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110306 Inkigayo - Jiyong

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Bigbang's schedule for 2nd week of March:

March 9:
By Instinct-Swings feat Taeyang Release

March 10:
[PM 06:00] Mnet Mcountdown-Bigbang's Comeback Stage

March 12:
[PM 04:05] MBC Music Core-Bigbang's Comeback Stage

YG’s Yang Hyun Suk talks about the KBS Music Bank controversy

Recently, there has been much debate about Big Bang’s appearance on KBS’s “Music Bank“, where the producers and YG ultimately couldn’t come to a consensus about Big Bang’s appearance, and the extent of their comeback stage.

On the situation, YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk expressed, “If possible, I want [Big Bang] to appear on [Music Bank]. It’s not right to have popular singers not appearing on a broadcast due to one reason or another but everything must be managed equally. The broadcasting company claimed that YG requested to have ’special treatment’, but it’s untrue , I’ve never done that. We will continue to communicate with the broadcasting company.”

He continued, “‘Big Bang’s unclear controversy’ stemmed from KBS’s claim that if Big Bang only sang one song, then they would be able to appear on the broadcast. It can be confusing when you compare the comeback stages for normal artists and popular artists and see the unequal treatments.”

“We have requested to appear on KBS, but the decision seems somewhat unfortunate, but we will discuss the issue with them again. The broadcasting companies following KBS all prepared a 3-song stage, but since KBS only offered a 1-song stage, I’m worried about what the other broadcasting companies will think of their stages. YG has never asked for special treatment. We politely requested to have the first stage on KBS, but once the situation changed, we tried our best to make the most of the situation. Of course the competing companies will try to make themselves stand out, it’s only a natural instinct to do so.”

On the topic of “KBS and YG’s uneasy relationship”, YG commented, “No matter how much popularity our artists have gathered, we’re only one agency. I’m aware that having an uneasy relationship with a large broadcasting company would only mean harm on our side. I’m afraid that our other artists will receive similar treatment. We only ask for fair treatment.”

He concluded, “We will work on it. If we speak freely, we will reach a good understanding. In the future, we want to work together with KBS. This was a good chance. Please come to a decision that is fair for all parties.”

Source: Sports Today via Nate
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Bigbang - Tonight Performance Practice

BIGBANG wins #1 on M!Countdown! (110303)

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Big Bang’s Return: 15 Question & Answers for fans!
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After solo and unit activities Big Bang returned after 2 years to where they’re the best, as 5 members, with a new album. Big Bang’s comeback which was regarded as a big issue in the music industry did not let down as their chart-topping album garnered much attention. A group that does not require further explanation has emerged.

After creating a chaos in the music industry Big Bang gave direct answers to all your questions. Back with a more colorful and stronger look than ever, meet the Big Bang!

*The following questions were submitted by fans through twitter and me2day.*

(yoong_duck) What was the most worrying thing while in preparation for your comeback?
GD: The burden this time was bigger than ever before. The members only realized how really important this album was after constantly hearing the words “this time it’s really important! this time it’s really important!”. But the burden seems to be helpful in the end because you get good results, so I’m also glad.

(Grey_with_Joon) Was it better doing activities as solo artists? or…is it better as a team?
Seungri: There’s advantages and disadvantages. If you’re asking which one is better I’d have to answer both are. Even so, together with the members it’s more stable and I have more fun.

(Choihee072) All five members getting up on stage in a long time, after the first broadcast is there anything you wanted to do?
Taeyang: Maybe because we were the most curious about the fan’s reaction….all of us together wanted to monitor their reaction. If everybody likes our music, I think we’ll be happy.

(Onsemiro) How does it feel releasing an album after 2 years and 3 months in the name of Big Bang?
Daesung: Being able to meet with fans after a long time felt good. We worked so hard and seeing fans enjoy’s a nice feeling~

(reack_ij) What’s Big Bang the most scared of?
TOP: Ghosts?

(kminh17) Each of the members favorite song from this album?
Daesung: For some reason CAFE is the song I like to hear the most. The progress of the melody, the lyrics, everything, it’s my favorite one to listen to.

(더블비) Do all five members from Big Bang plan going on radio shows?
Taeyang: Yes~ If given the opportunity we’d like meet with everyone via radio. Although stage broadcasts are also fun but being on the radio also has a charm and fun side.

(realzzini) Can I look forward to Big Show!!!!?
Taeyang: This year you can expect that the Big Show will be good. Above all, in this year’s Big Show, Big Bang’s 4th mini-abum will be firstly revealed. ^^

(별빛로드) Amongst the members who is the member with the best body?
Seungri: Even though they all have good bodies…I think that Daesung hyung’s body is really cool. Above all, Daesung hyung’s eating, he exercises and carefully picks one by one what he eats. Seeing his self-management side gives him a really cool/handsome feeling.

(Y_Ram0218) What do the five members do when having fun?
Daesung: There’s nothing that we do in particular to have fun, but because the relationship between the members is so good we have a lot of fun, as long as we’re doing stuff together, it’s fun. Even when we don’t have any rest we’re still able to laugh.

(BANGDOL) To the fans that waited for you for so long, please give us a word!
Seungri: For your unchanged patience, Thank you. For as long as you have waited, expect to see a lot of our cool features. I’ll show you lots and lots!

(성진환부인) Why did you keep on putting off your comeback?
GD: We weren’t putting off intentionally. I guess it was because of our greed to produce better results. Because this was our comeback in a long time, I wanted to show if without any regrets. Then it took us a little more time.

(HOLIK) Your comeback through the Big Show, is there anything you regret about it?
TOP: Nothing at all~ It’s our own stage~ In this way we will be able to do it with a lot V.V.I.Ps~ Rather, the feeling of expectation feels like it got bigger.

(hyuti) I wonder how long the activity period of this album will be~
TOP: It’s hard to say an exact amount but I want to be with fans for as long as possible.

(kminh17) It took you 2 years to make a comeback, didn’t you want to see your fans?
Seungri: We wanted to see all of our V.I.P fans VERY much~ Really 1000000000000000 times!

Source: Melon
Translated: alee @ ibigbang
Big Bang finds further obstacles in the way of their appearance on “Music Bank”

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Much debate has been taking place over the past few weeks regarding Big Bang’s appearance on KBS’s “Music Bank,” and although the producer for the show was open to giving Big Bang a comeback stage, recent updates have shown that it isn’t looking good for both parties.

According to information revealed by one broadcast representative, producers of ‘Music Bank’ were reported to have responded negatively to YG Entertainment’s appearance offer. While they previously offered Big Bang a two-track comeback stage, producers were revealed to have changed their stance to one that gave the impression of “If you agree to sing one track, then you can come.”

Regarding the issue, YG Entertainment’s promotion team responded, “Honestly, there has been nothing decided yet. We are continuing to work with ‘Music Bank’ over Big Bang’s appearance.”

Since “Music Bank” operates on a unique music chart system that awards points for broadcast appearances, Big Bang might not rank highly on ‘K-Chart’ itself if they fail to appear.

Ever since SBS aired their extravagant one-hour special on the boys’ comeback, KBS has been cautious of Big Bang’s comeback, especially now that there are talks of “Inkigayo” offering a three track, possible four track, comeback performance.

Representatives of KBS, however, retorted by revealing that YG Entertainment was uncooperative with their efforts. PD Kim Sang Ho spoke with Newsen on March 3rd and revealed, “Big Bang made their comeback through SBS last week, but will not be appearing on ‘Music Bank’ this week.”

He continued, “Representatives of KBS requested an appearance from Big Bang, but YG Entertainment refused. It didn’t seem like they were too pleased with the idea. We have always kept the opportunity open for them, but since they refused, there’s nothing else we can do. Nothing has been confirmed regarding Big Bang’s future appearances yet.”

Fans have been expressing their disappointment over the issue by voicing concerns, such as, “Isn’t this being too hard on them?”

Source: OSEN via Nate, Newsen via Joins
Credit: Allkpop
C: SBS //
Bigbang's Schedule for 1st Week of March

March 1:
[PM 11:15] SBS Strong Heart-GD&Seungri Episode 2

March 2:
[PM 07:00] Mnet-Bigbang Comeback Recording
[PM 07:30] SBS E!TV Star Q10-Bigbang Special

March 3:
Play with GD&TOP (DVD & Photobook) Release

March 5:
GD&TOP Album released in Philippines


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Why GD cried on Strong Heart

- Translation -

GD: Omma, seems like this is the first time I’m talking to you like this on TV. You always worry about your son.

*long pause* GD tears.

GD: I love you.

Hodong talks to fast here so I can’t catch what he’s saying but the captions say: And the meaning behind GD’s tears is..?

And the the elderly lady starts saying how we should all contact our mums more often, say we love them and hug them and how mothers love it when their kids do that.

GD: Oma, It’s Jiyong. I don’t always talk a lot and I don’t call you much but now that I think about it I will start to express my love for you more from now on. I will be next to you and be a good son for a long long time. I love you. See you at home!


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Big Bang’s comeback earns them 7 billion won in 6 days!
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5 member male idol group Big Bang came back together after a long time and their streak in terms of revenue is continuing.

Big Bang unveiled their “Tonight” mini-album with powerful melody and a strong sense of dance last February 24 after a 2 years and 3 months absence.

This album was able to top album charts at #1 within days.  Soon after the title track “Tonight” was released, Mnet, Melons and many other music sites reported it as the top song in their music charts. The other 5 tracks from the mini-album including the intro all were a hit as well and continue to chart in the top 10 on music charts.

Thanks to the support of the fans, Big Bang’s new album that was released six days ago grabbed first place and they have reported to have made 7 billion wons in sales. 

From February 25th to the 27th Big Bang held their Big Show 2011 concert in commemoration of their comeback at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium. 

The 3 concerts were sold out. The most expensive ticket was 88,000 won, and 77,000 won were considered cheap tickets, Big Bang accumulated around 4.2 billion won from the concerts. 

Big Bang who are huge CF stars also receive a great income from their contracts with FILA, Cyon, Lotte Duty, CJ, etc. 

Meanwhile Big Bang plans to return through the weekend music programs.

Translated: Sammi @ ibigbang
Big Bang Dominates Music Charts of Korea & iTunes International. (110302)

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While it was expected that Big Bang's new album would make it tao the top of many of Korea's music charts, the hip hop group has established dominance on Mnet's singles chart, placed on the top ten of iTunes' worldwide album chart, and sold an estimated 100,000 albums on its day of release!

Big Bang's comeback album was certainly anticipated by many, but few would have been able to predict the whirl of albums sold and charts topped within a day of its release. A Korean music store reported first-day sales of Big Bang's fourth mini album to be 58,000, making it very likely that over 100,00 albums were sold in total on its first day.

In addition, the group's first single from the album, "Tonight," has topped Mnet's weekly chart for February 21-28. Once the entire album was released, all six of its tracks established themselves in Mnet's top ten single's chart by taking all 1-6 positions!

Finally, Big Bang has broken an important record by placing #6 on iTunes Top Ten albums chart. While other Korean artists had managed to chart on iTunes under their respective genres, Big Bang is the first to break into the iTunes' top ten total album sales. Making the feat even more impressive, Big Bang has never officially promoted in America!

As Big Bang is expected to debut in the United States this summer, we can predict them to be very successful if their current iTunes sales are any indication!

p/s : To debut in The States , Big Bang is going for International.

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GDRAGON accidentally flashed a club?
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Big Bang’s charismatic leader, G-Dragon, revealed a story about how he once flashed his chest in public.

GD appeared with Seungri for the March 1st episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart“, and the maknae told a shocking story about how GD’s chest was once exposed. Seungri explained, “GD is very popular with the girls at clubs. One summer night, he went to the club wearing a sleeveless shirt. He was sweating a bit because he was dancing, and he was sitting directly under the lights“.

GD then caught the baton from Seungri and continued, “People are like that sometimes. Time to time, they want people to recognize who they are. I wanted to see people talk about me so I deliberately sat on a sofa in a place that could be easily seen“.

However, things didn’t go exactly as planned, as GD’s sleeveless shirt caused a big problem for him. His shirt got shifted by the sweat and it exposed his chest. GD explained, “The shirt kept moving inch by inch. My whole chest was exposed,” cracking up the audience with his embarrassing story.

All we can say is that there were some extremely lucky girls at the club that night!

Source: TV Report via Nate
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Big Bang to release English version of their "Tonight" MV?

BIGBANG Show, showed G-Dragon singing an English verse instead the Korean in the original version of the song. This prompted speculations if Big Bang will release an English version of their music video.

When fans saw G-Dragon rapping an English verse during the MV recordings for "Tonight", they wondered why it was suddenly in English.

Originally in "Tonight", G-Dragon sings "나 미칠 것 같애 아마 지친 것 같애 (Na michil geot gatae ama jichin geot gatae)" but in this short clip (above), starting around 0:30, he sings the verse (probably) "Looking every way, got my senses always checking" which is not featured in the original version of "Tonight".

This arose rumors about Big Bang planning to release an English version of the "Tonight" MV to enter the American music industry. There were already rumors about the band to debut together with their labelmates, 2NE1, in America. However, nothing about this topic has been confirmed by YG Entertainment yet.

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BIGBANG - TONIGHT M/V (Original Version)




With Andie Chung (producer that works with YG)
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[ENG] Secret Big Bang (Secret Garden Parody)

G-Dragon talks about "Cafe"

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Seoul, Korea — Group Big Bang’s G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong, age 23) revealed that he composed a song about his experience of separation.

G-Dragon, making a comeback in two years and three months, revealed on SBS’s special edition The Big Bang Show, airing on the 27th, that “Café,” composed and written by himself, is about his experience of separation.

G-Dragon said, “I have received news of separation at a café. I wrote ‘Café’ with that experience in mind.”

Meanwhile, Big Bang made a spectacular comeback through this program with “Tonight,” the title song of the mini album, stages of their hit songs such as “Lies,” talks, and parodies.

Source: JTN
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‘The Big Bang Show’ rakes in high ratings'

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Big Bang’s comeback took over the airwaves with a big bang!

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, SBS’s hour-long special ’The Big Bang Show” achieved a 5.7% rating when it aired on February 27th. It’s actually a high figure, considering that its airtime was after midnight. In comparison, ‘Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate’, which originally airs in that time block, only achieved 3.3% last week.

The boys excited their viewers by performing their original hits, as well as tracks from their fourth mini-album. After kicking off their set with the lively “Hands Up“, Big Bang moved on to “Somebody to Love“, “Cafe“, “What is Right“, and “Tonight“; they also performed “Lie“, “Sunset Glow” and “Last Farewell“.

In addition to the performances, the group also took part in a hilarious parody of SBS’s hit drama, “Secret Garden“. Viewers saw G-Dragon take on the role of ‘Gil Ra Im’ (originally played by Ha Ji Won), while T.O.P played as Hyun Bin’s ‘Kim Ju Won’.

As the cherry on top, the boys also unveiled the music video for their title track, “Tonight“.  Considering all the treats SBS delivered for the Big Bang fans out there (and for those who just wanted to learn more about this hot group), it’s no wonder that the boys managed to rake in big figures for their hour-long special.

If you haven’t watched their special yet, be sure to check it out here, and peep their music video here!

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27.02.11 BiG BanG @ 'Secret Garden Parody' 1/3

BigBang - Secret Garden Parody PT 2/3

BigBang - Secret Garden Parody PT 3/3


[MV] Big Bang - Tonight

Big Bang - BTS & Interview BIGBANG SHOW @ SBS Midnight Ent. Part 1/2 [ENG SUBBED]

Big Bang - BTS & Interview BIGBANG SHOW @ SBS Midnight Ent. Part 2/2 [ENG SUBBED]

SBS releases three new still-cuts of “The Big Bang Show” 

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SBS is steadily building hype for their upcoming special program with Big Bang, and its producers have just kicked things up a notch by unveiling three still-cuts from the boys’ second recording!

The first recording was held on February 18th amidst 500 fans, and centered around performances of their past hit tracks. The second recording, which was held on the 23rd and was closed off to the public, unveiled performances of their new tracks, “Tonight,” “What Is Right,” “Cafe,” and “Somebody to Love.”

For each stage, the boys not only displayed their perfect manners, but they also showed off a variety of different concept outfits which emphasized the group’s growth.

The program will also include footage of their “Secret Garden” parody, which was originally an exclusive feature for their three-day “Big Show” concert later on this week.

“The Big Bang Show” airs on February 27th, so stay tuned to allkpop for updates!

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Source + Photos: OSEN via Daum
Credit: Allkpop
Big Bang explains their wardrobe concept

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On February 24th, the boys of Big Bang guested on SBS’s “One Night of TV Entertainment” and shared a fun story about their fourth mini-album’s wardrobe concept.

The reporter asked the members to explain their comeback outfits, to which T.O.P replied, “The point we paid most attention to is our underwear… I’m kidding, I just said that to be funny. I actually hope that listeners will feel our growth as a group, and pay attention to the maturity of our age, instead of viewing us as a ‘boy’ group.

Seungri and G-Dragon were then spotlighted for their unique style, which had them in skirts over their pants. Seungri proudly revealed, “It’s a clothes concept worn by those in the movie ‘300‘.”

When told by the reporter that the movie characters didn’t wear tops, Daesung wittily replied, “Seungri’s clothes aren’t from ‘300,’ they’re from ‘200′!”

Source + Photos: Seoul News NTN via Daum, Sports Chosun


Big Bang takes over music charts with new album
Korean idols Big Bang has returned to the local music scene with a bang with all six tracks from their fourth mini-album listing within the top ten spots on numerous online music charts upon its release yesterday midnight.

Their title track “TONIGHT” has placed on the No. 1 spot followed by their other songs “HANDS UP," "SOMEBODY TO LOVE," "WHAT IS RIGHT," "INTRO" and "CAFE" -- all written and composed by G-Dragon, according to the real time music charts for MelOn, Dosirak, Cyworld, Mnet, Bugs and Soribada.

The group will begin promoting their latest release through their annual "2011 BIG SHOW" held tomorrow till February 27 at the Gymnastics Stadium of the Olympic Park as well as airing special televised shows on SBS and Mnet.

Big Bang's comeback to the local music scene had been much anticipated since it is their first release in over two years in Korea -- the last was "REMEMBER," featuring their hit title track "Red Sunset."

Composed of other members T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri, Big Bang was discovered and trained by major talenthouse YG Entertainment. They made their debut in 2006 and has since released a number of albums and hit songs such as "With U," "Lies" and "Haru Haru."

The group successfully crossed over into the music market in Japan during the summer of 2009 with their debut single "My Heaven" and toured the country attracting a total of 60,000 fans. After promoting their latest release in Korea, the boys will embark on a concert tour titled "Love & Pain Tour" in Japan starting in May.

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President Yang is Confident About Big Bang’s Comeback More Than Ever

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YG Entertainment’s president, Yang Hyun Suk, has shown his confidence about Big Bang’s comeback.

On the 23rd, President Yang spoke with Star News and said, “When I first heard the songs that were going to be on Big Bang’s new album, I automatically thought they will be able to give off a big energy in the music industry once again.”

Continuing on, he said, “I also thought the title song ‘Tonight’ will be a song that will liked by fans who are in their 10s, 20s and even 30s because of the electronic sound that’s alive within the song. For that reason, they tested many things for this album and in my opinion, the result is good.”

President Yang’s words would make the listeners more interested in the album because he’s famous for giving strict evaluations as much as he shows affections towards the artists at the agency.

As soon as Big Bang revealed the song, “Tonight” on various music sites, it was first on various charts. Of course, other tracks were listed high in the charts as well.

President Yang said, “We’re planning on promoting just one song, which is their title song, ‘Tonight.’ I also hope that this will become a big hit song in the music industry since it has been a while.”

Lastly, he said, “We are planning on promoting Big Bang’s album by advertising it on buses, movie theaters and many more. I hope that everyone will have a good time with Big Bang.”

Translated By:
Big Bang's new mini album contains music, fashion and style

The idol group, Big Bang, has returned after 2 years and 3 months and have revealed new songs where the quality of the songs are higher than what we expected and we mean every word. Actually, after the album was revealed, positive feedback by the fans were left on various online community boards.

Big Bang has returned to the music industry on the 24th with a 4th mini album. They have past the stage of idol and have become an icon where their new songs would become international songs and at the same time include Big Bang’s personality and capture the hearts of listeners with these two ideas.

They still have a bit of the style that could be seen when they were promoting “Lies” but instead of repeating it, they included emotional lyrics and melody that doesn’t irritate the listener’s ears.

The title song of their mini album is “Tonight” and once you hear it for the first time, you’ll know it’s their song because of Big Bang’s music style and it includes Big Bang’s personality but it’s a song that has a change from their past songs. The song makes the listeners feel comfortable and relaxes the atmosphere with Big Bang’s special electronica rhythm and emotional melodies.

The part where Taeyang sings, “I will find you oh eh oh I will find her under the moonlight that’s shining down on me oh eh oh oh oh although I don’t where the end is. Tonight tonight tonight tonight I still don’t know what love is and I’m still lonely on this night” tickles the ears with the soft and yet comfortable lyrics of the chorus and with Daesung’s clean and appealing voice and with Seungri’s vocal skills that’s good at delivering the feeling, it makes the listeners relax.

Almost as if the ballad and dance was mixed into one body, it has a strange mix where it gives the heart a warm and comfortable feeling and at the same time become a popular song by including electronica sound, acoustic guitar, digital and analogue sounds. The song becomes more fun as it has a sorrowful feeling and then changes to a spirited atmosphere and the sound of the wolf howling is very witty, bringing out the fun in the song even more.

The song, “Intro-Thank You & You” begins with Taeyang’s voice and it delivers each other member’s feelings through their character. “What Is Right” and “Cafe” is mostly played with an acoustic performance instead of an electronic sound making it seem like they’re whispering the songs and at the same time tell the listeners about their feelings, making the song seem more alive and fresh.

Source: Osen
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Big Bang "Tonight" Digital Photobook!
Credit: 꼬막.@DCTOP
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Big Bang's Comeback photo from Cyworld! (110224)
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BIGBANG - Cyworld Interview

Credit: 180888@tumblr




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