G-Dragon (지드래곤) feat Kush - She's Gone

posted on 22 Apr 2010 13:32 by moomooae

Being as successful as Big Bang?

  Released to the public in 2006 with a total of 11 episodes the TV Show, , demonstrated the practice and competition process though which this idol group had to through in order to make their debut. After watching their sweat and tears the general public felt sympathy for them and the premonition of the birth of a new idol was felt as well. This premonition was correct and ‘Big Bang’ became idol stars.

The arrival of Big Bang in the entertainment industry or socially had a various amount of different meanings. First of all, the groups that had previously debuted before such as ‘H.O.T’ or ‘TVXQ’ had a completely different image [than that of Big Bang]. Their [Big Bang's] charm was that very normal ‘ordinary next door boys’ appearance that they had. Nevertheless, because of their talents and the fun they had on stage, the public was very supportive of this same age group. Through the ‘real documentary’ their desperate effort to become the stars they were, was demonstrated. Because of this a new star system of ‘open auditions’ open to the public, started spreading. As a result of this, through the arrival of Big Bang a new idol was introduced to our culture.

A story concentrated on Big Bang’s debut success was published in 2009 throught their best-selling book “Shouting to the World!”. The book contained the