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Movement Lifestyle: Behind-the-scenes with Taeyang and…G-Dragon?
Two weeks ago, Movement Lifestyle uploaded the first installment in their one-of-a-kind video series called Adventures with YG Entertainment. By the reactions from the pilot episode, the series looked promising as it delved into the lives of YG Entertainment artists and leveled with fans on a more personal and intimate note. Well, the latest episode takes it a step further, as it shows fans a side of idols we hardly ever see on screen.

Contrary to the first episode, in which choreographer Keone Madrid did most of the talking, the newest episode features interviews from the famed Shaun Evaristo. In the second installment, Shaun discussed the struggles of prepping Taeyang for his comeback, while fans were treated to more eye candy of Taeyang singing and dancing to his hit song, “I Need A Girl.”

However, fans got a rare glimpse of an idol dealing with the pressure of a comeback. During the video, Taeyang appeared to be overcome with nervousness, so Shaun stepped in and offered some encouraging words. It just goes to show that no matter how flawless an idol may be, they still are human. But through all that hard work, we know it paid off!

Additionally, Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon makes a short appearance in the end speaking perfect English, although it can hardly be considered a line of dialogue. But we’ll just have to wait and see for episode three to hear more about G-Dragon.

You can watch the videos HERE Ep.1 Part 1.... HERE Ep. 1 Part 2 and HERE Ep.2

Source: mashimello@allkpop
Videos: MovementLifestyle Channel@YT
Reuploaded by: kweni
The reason for GDragon, TOP and Kush’s laugh during BIGBANGTV cut? (101012)
If you have watched the recent episode of 2NE1TV – BIGBANGTV cut, you might realize a part where GDragon showed TOP and Kush a photo posted online, which shows a set of children toy rings that ‘features’ TOP as the model.

The photo was taken by a fan, and the amusing part of the photo were the printed words (as well as TOP XD), it says ‘A magical ring that will give you powers when you clench your fist” added with a photo of proud-looking TOP from his Turn It Up music video, making the three of them burst out in laughter.

Source Video & Photo: 2NE1TV
Translated by: Aoiare @21BANGS.COM

BB: TV (Oct 12) 

출처:네이버  , soompi
Big Bang Q&A on AnAn Magazine Japan

Q1] I'm unexpectedly _______ (Fill in the blank)
GD: Round (as opposed to being sharp). This is different from what others think of me. But I am actually the type who can get along with other people pretty well.
SOL: Not honest. But I try to be.
TOP: Feels lonely easily and has a weak heart. I feel lonely even when I have my family and the members. But I guess everyone just feels lonely sometimes.
DL: People don't know that I'm actually a shy person.
VI: That I'm just 20 years old but with the mind of a 29-year old. I have 2 attractions. One is cuteness and the other is being manly.

Q2] How do you overcome pressure or "weakness of the mind" (i.e. lack of determination or confidence)?
GD: I really don't have "weakness of the mind" because I love music. I love music therefore I try and work hard to be better at it.
SOL: I just think of the reason why I wanted to be a singer in the first place. Then I control my mind to be happy.
TOP: I don't usually get nervous by nature. If I get nervous, the message I'm trying to communicate won't be conveyed properly. I just concentrate on my performance.
DL: I usually worry until I get to the stage (or the work field). But when I'm there, I just concentrate on enjoying. I want to be a person who doesn't worry about anything.
VI: I don't feel pressured. If I feel pressured, I will only make mistakes while dancing and singing. That's terrible.

Q3] If you can be one of the other members for one day, who would you want to be?
GD: (No answer)
SOL: I wanted to be TOP or VI before. But now, I think I just want to stay as myself. (Laugh)
TOP: Do I want to change personality with DLITE? Well, honestly, I've always wanted to be just myself.
DL: TOP. He seems to be just having fun always and looks like he doesn't feel any stress.
VI: Me!

Q4] One year has passed since your debut in Japan. Do you feel that you're becoming more popular and getting more fans?

GD: I think because of my unique fashion, more and more male fans are supporting us. I appreciate that we're getting more fans. Doesn't matter if they're male or female.
SOL: When I go shopping in Tokyo now, people seem to know who I am.
TOP: (No answer)
DL: I appreciate the love that we're getting very much. I will work hard as long as I can.
VI: I'm really glad that a lot of celebrities came to our concerts. Now, I think want to appear on variety shows more.

Q5] What stuff or activity has gotten your interest recently?

GD: Shoes. My favorite Christian Louboutin sneakers.
SOL: Michael Jackson. I respect him and the influence I got from him when I was a child will remain forever.
TOP: Among designers, I like Tom Brown. Fashion magazines like Vogue Korea and W match my style very well.
DL: Playing darts with members. I played darts for the first time and got high points. I think playing darts is really suitable for me.
VI: I like Japanese dramas and comedy shows. Recently, I memorized W engine's gag, "Horetemauyaro~!" (Means I'll fall in love with you.)

Scans by Tisya @ www.bigbangupdates.com
Translations by Noriko @ www.bigbangupdates.com
Taken from: Big Bang Updates

[101011] G-Dragon LG 「Optimus One」 CF

C: http://blog.naver.com/soi0506 // 보매 @ bestiz
C: G.Dore @ bestiz

BIg Bang will attend MAMA 2010
(Mnet's description on their Youtube)

"2010 MAMA from Macau coming soon...
ASIA's No1 Music Award Ceremony
Satellite broadcast throughout 45 countries!
Feat : Rain, 2NE1, Big Bang, 2PM, 2AM, etc

4 hour live broadcast from Macau
December 28th, 2010 6:00pm (Seoul Time)"

Credit: mnet@Youtube
G-Dragon invited Miss Korea 2009 Kim Juri to Taeyang’s concert?

Miss Korea 2009 Kim Juri revealed that she received G-Dragon's invitation to Taeyang's concert.

Kim Juri told the reporters of Sports Chosun, "After losing contact with Jiyong for a very long period of time, we met up again recently" and "He asked me to keep in touch and gave me an invitation to Taeyang's SOLAR concert”. Kim Juri also tweeted on 25th August, "Taeyang's concert is awesome Jjak Jjak Jjak!!!", showing the support after watching the concert.

On 17th August, Kim Juri mentioned on a KBS show, "We used to contact each other back in the days but that was before I went for further studies in Russia. I bumped into him when he was standing outside a beauty salon". "Won't this (female-male friendship) bother you?" to which she added, "When we went out together, I received a lot of negative words from the fans. But Jiyong told the fans afterwards that we were just friends, that they won't get misunderstood" and "I feel grateful towards the fans for their understanding".

Source by: sportschosun.com
Translated by: Aoiare @21BANGS.COM
Please take out with proper crediting, thanks.

[101005] Big Bang TV

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