Big Bang clinched all 3 Awards At MTV VMAJ 2010!

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G Dragon is eyeing f(x)'s Sulli?

With their new title song NU ABO, f(x) is definitely shining under the spotlight! Their popularity is undoubtedly due to each of the member’s own charm as well.

f(x)’s Sulli’s $100,000 smile has become the new hot topic. Being only 16 years old, her eye smile has appealed to the general audience and celebrities alike. Singer/songwriter Yoon Jong Shin admitted through a broadcast of liking her, and even
Big Bang’s G-dragon has confessed that among the recent idol groups that have debuted he is keeping an eye out for Sulli.


This is old news, isn't it? GD went to a radio show September 9, 2009 (while he was doing his Heatbreaker promotions). Since there were so many girl groups that debuted last year, the host asked him who does he think is the cutest hoobae. GD named Sulli, saying that she seems cute but quickly clarified that she's cute as a junior and not an ideal type.



“Let Me Hear Your Voice” + “My Heaven” at MTV Live




G-Dragon new BSX me2day



Big Bang @ Saitama Iris Event (100601)



Photo above was taken during the Osaka Iris Event on 26th of May.

Big Bang enchanted the crowd with the performance of their three songs
'Tell Me Goodbye', 'Hallelujah' and 'Gara Gara Go'. The audience expressed their excitement by shaking penlights, cheering and clapping their hands.

Photo taken during Saitama Iris Event

Mr. Lee made a comment about T.O.P, saying that 'He may look strong but if you get a chance to drink with him, you will find there is a sophisticated and delicate part in his mind. A part that is feminine and artist-like. '

[Source: 'News: Lee Byung-Hun Appeared at Saitama Super Arena for Iris Event, Attracting 15.000 Audience', Mantan Web, Korean @fc2]

Both the afternoon and evening events delayed for about an hour due to wrong sitting arrangements. TBS, the organizer, has made an apology to its miss in management.

[Source: iris_tbs]
Translations by Jane @

C: 自미뇰라@wooriae supporters // fuanner @ dsholic


BIGBANG 「BSX」 World Cup Poster



G-Dragon and TOP garnered some attention because of their appearance?

BIGBANG member G-Dragon and T.O.P‘s appearance attracted some attention.

BIGBANG appeared in public for a long time last May 29 during the MTV VMAJ to attend the award ceremony.

Leader of BIGBANG, G-Dragon, still look stylish but somehow he was like missing some weights. Netizens literally called it ‘apple face.’

Coming in June with his movie film, Into the Gunfire, T.O.P appeared in the awards night with a sleek jaw line. The little changes with his looks captivated attentions.

Some fans commented, “G-Dragon’s face is indeed thin”, “I’m not suprised”, “Why is he losing weight…Are you dieting?”

BIGBANG won a total of 3 trophies at MTV VMAJ.

Korean Article: Nate
Translated by:
zai @ibigbang

100529 W-inds ft G-Dragon - Rain is fallin' @ VMAJ



C: // 밸리- @ DCInside


Interview VMAJ 2010 [ENG SUBBED]




Fan Accounts at MTV Live (100531)

- I guess the whole stadium was occupied by Big Bang fans. When they started singing 'Number 1', the crowd became excited immediately. G-dragon was hyper-active during the performance. I was a bit relieved as he was in a better mood compared to their Electric Love Tour.

- The song they sang after 'Gara Gara Go!!' was 'Number 1'. When other artists were performing, the hall was colourfully lit by red, blue, white and yellow penlights. However, as soon as Big Bang entered the stage, all other colours disappeared and turned into yellow lights.

- Well, Since Big Bang rarely have schedules in Japan, all of their fans must be gathering together for tonight's event.

- Big Bang hi-jacked the concert till the end of the Encore setion.There were only yellow lights left and Big Bang sang way too many songs. (Smile)

- G-Dragon was laughing throughout the concert and running in a Kin-San fashion. (Adopted from the unique running style of Japanese Entertainer Kin san, a special way of running with one's heels.) SOL's dance moves were more exaggerated compared to usual. Other members also seemed happy, probably because they'd just won 2 awards at VMAJ 2010. V.I. who grabbed the MC post from SOL and D-Lite was so adorable!! (Smile)

-During V.I's Talk, he said, 'This year Big Bang would have separate schedules for each of the members.'

SOL: A solo album is on the way! It will be released once they make their Korean come back.
T.O.P: 'Into the Fire' will start screening.
D.Lite: Acting in a Korean Drama.
G-Dragon: Producing Big Bang's new album.

I could not remember the details so the above was just a brief summary.But did V.I forget to introduce his own plans...(Sigh) (He actually did talk about the screening of the movie 'Ninteen')

- Every member shared their coming events in Japanese. T.O.P who has not yet mastered Japanese tried very hard to speak japanese to his fans. Though his Japanese was not so fluent, he gave the longest speech!!(smile) Only G-dragon made V.I to help him introduce his future plans and concluded the talk with 'Ganbarimasu!' (Fighting!) << Japanese forum site
Translations by Jane @


W-inds' tweets about Big Bang

ryu_winds: Just now V.I. (Seungri) has introduced me his friends, a Korean Band called FT Island. They seem to have activities in Japan as well. They are awesome! Their POP is really backed up by their Band basics.
[7:53 AM May 28]:

ryu_winds: C.N. Blue, Big Bang, Kara and 2NE1, these are the leading musicians in the K-POP field nowadays. However, it seems that their performances can seldom be seen via Japanese TV programs or music scenes. Though I am not very familiar with them, I am impressed by their performances and enjoy watching their shows. Why isn't there any similar Japanese Musician TV programs?
[8:42 AM May 28]:

And another tweet from a producer from Tiny Voice, which was RT-ed by Ryu and Keita of W-inds. I'm not really familiar with him but he posted the backstage pic of Big Bang @ MTV Live posted here:

ryosukeimai: Big Bang is great! (Compared to them,) Japanese productions have similar spirits of creativity. Yet the weakness of Japanese music is that, for the sake of sales results, Big Bang-style music would hardly be promoted as mainstream music in Japan. I believe it is finally the time to correct Japanese Entertainment Culture that reflected the legacy of Showa Period (1926–1989).
[May 30]:

Credits: ryu_winds@twitter
Translations: jane @
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GD's Me2day Update exclusive from Japan

 명치 스트롱 베이비 ~!!

Strong Baby shot to the stomach ~!!



 Translated by AA-CHAN:


Sources: as tagged
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Big Bang, Video Music Awards Japan Triple Crown, popularity proven

Big Bang's popular in Japan is surreal. Big Bang won awards in Japan's music awards, proving their popularity.

In the 'MTV World Stage Video Music Awards Japan (WS VMAJ)' held at Tokyo Yoyogi National Stadium on May 29th, Big Bang won the 'Best New Artist Award' and 'Best Pop Music Video Award' categories.

The 'Best New Artist Award' was given to 'Gara Gara GO!' and the 'Best Pop Music Award' was given to '
声を きかせて' (Let Me Hear Your Voice).

Besides this, Big Bang member G-Dragon's participation in the rap with the group w-inds has also won G-Dragon the 'Best Collaboration Video Award'. This totaled up to a triple crown.

Big Bang is also the first local dance group to participate in the 'Summer Sonic Festival 2010', taking on the Main Stage alongside with Stevie Wonder, Taylor Swift, A Tribe Called Quest, Sum 41 and other international artists.

source :
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  Big Bang clinched all 3 Awards At MTV VMAJ 2010!

" Congratulations!  you all deserved it for all hard-working day you have done "

i can't put in words how proud i am of our boys  ^_^



c: bbupdates2010

Seungri: This is wonderful! I want to thank the director of the PV (music video) for helping Big Bang. We will create more wonderful PVs in the future. Everyone, please watch out!! Thank you!!





Seungri: We just got one a while ago. This award is really unexpected. Really.. Mr. SOL, any words please?
Taeyang: Thank you so much really. We thank all of our Japanese fans who listen to our music. We're working hard now so please support us. Thank you so much!





  W-inds: Thank you! I thank all of our fans who have been supporting us. Thank you so much! And to all our staff. I also want to thank Big Bang's leader, G-Dragon. Thank you so much!
G-Dragon: Thank you, MTV!

Credits: soowoni@egloos {videos} + tisya_dl {translations}




C: newsen // NPuPaE @ BBTH

c: ibigbang


Flo Rida “G-Dragon has a good understanding of Western music”


American hip-hop singer Flo Rida gave public praise to Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon.

On May 29th on Mnet media ‘pop con’ Flo Rida stated “Through this exclusive interview I’ll give an honest statement on how it was working with G-Dragon.”

Through this interview Flo Rida stated “I was lucky to work with G-Dragon.” “He has a tendency of understanding western music really well as well as Korean [music], and he even composed English lyrics, he is a brilliant friend.”

It’s so good to see american artists recognizing G-Dragon’s talents and to go as far as to say “I was lucky to work with G-Dragon” is a huge compliment! ^__^ I’m happy he is getting recognized, the boy most definitely deserves it! a slap in the face to the antis XDD


Translated: alee @ ibigbang




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