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Being as successful as Big Bang?

  Released to the public in 2006 with a total of 11 episodes the TV Show, , demonstrated the practice and competition process though which this idol group had to through in order to make their debut. After watching their sweat and tears the general public felt sympathy for them and the premonition of the birth of a new idol was felt as well. This premonition was correct and ‘Big Bang’ became idol stars.

The arrival of Big Bang in the entertainment industry or socially had a various amount of different meanings. First of all, the groups that had previously debuted before such as ‘H.O.T’ or ‘TVXQ’ had a completely different image [than that of Big Bang]. Their [Big Bang's] charm was that very normal ‘ordinary next door boys’ appearance that they had. Nevertheless, because of their talents and the fun they had on stage, the public was very supportive of this same age group. Through the ‘real documentary’ their desperate effort to become the stars they were, was demonstrated. Because of this a new star system of ‘open auditions’ open to the public, started spreading. As a result of this, through the arrival of Big Bang a new idol was introduced to our culture.

A story concentrated on Big Bang’s debut success was published in 2009 throught their best-selling book “Shouting to the World!”. The book contained the story of the 5 members, their times before their debut and the difficulty of reaching their dreams, the passion, the effort, the patience, the tears, the practices, delivered through the voice of each member. After being published for more than 2 months, the book had already sold about 300,000 copies proving to be a great success. Their message was simple and clear. “Modern youth don’t give up on your dreams and passion and keep on going with your effort. Only then can you fulfill your dreams. Like Big Bang!’ Is that so? A lot of parents actually purchased this book. Parents with young children want them to be heard and to be succesful. (?) But this story seems familiar from somewhere, that’s because recently in Korean society this kind of ‘pursuit of success’ or ‘self-development’ speech is very popular.

Can I really be successful like Big Bang? You can be successful just like Big Bang, children can dream with a variety of possibilities that can come true with will and passion.

Korean article: h21
Translated: alee @ ibigbang



Big Bang Group Photo before leaving Thailand

Little Seungri looked drunk here. ??

Seungri was wearing Jiyong's shirt from BIGSHOW2. i'm glad to see G-RI come back again.   ^^

C: http://big21fashion.blogspot.com/          c: ibigbang/aleee


Big Bang’s interview on ‘Unlimited Entertainment’ Magazine

Q : Who likes to act cool in front of fans?
(Everyone turned to look at Seungri)
Seungri : Should be me (laughs), in front of fans will become very excited.
TOP : It’s overly excited, sometimes even forgetting to sing his own lines (laughs).
Q : Who changes most in front of girls?
Seungri : It’s me (raising his own hands), I will become very manly.
TOP : In front of guys he doesn’t talk much but in front of girls he will become very polite and will also diligently look for conversation topics.
Seungri : My winning phrase is “please go out with me”!
G-Dragon : In Korea he keeps calling “noona noona!” (laughs)

 Q : What do you feel when you saw beautiful girls in the magazines?
Seungri : Where are all these beautiful girls? Please introduce us.

Q : What is BIGBANG’s existence to you?
G-Dragon : It’s a family, not just work, there are many things that can be discussed together.
Taeyang : The members can share the most troubling problems together, in front of the members can be frank.

Q : Who is the most fashionable among the members?
All : TOP.
TOP : Each member has his own personality, the style that we like is also different. So it is difficult to determine who is it, but anyway, thanks.

Q : What do you anticipate the most when coming to Japan?
TOP : Shopping.
Seungri : Lunchbox.
TOP : It should be clothes and accessories!
Taeyang : The first time we came to Japan, all of us bought T-Shirts and Levi’s shoes.
TOP : There are many designs which are not available in Korea, the style is also different. The fashion and the mood are constantly changing so every time when we come to Japan we will always buy something.
G-Dragon : This time I would like to go to a LOVELESS’s sister shop called GUILD PRIME.

Q : What are the recent Japanese words in mind?
Seungri : Idling (GORO GORO), idling at home.
Daesung : Shiny shiny (KIRA KIRA), this pronunciation is very interesting.
Seungri : Ramen, cha men, I am a handsome guy! (a Japanese cold joke with the same pronunciation) Another one is “Do you have the spirit?” (Japanese comedy artist Antonio Inoki’s imitation)

Q : Who is the one who doesn’t change even after ten years?
Taeyang : Should be Seungri?
TOP : Seungri has not changed a bit since I’ve known him, actually I do want him to change a little. (laughs)
G-Dragon : But there is no changes at all.

Q : Marriage wishes
TOP : G-Dragon always says he wishes to get married.
G-Dragon : If I met the ideal girl, I would wish to get married immediately. And build a world which belongs to only the two of us.

Q : What is the first Japanese word that you memorized?
TOP : How much is this?
Seungri : Where is the washroom?

Q : Which part of your appearance do you have the most self-confidence in?
Seungri : Tiger tooth!
Taeyang : Side view of my face.
G-Dragon : Taeyang’s should be the blood veins on his hand.
Taeyang : This as well (shows everyone his hand) Because of training, it has become obvious.
Daesung : My little finger. There is a legend in Korea that says if you paint your little finger in red during summer and are able to maintain it until the first snow, then your first love will come true.  Therefore you see, it’s still here.
TOP : My eyebrows.
G-Dragon : It’s long and thick.
TOP : Previously between the eyebrows and forehead there was a lot of hairs too. So all were being combed back.
Taeyang : TOP always jokes with a serious face, making others unable to tell which is real.
TOP : Is it (laughs)? But I do not lie.

Q : If you are not an artist, what would you be doing now?
Seungri : I want to be a fashion model.
G-Dragon : Daesung should be a student.
Daesung : In some kind of singer training school? I don’t think so. Or maybe a teacher there.
Taeyang : But there is military service in Korea…I will probably join the army.

Q : The one who conforms all opinions is?

All members consistently selected G-Dragon.
G-Dragon : Although BIGBANG members have not quarreled before, but as a leader, I feel that it’s my job to make decisionswhen something happens.

Translated: Miseremei @ bigbanghaven.blogspot.com

c: ibigbang/joyee


G-Dragon - Shine A Light Concert - Glory and Agony [ENG]


c: IceAlarcon

G-Dragon’s antics photographs on Midnight Star


G-Dragon hailed as the Strongest Fashionista

1000000000000 people was asked and they’ve chosen G-Dragon as the emerging ultimate fashionista.

Last April 22, Mnet broadcast their ‘Trend Reports Phil’, which targets the idols of the music industry, and announced the emerging Best & Worst Fashionistas.

As a result, KARA, 2AM and Big Bang’s G-Dragon were mentioned beating the best fashionistas.

KARA’s debut days of freshness and colorful style has been developed day by day. From long eyelashes match with dark smokey makeup to wearing sexy dresses to show off. They had been selected as Best Rising Fashionistas.

2AM, came with a neat simple look suits. In addition, Big Bang’s G-Dragon, who has already the reputation of a fashionista, that sometimes his fashion sense is hard to understand, from the set of costumes to gorgeous accessories. He was selected as the Most Powerful Fashionista.



Korean Article: Nate
: zai @iBigBang


GRI sharing is caring ^^

C: tokarroK @ popcornfor2

G-Dragon “Shine A Light” Skit + Making


G-Dragon - Shine A Light - Skit - Part 2


c: IceAlarcon


G-Dragon is the #4 most romantic guy in K-pop


 c: arirangworld


G-Dragon says “VIP, be strong and don’t cry”

The photo above is a signature and a message by G-Dragon that was included in a fan’s “Shine A Light” DVD. The message read:

벌써 많은 시간이 지났지만
앞으로 함께 해나갈 일들이 더욱 많기에!
울지말고 강해져라 그리고 같이 웃어라

Although a lot of time has passed already
Let’s continue to do many more things together in the future!
Don’t cry, be strong and let’s laugh together.


Aww, “dont cry” it’s so sweet of him!<3

Translated: alee @ ibigbang


G-Dragon (지드래곤) feat Kush - She's Gone


c: UrAsianSource

G-Dragon “Gossip Man” Concert Music Video!


c: aleeexGD





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