BIG BANG - Dazzling Idol POP Group

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Forbes Korea 2010:The most hard-working Idols in 2009

1. G-dragon(BigBang)

2. U-Know (TVXQ)
3. Taeyeon (SNSD)
4. Nickhun (2PM)
5. Taecyeon (2PM)
6. Leetuek (Super Junior)
7. Jo kwon (2AM)
8. UEE
9. CL (2NE1)
10. Jiyeon (KARA)
11. Minho
12. Gain (Brown Eyed Girls)
13. Daesung (Bigbang)
14. Hyuna (4 minute)
15. Sunny (SNSD)
16. Eunhyuk (Super Junior)
17. Jessica (SNSD)
18. Hara (KARA)
19. Yoona(SNSD)
20. Narsha (Brown Eyed Girl)




aww just saw this's so adorable ..i had to post it ^.^*

c: soompi/  g-dragon1988

G-Dragon says “Stay tuned!”


c: taijizero2


BIGBANG 「Lollipop 2」 Promo Photo in Vogue Girl Korea

 C: T.O.P갤 & ㄱ占 //


captures from 'SHE'S GONE'

 credit: 지드래곤갤

Big Bang’s Lollipop 2 girl

Credit Video: 중고게이머 ll 뮤뱅

Cap By: Aeuy_Chubby @ BBTH


G-Dragon Interview on “Close Coverage”


G-Dragon backstage clips at the “Shine A Light” Premiere


 G-Dragon: Do you know what’s a good way to catch a taxi? *laughs*
G-Dragon: *다리를 [*its the pose he is doing, the extended leg]
G-Dragon: Goodbye~ *waves*
G-Dragon: Stop following me~ Stop!!!


G-Dragon: enough, enough! ah this is difficult!


Translated: alee @ ibigbang


BIG BANG - Dazzling Idol POP Group

Talking about BIGBANG, what is the first thing that comes to mind? That's right! It's TREND! Everything about BIGBANG is a trend! BIGBANG style glasses, fashion, hairstyles, dances, music etc. are all being picked up by youths! And that is the super dazzling "talented idol pop group" BIGBANG!

G-Dragon - Not your typical idol leader!

Debuting under the label of a "talented idol pop group", BIGBANG had once faced much harsh criticisms. The K-pop world has strong bias for the word "idol", so idol pop groups are under a lot of pressure. Others have always thought that as long as idols can dance well and look good, knowing music doesn't matter - what does is if they can face everyone they meet with a warm smile! But BIGBANG's leader G-Dragon says, "I'm not handsome, and am born with a strong attitude, hence I may not be able to always act as how everyone wants me to be." However, compared to having good looks, G-Dragon, with his natural talent in composing music and unique sense of fashion, thinks that it's more important for BIGBANG to stand out in terms of music style and overall presentation!

BB : All 5 of them have to maintain their individuality!

Even though G-Dragon, Daesung, Seungri, T.O.P and Taeyang have 5 different characteristics, they are able to blend together because of music! Taeyang feels that G-Dragon is crazy, because he can be very absorbed in both work and play! G-Dragon feels that T.O.P is very "MAN"; T.O.P feels that Daesung's optimism and smile are very charming; Daesung feels that Taeyang is like a warm sun, always bring warmth to everyone! While maknae Seungri is one who is very passionate about his dreams! "All 5 of us have very unique personalities, and we have never purposely changed anything about ourselves, it's because of all 5 of our characters that we make BIGBANG!"

BB : To produce more music to touch the hearts of people!

Having caught everyone's attention since their debut, the 4 years old BIGBANG has become a trend-creating pop group. They not only have numerous fans of the 10th generation, they even have those of the 20th and 30th generation! So what does BIGBANG dream about for the future? "Other than being more mature and able to showcase more masculine dances, BIGBANG would like to create more touching music! We have members who have become actors and college students, so we hope that we can all work hard together! Also, hope that our new albums will become more successful and show everyone an all new BIGBANG, and conquer the universe!" Therefore, everyone can expect even more from BIGBANG in the future!

photo A : What's confiscated - acting
reason : I may not be as good as a professional actor yet, but I will work hard!

photo B : What's confiscated - Doraemon
reason : "Doraemon" is my nickname, and I really love Doraemon too!!

photo C : What's confiscated - sleep
reason : Sleep is very important. I need to sleep more than 8 hours everyday!

photo D : What's confiscated - ID
reason : And this is the ID which everyone says is "very masculine"!

photo E : What's confiscated - cuteness
reason : BIGBANG can be both handsome AND cute!

photo F : What's confiscated - cap
reason : Wearing caps the lopsided way is Taeyang's style!

photo G : What's confiscated - college student
reason : It's amazing being a college student! I even have SNSD's Yuri as my classmate!

photo H : What's confiscated - Gaho
reason : My wonderful moments with Gaho~ Happy!

scanned & translated by Miseremei @


BIGBANG character screenshot on "SUDDEN ATTACK" Japanese Version~

Taken: TeamBIGBANG
Via 【サドンアタック公式ホームページ】





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