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Big Bang wants to create music of the new century!
Every time the powerful music group Big Bang releases a new album, it will become a topic. After their Japanese promotions end, Big Bang will have their comeback to the Korean music scene in November, to continue creating new music to bring glory to the Korean music industry.

Big Bang "With criticisms then only one will grow up!"

As the leader of Big Bang, besides writing songs for his own group, G-Dragon also often write songs for his juniors under the same company. As for the difference between writing songs for others and for himself, G-Dragon openly shared, saying, "I feel that it is more interesting to write songs for myself!" It's because G-Dragon feels that only he himself will understand what the album needs. At the same time, only in his own album can he truly express his ideas! Just like his debut album [HEARTBREAKER], although it is well received but there are also a lot of negative comments. For those who criticized, G-Dragon is only holding on to an attitude that is to readily accept it. He said, "I think that if there is criticism, then only I will grow up." In addition, G-Dragon also revealed that Big Bang will have their comeback in November. He spoke frankly that this time he will break free from the tradition, "Korea's electronic music is very popular...", however G-Dragon decided to challenge against the difficulty to cross over the popularity of electronic music and creates new music, hoping that everyone will look forward to it!

Big Bang "The distress of being the youngest!"

Being the youngest in the group, he should be doted on and taken good care of, but Seungri doesn't seem to have that. It's because whenever he encountered problems and difficulties, Seungri will hide his own grievances. Have difficulties why not just discuss with his hyungs? Seungri spoke frankly, “I will not discuss with anybody! “ The reason is because Seungri feels that once he spoke out frankly about his inner feelings, the people around him will know about it soon. He said, "This kind of feeling is very hurtful~" After all, the content that he disclosed to the other person is a "secret", but who knows it turned out that everyone knew about it. He really cannot accept such feeling. But the Seungri now has already found a method. He said, "If I really encountered something that makes me feel angry or a problem, after staying calm for 15 minutes I will be fine~" Seungri admitted that he didn't want to discuss with his hyungs because he didn't want the members to worry about him. He also didn't want to let the members see his weaker side.

Big Bang "Persist on own ideas"

Regarding music, Big Bang always has a firm determination and member Taeyang is also the same. He has always been hoping to communicate with everyone through music. Taeyang is also very confident on music. He said, "As long as the music is good, even without any publicity in that country, I believe that they will still have our songs!" However, previously Taeyang did have the thought of using another country's music as a goal. But after that he thought again, it shouldn't be like this. He should persist on his own faith in music. He said, "Just like my two solo singles, till now I still deeply believe that I can use my own music to move the others~"

Big Bang "Continue to embrace the enthusiasm!"

Instead of setting ambitious goals for them to achieve, T.O.P thinks that without goals, they can still complete the work enthusiastically. T.O.P admitted that he is not one who knows how to set goals for himself but so far, he is still full of enthusiasm in everything he does. Another point that he wants to emphasize is that, a person cannot be without innocence! T.O.P feels that the innocence that he has is a great help, whether it is on acting or singing. And T.O.P's so-called innocence is the "purity of heart". For example, T.O.P has the habit of collecting figurines. He thinks that this kind of "child-like mentality" is good and it will enable him to continue treating every challenge with enthusiasm!

Big Bang "Group and Solo aren't the same!"

Many people may wonder why are Big Bang members releasing their own solo singles? Actually to Daesung, whether it is Solo or group, they will always try to bring out their own characteristics. And Daesung feels that when in the group, he must think carefully which position he should stand at, what he should do. Daesung said that when in the group, especially when on stage, he definitely will not be joking around or show any artistic sense! He said laughingly, "When on stage, one should have some restraint." But once off-stage, Daesung will continue to make fun of the members, continue to play around. And when doing his own promotions, Daesung will reveal his most natural self. He said that when in the group, it's normal to have a different appearance.

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YG reveals why they didn’t rush Big Bang’s comeback

On a recent episode of BigbangTV on Mnet, G-Dragon was seen in the recording studio with YG CEO and Teddy. It has been revealed that the group is currently preparing for their Korean comeback with G-Dragon hinting that they have already chosen 18 possible tracks for the release. The only problem is they need to get BIGBANG together first and wait for the rest of the members (who had individual activities + Chuseok holidays) to return.