GD-TOP Guerrilla Date

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GD & TOP @ KJE's Chocolate recording

GD&TOP on SBS Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate will air on Sunday, January 16th


110109 GD & TOP - High High

Today's Winner is G-Dragon & T.O.P(Big Bang)(Jan 9, 2011)
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Guerrilla Date translations

TOP: Hello Entertainment Relay viewers. We are GD...
GD: and TOP

Subtitle: Thoughts (on today's Guerrilla Date)
GD: It's been a long time since I've been out on the streets like this. I hope we can have a good time.
MC: and TOP
TOP: Since we're having a date anyway, I hope we can go dutch..
MC: hahaha

(Preview of things to come)
MC: It's a bit late but happy New Year.
GD&TOP: Yes happy New Year.

Subtitle: GD&TOP's album
TOP: We wanted to give a present to all those fans waiting for Big Bang to comeback

Subtitle: Unique hairstyles
GD: We changed our hairstyles a lot, but now there aren't a lot of hairstyles left
MC: haha, Since you've done pretty much everything?
GD: So it became like this
TOP: We messed with our hair too much

MC: For the people at Kangnam seeing these two people was a pleasant surprise that caused their eyes to open like a rabbit's. The sighs of the women wouldn't end.
Subtitle: Reactions of the other members
GD: I think it's 50/50
TOP: Yeah. They burden us by saying that if Big Bang isn't successful it's all our fault.

MC: With the fans.......... (interrupted by screams)
MC (to 2 fangirls): What makes GD&TOP so great?
Right fangirl: ............... They're good looking!!!!!
TOP: Don't be like that! It makes you look insincere!
Fangirls: (scream)
Left fangirl: If they would greet us better I think they'd be even greater
MC: If they would greet you better?
Left fangirl: Yeah they always just fly by
GD: I'm sorry. I'll be good.
MC: Try apologizing
GD&TOP: (wave)
Right fangirl: Oppa see you tomorrow
GD&TOP: (hug)

MC to fanboy: TOP has very strong looking eyes. Do you think you'll be able to beat him in a staring contest?
TOP: I'm not very good haha
(staring contest start)
MC: LOL they're not going easy on each other. Alright that's it, it's a tie.
MC: You must have been surprised
TOP: Yeah I was

(little girl comes in)
MC: Do you know who these oppas are?
Little girl: Yes
MC: Who are they?
Little girl: Jiyong oppa
MC: Jiyong oppa!
Little girl: TOP ahjusshi
TOP: Did she call me ahjusshi? Why am I an ahjusshi haha?
MC: Can you give oppas a kiss?

MC: You have more than 3 title tracks?
TOP: Our album was made with a lot of effort, so instead of just singing one song, we wanted to show a lot of sides to us.

MC: Let's go somewhere quiet now and go dutch afterwards.
GD&TOP: Yeah
MC: Say your last farewells to the fans
GD&TOP: Happy new year

MC: What's the secret to your music?
TOP: A lot of people like and sing along with our songs and they expect a lot from us and I think it's because a lot of people spend most of their time dealing with the feelings associated with love and I think our music taps into that.

Subtitle: Ideal types
GD: My ideal type as of now in 2011 is a girl that has a happy New Year
MC: hahaha, and TOP?
TOP: All the viewers watching Entertainment Relay right now are my ideal types.

MC: Which member has the least dating experience?
GD: Taeyang, as most people know he has never dated anyone before.
TOP: And unexpectedly the most active one is our maknae Seungri.
MC: And yet Seungri has never had a scandal before right?
GD: Ermmm ye..
TOP: He has very secretive meetings

MC: In order to play with friends have you ever lied to your parents or the company?
GD: When I was playing games everyday I think I used to lie a lot. I'll stop lying now mom.
MC: And you must have some experiences as well TOP?
TOP: I'm just a liar.
TOP: At the time I thought everyone believed me, but I used to tell so many obvious lies that they were just pretending to believe me. So now I try to be a more honest and sincere person.

(Taeyang's looks ranking)
MC: How do you think you rank among your members in looks GD?
GD: 4th
MC: Who's 5th?
GD: I'll leave it to the viewer's imaginations
MC: and TOP?
TOP: I'm 4th
MC: Aren't you being a little too modest?
TOP: I wanted to appear modest

Subtitle: Yang Hyun Suk
GD: When we're with him there are times when we watch old footage of him. YG is usually shy while watching it, but he always says "Isn't it awesome? I'm so good at dancing".
MC: If we gave you a mic and had a freestyle rap battle against him?
TOP: We'd win

MC: Recommend me some good songs that came out recently
TOP: The GD&TOP album
GD: Yeah those guys are pretty good
TOP: Yeah I'm a fan of them, but I don't think they're normal
GD: (turns around and laughs)

Subtitle: Banned on broadcasts
TOP: Phrases that had no problem airing on dramas don't seem to work for music.
MC: It must have been a shame
GD: Yeah it's less about being unfair, and more that it's a bit of a shame. We want to show a lot of sides to us, but we can't.. (looks at camera) Give us permission!

MC: When is Big Bang's album coming out?
GD: On February 26,27,28 we have our Big Show concert, so we think we'll be able to greet fans with a Big Bang album before the concert.

Subtitle: Guerrilla Date
TOP: It was a fresh experience and meeting so many people face to face was a very special time.
GD: For me, when I opened the door and saw the fans and hyung (points at MC) I was really happy.
MC: Aw thanks..

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GD and TOP, 'We rank 4th in terms of good looking of our team'
The united Group GD and TOP appeared in Gorilleras Date on 8th and how they ranked their look in their group has attracted attention.

After being filmed on the street outside Hongik University, GD and TOP was being interviewed.

In the past, when Taeyang appeared in the same programme, he said he ranked 3rd in terms of good looking of his team so this time, GD and TOP had to face the same question too.

GD said he ranked himself the 4th place and how about the 5th? 'I will leave the 5th place to you' Therefore, who he thought ranked 5th was not disclosed.

TOP also followed him and said he ranked 4th. He was said to be too humble and he explained, 'I want to look humble.' which made them laugh.

At the time being, ever since they had started to carry out the activities as a united group, their triple-title-song strategy has been very successful with the songs 'High High', 'Oh Yeah' and 'Knock Out' being very popular.

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