G-Dragon - Making of Shine A Light Concert

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GD & YB 「Rick Owens」Open Party Cut! (50s) 30 - 04 -2010


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 Seungri Reveals His Opinion on G-Dragon’s Fashion Sense

During the first episode of the ‘HaHa Mong Show,’ Big Bang’s youngest vocalists, Seungri and Daesung, came clean with their feelings towards their fellow Big Bang members.

Through the released music video, ‘Like Big Bang,’ which was released in honor of a segment in the show known as ‘Free Rap Music Video Talk Show,’ Seungri spoke of
G-Dragon’s fashion sense.

In this music video, Seungri sang,To follow this generation’s fashion leader, G-Dragon, is embarrassing. His style is covered all throughout Dongdaemun!” Dongdaemun, which is the largest shopping center in South Korea, is known for its diversity in styles offered and is often called the fashion “heart” of the country.

Shocked, the guests of the ‘HaHa Mong Show’ asked for Seungri’s true opinion on his leader’s sense of style, asking “but isn’t [G-Dragon] a fashionista?” In reply, Seungri gave a story to show just how crazy G-Dragon’s fashion sense can be. He explained, There was this jacket that G-Dragon once wore [which I liked] until he turned around, revealing a huge hole in the back.”

Seungri then added, “[G-Dragon] is even able to wear girls’ sizes [in clothing,]” which further surprised the guests of the show.

Sources: media.daum.net + UyenPhuong0509@youtube.com
Translation: sarah@kpoplive.com

new BSX photoshoot


Making of Electric Love Tour





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BIGBANG shcedules for May

1st (Saturday)
[TV] SBS Haha Mong Show - Daesung and Seungri
South Korea

5th (Wednesday)
[TV] Iris 2-hour TBS Special broadcast - TOP

9th (Sunday)
[CM] First airing of 45s Eversense CF

18th (Sunday)
[Event] Youngbae's 22nd Birthday!

22nd (Saturday)
[Event] Flo-rida's concert - G-Dragon
Yonsei University Auditorium, Seoul, South Korea

26th (Wednesday)
[Event] Iris promotion event
Osaka, Japan

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Idols who will always be young and cute

A Chinese website carried out a survey on which idol will always be young and cute.
G-Dragon and TOP came in at #8 together.

1. Jaejoong (TVXQ)
2. Donghae (Super Junior)
3. Sohee (Wonder Girls)
4. Eunhyuk (Super Junior)
5. Taemin (SHINee)
6. Tiffany (SNSD)
7. Sungmin (Super Junior)
8. G-Dragon & TOP (Big Bang)
9. Yunho(TVXQ)

Source: http://ent.gz163.cn/tstx/xwsj/874689.shtml
Translated by: Miseremei @ bigbanghaven.blogspot.com


Rick Owens Opening

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G-Dragon featurings from 2006-2008 Collection!


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Greetings from Big bang!


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Seungri : We are going to be on MTV Live(JAPAN) on 30th.

Daesung : Having a chance to be on a show that we usually watch is a big happiness to us.

Taeyang : Maybe not all of you know about Us but to those who are a music lover, We are going to do our best to have a enjoyable performance. Everyone please keep on waiting!

Translation : Bang @  iBigbang


days with laughed and tears


Credits: Baidu l bigbang haven
: xtlover15@BBVIP.net

Credits: Baidu l bigbang haven
: xtlover15@BBVIP.net

Credits: Baidu l bigbang haven
: xtlover15@BBVIP.net


G-Dragon @ Rick Owens' Grand Opening Party (100422)

G-Dragon attended the grand opening of Rick Owens' 5th Flagship Store @ Dosan Park, Seoul in Korea last August 22.

Here's a photo of him with actor, Goo Jun Yoop:

i really love this look of him # BAD BOY#  he looks so HOTTT!!!
Sources: bestiz+koojunyup's blog+pdtaeng.tistory.com
c: bigbangupdates.com

Ya! GD You are  # bad boy#   But still love you more and more ♥ ♥hehehehehe


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G-Dragon - Making of Shine A Light Concert - Part 1

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G-Dragon - Making of Shine A Light Concert - Part 2

 c: IceAlarcon

G-Dragon - Making of Shine A Light Concert - Part 3

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"He mention that Heartbreaker is like his girlfriend.
Because of all the controversies, it is a song that give him much pain.
He really loves the song,but it gave him so much pain...  "






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