G-Dragon wants to get married with Yoo In Na!?

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G-Dragon - Beautiful Hangover compilation



GD Speaking Japanese Video Compilation


G-Dragon and Seungri’s Interview on “Anan” Magazine

Criticisms will help me in my development

The person who determines BIGBANG’s music is their leader, G-Dragon~
G-Dragon: We want to release a new album in Korea this November so I’m preparing for it. However, it feels like climbing a new mountain. Lately, “Electropop” is very popular in Korea and I think that we have to break away from this. We want to make a different type of music that will make people reminisce about the past and feel warm. This is the kind of mountain we definitely want to climb.

We heard that his talent as a producer is not only known in Korea but also in other countries~
G-Dragon: To be honest, it is more interesting to produce for myself than to produce for other people. This is because I have a grasp on everything I’m thinking and what I like. During my solo work last year, I was able to express everything I wanted to. But at the same time, I realized that there are a lot of “Anti G-Dragon”. But I think that their criticisms will help me develop.


I’m learning a new sense of values now at the university that is not in the entertainment world

V.I, who has gentle features and talks cheerfully is gradually becoming popular in Japan~
Seungri: I’m actually surprised at myself because I got to speak Japanese fluently so quickly! (Laughs) I always hear that BIGBANG is popular from people in the entertainment world. But is it true!? Our company’s staff told me that it’s because I’m so focused on speaking Japanese. This is the reason why I’m studying so hard.

V.I still goes to the university even if he’s busy~
Seungri: I have always been surrounded by adults in the entertainment world ever since I was young. I spent most of my life there. But when I started going to the university this spring, I began to meet people who are within the same generation (age group) and I got exposed to different kinds of points of view. I’m now learning a new sense of values from them. School days are just so wonderful. They’re something that money can’t buy. Also, I got a driver’s license. I like listening to music while driving. My dream is to have a car made by a famous designer especially for V.I.

(Translated: Noriko @ bigbangupdates)

cr:출처:지디갤러리, soompi 

Choi Ja Hye, "My favorite group is Big Bang"

Actress, Choi Ja Hye, confessed that she likes younger jimseungnam* guys. (*men who have tough/masculine image)

In a recent press interview, Choi Ja Hye said, "In the past, I've worked with about 30 young men for dramas." When asked about jimseungnam guys she likes, she confessed, "My favourite group is BIGBANG."

Her ideal types also include other senior actors like 'Dawn', Ji Jin- hee, who was her co-actorin Dae Jang Geum. She said, "I like how he kept his 7- year relationship with his girlfriend. I think that's really good."

Meanwhile, Choi Ja Hye has already finished shooting for the KBS 2TV drama, Bread, Love and Dreams.

Translation by: Rice @ Bigbang World
Credits To: Vic@bigbangupdates.com

Big Bang on AnAn Magazine Japan (100921)

Source:: Nana-se7en
Taken from:: BIGBANGupdates, 
c: undergroundfixme@tumblr  

BB: Chuseok Greetings



September 21
- [12:50 AM KST] TV Broadcast of 19 on SBS (for Chuseok Special)

September 22
- [9:10 PM KST] TV Broadcast of Shine A Light on Catch On (Paid TV)
- [MAGAZINE] Junon Japan
- [MAGAZINE] AnAn Japan

September 23
- [7:00 PM JST] MTV Megavector Summer Sonic Interview (Replay on September 30)

September 25
- Taeyang's SOLAR Concert Day 1 (for all ages)
- [11:00 PM JST] Music On! TV's Asahi SUPER DRY The LIVE NAVI Summer Sonic Interview (Replay on September 26 and 28)

September 26
- Taeyang's SOLAR Concert Day 2 (for 18 years old and above)
- BIGBANG's 1500 days anniversary since debut

October 23
- Kpop Night Concert in Singapore

October 25
- [MAGAZINE] Numero Japan

Credit:: VIPZ + YG Japan

Take From: http://www.bigbangupdates.com/2010/09/big-bangs-upcoming-schedule-september.html#more#ixzz104bX1ron

cr: Pantipaza@bbviplover

'Haru' will be aired on 24th September 2010

'Haru', the drama that Big Bang, U-Know Yunho, Kim Bum and other famous korean stars have participated will be aired on the 24th September 2010

Korea National Tourism Organization is promoting the Visit Korea Year (note: This year) with the interactive drama 'Haru' and it will be released on 24th on the official website.(http://www.haru2010.com)

This drama 'Haru' gathered many Korea pop stars of the new generation, like Uknow Yunho, Big Bang, Han Chae-young , Kim Bum, Park Sihoo, Lee Da Hae and etc. The theme of the drama is having a special day in Korea which has many beautiful attractions. It is hoped that the film can arouse interest of people coming to Korea from different countries, like Japan and China.

The drama is directed by Bakmyeongcheon, the one who directed the drama 'Coffee Prince The 1st shop' and Yijeongah who made music for 'Boys Over Flowers' would be responsible for producing music for this drama. The crew has been to the coast of Busan, Chonnam, Gyeonggi, Yangpyeong, Haerang train, and has also shot in places like Han River.

Moreover, while the audience is watching the interactive drama, they can get the information of the things that interest them most through IPTVW. For the people who watch it from the website, information about the house, food and shopping spots which are introduced in the drama can be viewed simultaneously on the site too.

Additional info:

September 24th, 2010 – Big Bang, U-Know Yunho, Kim Bum, Lee Da-Hae, Han Chae-Young and Park SiHoo. They are coming!

As part of the Visit Korea Years 2010 – 2012 celebrations, Korea Tourism Organization has produced an online interactive drama starring top Hallyu stars. The drama will be launched in the South-East Asia (including Singapore & Japan), Japan and China markets and drama will be available in English, Mandarin and Japanese sub-titles.

Hallyu fans will be most pleased to see Big Bang, U-Know Yunho, Kim Bum, Lee Da-Hae, Han Chae-Young and Park SiHoo. Acting in the online drama using the very latest technology. These stars will be presenting the best of Korea under various themes like Beauty, Food and Nature.

In the drama, U-know Yunho plays an actor, Lee Da-Hae plays a writer, Kim Bum plays a photographer. Han Chae-Young and Park Sihoo plays the leading roles and the 5 of them meet during travelling around Korea. Big Bang plays a group travelling to a small school in the countryside to keep a promise with a fan.

After watching the drama “HARU”, you can select your favourite spot in Korea and obtain a detailed guide book on Korea. This online marketing campaign will be launched on 24 September and runs till end November 2010.

Source: idsoft3 @ reviewstar.net & KTO Singapore
Translated, edited and shared: Rice & AshKwon @Bigbang World

BIGBANG on Junon Magazine





C: 팔색조미남이 @ bestiz


Why Se7en inspected the phones of G-Dragon and Taeyang


Singer Se7en appeared on KBS 2TV's "All-Night Variety Nocturnal" on Sep. 13. Se7en suggested that they donate their blood for this episode and so the singer and the program's five MCs took a time of self-reflection before extracting their blood.

Se7en said there's nothing for him to reflect on because he hasn't done anything bad. He rather proposed that they share good deeds they have done. However, if the others did not agree it was good deed, the person must eat garlic rice cake as a penalty.

MCs Jang Hang-jun, Sin Dong-yeob and Yun Jong-sin ended up eating the rice cakes first as the other cast would not recognize their stories as good deeds.

Se7en was less confident, saying he hadn't done a good thing either. Then Gill mentioned a text message incident involving Se7en and G-Dragon.

Se7en then opened up about a story going back years when he was a trainee in his middle school years and Big Bang members G-Dragon and Taeyang were in elementary school. Se7en said that as their senior, whenever he met them, he would inspect their cell phones to check on contacts and text messages. He said that what he did, checking their schedule and personal relations, was good because he was worried for them.

But MCs Sin and Yun argued it was a bad thing, violating their private lives, to which Se7en quickly acknowledged, "On second thought I guess it wasn't a good thing after all," and picked up a piece of garlic rice cake.

But what he picked was not the garlic kind but a sweet strawberry piece. Se7en beamed, "It's so tasty." Sin said, "That coincidence shows that your cell phone inspection was really out of a good heart."

Despite the heavy rain, 159 people gathered to donate their blood, and 62 of them were diagnosed as adequately fit to give blood.

The MCs and Se7en also took part and Sin and Jang gave their blood. The others who were determined to not be in an ideal state to give blood that day instead wrote a pledge to donate blood some other day when they were medically fit.

Source: KBS
Credit: bigbanghaven


G-Dragon wants to get married with Yoo In Na!?


G-Dragon was called by SBS  variety show, Heroes.  No Hong-chul asked, ” In Heroes, which member do you want to get married with?”

G-dragon answered, ” Yoo In Na…...” Then G-dragon was asked, ” In Heroes, which member do you not want to get married with?” G-dragon answered, ” Jung Ga In….”

Note: Yoo In Na is an actress under YG ent.

Source: Baidu
Translation: Maggie @ibigbang

G-Dragon Scans on SCAWAII Magazine

G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” amongst 20 plagiarized songs list

A total of 20 songs have been swept up in legitimate plagiarism controversies since 2000, and it has recently been revealed by the Committee on Culture, Sports, Tourism, Broadcasting & Communications that the royalties earned by these songs total to $1,724,138 USD.

Jin Sungho of the Committee revealed a series of documents submitted by the Korea Music Copyright Association describing the situation behind royalties received by composers that have plagiarized. According to the document, the court has found a total of 20 songs to be plagiarized, some including MC Mong’s “Letter to You,” Hyori’s “I’m Back” and “Swing,” Lee Seung Ki’s “Mask,” Son Dambi’s “Saturday Night,” Lee Seung Chul’s “Scream,” CNBlue’s “Loner,” and GDragon’s “Heartbreaker.” The problem lies in the fact that royalty payments of nearly $250,000 USD per song were paid without any clear standards, totaling nearly 2 million USD.

Jin Sungho went on to state, “To plagiarize is to steal a creation by someone else. It is unjust for royalties to be paid when songs are found to be plagiarized and/or suspected to be plagiarized. We will be aggressively pressing the government offices to create a guideline on plagiarism in order to protect the rights of music producers.”





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