Big Bang’s comeback album

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Which Big Bang Member is Seungri's Favourite?

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Yesterday, Seungri was a guest on the MBC Radio program, 'Best Friend' of No Hong Chul. He sang his album tracks, "VVIP" and "Open the Window", and also gave an interview in which he was asked which of his bandmates he liked the most. Guess who it is!

When No Hong Chul asked for Seungri's favourite member of Big Bang, he answered by naming G-Dragon, who always shows off with a cool and charismatic appearance on TV programs. However, when Big Bang's leader is around his bandmates, he often acts cute in order to cheer everyone up.

Seungri visualizes this by imitating G-Dragon's way of cheering one up. Take a look at his imitation below!

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G-Dragon, T.O.P, & Seungri reveal their ideal types

Big Bang’s G-Dragon, T.O.P, and Seungri revealed their ideal women to be as unique as their own fashion tastes while guesting on SBS’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time.”

Seungri revealed his to be a woman “that has a lot of aegyo and a bright voice” since he wants to call her often, while T.O.P revealed, “I’d like a woman that knows how to dress herself. Not only her physical appearance, but her manner of speech as well. Someone that’s respectful to adults. Ah, I hate women that swear!”

G-Dragon stated, “Someone that can cook well. I don’t know how to cook anything, so I want her to be able to teach me in areas I’m not familiar with.”

When asked whether he had anyone hit on him first, G-Dragon replied, “Honestly, really no one.” Seungri added, “There probably really wasn’t anyone. G-Dragon doesn’t hit on anyone either, he makes me do it instead.”

Asked to elaborate, Seungri continued, “G-Dragon tries to get the woman interested in him first, but actually turns very quiet. He instead gives her eye smiles.”

DJ Choi Hwa Jung then asked, “Which member is the most handsome?” to which Seungri replied, “T.O.P is the most handsome. He was already so good looking even before our debut. I think we need to get a replica of his face and preserve it in a museum.”

T.O.P shyly replied, “Don’t make me antis!” To the amusement of the studio, Seungri continued to tease, “Even now, he’s so handsome. Just look at those eyelashes!”

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Has G-Dragon ever been hit on by more than three girls?

Big Bang members TOP, Seungri, and G-Dragon appeared on SBS Power FM on January 31st. G-Dragon and TOP are currently promoting as the duo known as GD&TOP, while Seungri is promoting as a solo artist.

DJ Choi Hwajung asked G-Dragon, "Have more than 3 girls hit on you?" in which he replied, "Not at all." Seungri added, "I don't think he's ever hit on someone before either. He would have made me do it."

G-Dragon described his ideal girl and said, "I like girls that can cook well. Also, I wish she knew a lot of things I didn't so she can teach me."

Do you fit G-Dragon's description of his ideal girl?

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2PM, SHINee, Super Junior, Big Bang, and more fight over the title, “King of Idols”

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2PM, SHINee, Super Junior, Big Bang, KARA, After School, f(x), and other top idol groups have flown to Pattaya, Thailand!

For the upcoming Lunar New Wear, SBS has filmed its New Year’s Special, “King of Idols“, in Pattaya. In “King of Idols”, the idols get to pick the the idol King and Queen through various games.

Also in the broadcast, the idols’ unique airport fashion is revealed, everything from the “dandy English boy look” to the “no-bottom look” that’s getting quite popular.

After School’s UEE, who was a competitive swimmer throughout high school, also reveals her fantastic freestyle and swimming turns, and her dives and mermaid-like swimming techniques have gotten praises from everyone.

“King of Idols” starts by capturing the idols’ airport fashion, and reveals bare faces, private talks, and dance battles, while airing the breathtakingly competitive games and never-before-seen sides of the idols.

Looks like we’re all going to have a quite exciting Lunar New Year!

You can also check out a sneak preview from this fancam.


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Big Bang’s TOP Is Jealous of Sandara Park’s Confession for G-Dragon?

Sandara’s recent confession about G-Dragon has left Big Bang’s TOP in deep regret.

Aired last January 29 on KBSTV2 “Entertainment Tonight,” Sandara Park revealed that, “When I think about “Oh, this man would make a romantic boyfriend,” the man that comes to mind is G-Dragon.”

This confession came from the time when Sandara Park went on a ski trip and when she had trouble carrying her board, G-Dragon came and took it from her and carried it instead.

Sandara Park revealed, “I have that image in my mind when I think about men I’d like to date,” she explained.

When G-Dragon was told this, he said “Sandara Park was carrying this big board so it looked like there were two people and she had a hard time,” he continued, “Thank you for thinking well of me,” he finished.

TOP then revealed, “I didn’t go ski with them at that time,” he said, “If I did, I may have been chosen instead, I should have followed. It’s such a waste,” he expressed regretfully, with a jealous heart.

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Sandara Park, “G-Dragon is romantic"

2NE1 member, Sandara Park unveiled a cute story with G-Dragon.

On January 29, Sandara Park revealed on KBSTV2 Entertainment Tonight (MC Shin Hyun Jun) that:

"G-Dragon is someone you’d think ‘This is a man I hope to find good romance with,’ though you won’t think it of him.

Not long ago, I went to ski with G-Dragon. Usually, though it’s not something many people believe, G-Dragon is not one who says so many words. So he got my ski board that I was carrying, without saying anything.

G-Dragon's comment on this:

“Sandara Park was holding this board that looked like twice her weight. It looked hard for her. So without care, I got it, her thanks is enough."


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Big Bang at 2011 Big Bang Lotte Premiere Talk Show on 110122
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G-Dragon reveals details on Big Bang’s comeback album

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Big Bang’s leader, G-Dragon, dropped additional details about the group’s first album in nearly two years and three months, and asked fans to anticipate great changes as well as variety in their work.

In a recent interview with Star News, he revealed that all of their songs were done recording and that the album was in its finalization stages. The singer continued:

“The members of Big Bang have been working on the album very consistently. The overall style of the album is geared towards being public friendly with comfortable music that literally anyone can follow along to.”

I think Big Bang will be able to achieve great things this year due to some of the big changes that have been going on. It’s not only the Big Bang members themselves who have changed – the internal composing staff we’ve been working with has also been completely switched up. Consequently, there will be a lot more collaborations with foreign composers.

But one of the foreign composers isn’t Will.I.Am, who’s currently working with 2NE1 for their U.S. advancement. They’re musicians beyond what anyone’s guess right now. You’ll all be surprised once you listen later, so please look forward to a lot more variety to Big Bang’s image.“

As revealed earlier, the group’s comeback album will not feature any solo or duet tracks, and consists of songs with all five members. The album is scheduled for release on February 24th.

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