Big Bang new album#2

posted on 08 Mar 2011 14:14 by moomooae
Big Bang appeareance on KBS Cool FM caused server paralysis

The appearance of BIGBANG at KBS Cool FM ‘Lee Soo Young Music Show’ has caused server paralysis for a period of time. At 4pm today, BIGBANG made their guest appearance at ‘Lee Soo Young Music Show’.

However, the server experienced lagging for a short period of time. DJ Lee Soo Young told the audience that the paralysis happened since many people tried to catch up the programme at the same time and it lasted for about 45 minutes.

This is their 1st radio comeback programme which all of the five members appeared together. It has been a long time since they appeared on a radio programme together so the fans were all very interested in it.

The fans commented, "Whenever all of five are together, there will be laughter." The large number of comments that they received shows how popular this episode of ‘Lee Soo Young Music Show’ was. It has been a long time that the members of BIGBANG appeared together in a radio programme but it is still as funny and lively as when they were in their past programmes.

The fans have burst with laughter during the broadcast. This live broadcast also showed how good their live skills are. After a hiatus of 2 years and 3 months, BIGBANG has released a new mini album on 24th of last month and has been promoting their title song ‘Tonight’.

Up till 12th, the album has already garnered 150000 sales and they have swept various music programmes. They have already captured 6 Mutizens which show how brilliant their results are.

Source: Osen
Translation: Rice @ bigbangupdates
[110316] Big Bang - TONIGHT Live on Cool FM Lee Soo-young's Music Show