G-Dragon’s Interview from Numero Tokyo Magazine

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Seoul-Tokyo Music Festival Photos
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Psy talks about G-Dragon
Psy mentioned in one of his recent interviews, "G-Dragon is the junior that I am looking forward to see in the future the most. Writing songs means that he is really concerned about music; that is why I am really looking forward to G-Dragon's future. He actually does ponder a lot about music. It's hard to find artists like him who are unique in music and in fashion. I am really looking forward to seeing his potential."

Source: SPN
Translated by Beau @ VIPZ
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Numero Tokyo’s staff member blogs about Big Bang
On October 30th, after the business vacation activity of FUKUYA BOOKS in Ginza, I went to the sales anniversary fan handshake meeting of BIGBANG’s first official photo book 「ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR 2010」, though this is the last handshake meeting at FUKUYA BOOKS in Ginza, 2000 tickets were all sold out in only 2 hours. Tickets were also sold at a high price at an auction. This event shows such great popularity.

From the moment BIGBANG came to Japan, they had many shooting works every day, but I never saw the tired look on their faces. They always do their interviews so seriously. But during shooting, we were surprised to see their innocent smiles instead of serious faces while working.

During the photoshoot, T.O.P and D-LITE did many poses before camera.
Here’s one of the shot.
Though these five guys are so popular at solo activities, I think they are more powerful to be together as BIGBANG than as individuals. I like their song, “Let Me Hear Your Voice”. Please listen to it.

Source: Numero.fusosha.co.jp
Translated by & Credit: Didikuro@21BANGS.com

Info on G-Dragon's G-Market MV/CF

The full MV will be released with the CF within the coming week. The music file for the song will be free. Articles about G-Dragon modeling for G-Market will be released next week with the release of the CF.

Sources: G-Market PR via 늘처음처럼 + Beau @ bbvipz (translation)
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『BIGBANG PRESENTS ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR 2010』Photobook Launch & Handshake Report
When we got there it was so cloudy...the typhoon left Tokyo!Jackpot!

2000 fans gathered in front of Fukuya Ginza and the event process was like I spent 10 second shaking the hands with each BIGBANG member...it went so fasttttttt

T.O.P,Daesung,Taeyang,G-Dragon and Seungri were standing there....BIGBANG!BIGBANG!

Daesung oppa looked a lil bit tired...he's still in the recording process and have to run back and forth between YG studio and SBS while What's Up almost finishes the shooting.

Seungri said "arigatou" to me.His cute Japanese accent and tone !

Taeyang oppa & Daesung oppa just held my hand (they didn't shake it ^^;;) and nodded.Kakkoiiiiii *sniff sniff the perfume*

T.O.P oppa gave me both of his hands,but because I was so excited,so I gave him only one hand to shake!!But,ohhh....his hand is still so soft like a girl's hand!

Then the last person to mention is Jiyong oppa...HAHAHA I grabbed both of his hands very very quick and TIGHT and he returned me the brightest smile...oppa is funny.AISH!butterflies! *blush*

Jiyong oppa said to the press about the album again that it's coming out very soon,but does his word "soon" mean next year?!LOL joking!Somebody please steal his USB flash drive!!!

The photo,concert props and costumes exhibition in the bookstore is really cool,I love T.O.P oppa's McQueen knuckle ring,Jiyong oppa's Pierre Hardy kicks and MCM rider jacket that they put on the display.(*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.It's so true...I miss their music so much (:


Credit: teambigbang
101024 G Dragon @ The Airport GD&H Photos

Credit: GD&H  ,xtlover15@BBVIP.net
Big Bang, 2NE1 and more gather for SEOUL TOKYO MUSIC FESTIVAL 2010
Top Korean groups Big Bang, KARA, 4minute, 2NE1, FTIsland, CNBlue, Brown Eyed Girls, U-KISS, Rainbow, and Teen Top gathered in Japan to perform for the “Seoul Tokyo Music Festival 2010.”

The event was held at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. This event was a collaboration between Korean broadcasting channel SBS and Japanese broadcasting channel TBS in celebration of SBS’s 20th anniversary. The performances from this event will air on SBS on November 12th as a special episode, along with a 3-D production of the concert. TBS will air this concert at a later date in December.

Big Bang commented, “We are honored to be chosen as an artist representing Korea. Please support us!”

Credit: GhostWriter@Allkpop
Big Bang rejects Japan programming invitations for Korean album preparations
Five-member group Big Bang is reported to have received a flood of offers to appear on Japanese programs, including an offer to perform at a large end-of-the-year award ceremony. However, it’s been revealed that they have refused all of them.

YG Entertainment stated, “Recently, Big Bang has received multiple offers to perform for major award ceremonies. We’re very thankful for the interest in Big Bang from the Japanese music industry , however because of a stubborn problem, they will not be able to accept any invitations. The reason is because Big Bang is recording their new Korean album.”

Though Big Bang is currently in the midst of recording their new album, their agency does not yet know when it will be released.

Credit: elliefilet@Allkpop
G-Dragon at Haneda Airport on 101030
Credit as tagged ,Big Bang Haven

『BIGBANG PRESENTS ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR 2010』 Photobook Launch & Handshake Official Release Photos
Via BIGBANGオフィシャルブログ
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[101101] Mezamashi TV - Big Bang
For JVIPs  Messages
Source: VIP Japan  ,xtlover15@BBVIP.net
Big Bang @ KPOP Night Concert in Singapore

source: KPN's Facebook
Posted by: Yvonne @ Big Bang Updates
Taken from: Big Bang Updates

101101 G-Dragon Gmarket Website Photos
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G-Dragon’s Interview from Numero Tokyo Magazine
1. What is your dream for BIGBANG and for yourself as a solo artist?
Both are the same. My dream is to get great results no matter what the circumstances they make us what do. We just do what we want to do.

2. What’s the difference between doing the stage with BIGBANG and as a solo artist?
With all 5 members, we can play jokes with each other, that kind of things. But as a solo artist, there are some hardships because it’s lonely.

3. Recently, what moved you the most while doing stages with BIGBANG?
We had our 4th debut anniversary last August 19th and had a private moment with just us members. We talked about a lot of things.

4. The most happy moment privately with just yourself?
My birthday, which was on August 18th!

5. What roles do you members play in a team?
Me, I’m the daddy. SOL’s mom. TOP is the youngest child. D-LITE is the oldest child and V.I is a friend of the youngest child. *laughs*

6. What do you think an ideal man needs to have?
Men must have abilities. Plus, I want to be the person who can be kind to the weak and be strong to the people who are strong.

7. The place which you want to go to the most?
My house at Seoul.

8. The thing you want to get?
Same, a house *laughs* For now I’m living with my members altogether. So sometimes I want to live alone, but I think I just have to live like this for now, just a little longer.

9. The most precious thing you have now?
Friends and familiies. My USB memory which has all the music of BIGBANG for the album this year. I can’t ever lose these.

10. Your type of girl?
I like a girl who can understand what I want. A girl who has a great sense of humor.

11. The difference between Japanese and Korean girls?
Maybe korean girls are the active ones and Japanese girls are the little timid ones.

12. Store you usually shop in Japan?
13. Brand you like?
12 & 13. Yaoyama’s LOVELESS & Faline Tokyo at Harajuku.

14. What do you consider the most when you style yourself?
Feeling. When you match everything, it looks good on your whole body.

15. Artist you want to work with?
There’s one among the male artists, but I can’t remember his name… I also want to work with m-flo.

16. What have you been thinking recently besides music?
I think about everything including music all the time.

Japanese to Korean translation: DCGD
Korean to English translation: HuisuYoon@21BANGS.com
Magazine Scanned by: -undercurrent@tumblr
101031 BIGBANG Big Bang @ Fukuya Bookstore in Tokyo, Ginza

Source: tv-asahi
Source: http://mantan-web.jp/
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