previously shown at the February “Big Show” concert, will also be included in the album.

Their first broadcast will be on April 10th through SBS’s “Inkigayo” where they will perform their double title tracks.

from akp; Source + Photos: Sports Today, OSEN via Naver, YG Life
110327 BIGBANG - What is Right @ Inkigayo

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