BIG BANG Eversense bigbang girls in thailand 2010

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BIGBANG "Hands Up" in Japan  




GD @ Thailand:

100403 TVPOOL CHANNEL - Exculsive interview with BIGBANG


 MC: What is it like to come to shoot the CM for the first time in Thailand?

DaeSung: First off,we've been away for so long.I'm so glad to return to Thailand to shoot the CM.Thank you very much for selecting us as the endorsers.

MC: I've heard that you've got the BIGBANG Girls on the CM.So,what is your type of the BIGBANG Girls?

G-Dragon:The VIP is the right type of the BIGBANG Girls.You only have to have us on your mind and that's enough!

MC: There are many girls who submitted their clips for this contest.Can you give them a word?

TaeYang: We thank you for your clips.We know that you do it because you want to be with us.We'll work hard to give you our good look.Thank you again.

MC: Do you know anything about Thai food?What Thai dish do you like and want to cook it by yourself at home in Korea?

DaeSung: Arhan Thai Aroi Mak Mak Krub!! (Thai food is soooo yummy!!)

MC: Everybody in BIGBANG looks so 100% fit!How do you do to keep yourselves phisically fit?What kind of exercises that you like?

TaeYang: Everything!I can't pick just one.Everybody loves all kinds of exercises.If we have time, we love weight lifting exercises and I think we'll all get sunkissed here!

MC: Is there anything in the show business that you want to take a part in it?

G-Dragon: There's a lots there that we want to do.But,we focused on the solo activities last year.We miss working together as BIGBANG.The new album will be out in this year. Please look forward to it!

MC: Can you give any update on your new album?

TaeYang: We won't tell!We're working very hard on it.I can't tell you right now what kind of music style it is going to be.So,please look forward to it!

MC: One last request,everybody please give a word to the TV Pool Channel audiences.

G-Dragon: To all the TV Pool Channel audiences,thanks for inviting us to Thailand.We miss you all the same.Please support us and don't forget BIGBANG!

Taken from TeamBIGBANG

the girls who are main presenters with bigbang



- T.O.P's like jumping around.Unlimited energy flows from his body language&hand gesture.And he talked a lot to people! That's the MONKEY!!

-DaeSung's too good to be true!His angel smile!Gosh,I wanna take him home to brighten my day! haha! He makes me smile :]

- TaeYang's the BEST!Man of the Day!He works hard.he plays hard & he smiles A LOT.WooHoo.Everybody loves TaeYang the Mum!!

- Tho he's not OK.But,I think that's like what we read from the Making of SAL. He's sick,but the show must go on! GDRAGON FTW!! Get well soon^^

- #BIGBANG will continue the CM shoot tmr in the studio & then fly back to Seoul in the pm.I dont know if YG will allow us to get in there ;[

- Again,no pix taken,sweetheart.We dont wanna get into trouble w/ the fancam w/ YG again as in BIGSHOW2010.Oh,no!

C: TeamBIGBANG@twitter
- I know GD doesn't feel he's OK today,but he's doing all the best he could in the shoot.That's the responsibility&I love the Leader for that.

- TOPDAE? These guys walking & sharing a good laugh & smiling & teasing on the way to the suite.Like "There's ONLY just the 2 of us"

- #BIGBANG was back to the shoot at bout 4pm. lots of VIPs were flowing in the hotel lobby.I think that's about a 100 of the army of #BIGBANG.

- So #BIGBANG didnt walk around like that in the morning/afternoon anymore.They kept 'emselves busy in the shoot & checked the monitor.

- GD looked a bit better after the approx. 2hrs rest&it was a lil bit cooler&cloudy in the pm.The shoot finished when the sun came down.

- TaeYang wai (Thai greeting),I mean,almost everyone.I think he's like a mother when the father's (GD) not on duty.& I heart him!

- & #BIGBANG keeps bowing every CM crew like we always see after they finish every shoot.Bowing all the BIGBANG Girls,too^^ *cute*

- #SeungRi's still have his face flawless not gets oily even when he did the day long shoot.He's like a Prince of The Kingdom of Pandas!MWAHAH

C: TeamBIGBANG@twitter

100402 BIGBANG walking @ Siam Discovery, Thailand






April 2, 2553 at 20:00 am Milan Park Paragon, Siam Paragon, Bangkok: 5 young boy band from South Korea hottest Mo Big Bang (BIGBANG) includes G Dragon (G-Dragon), Top. Shopping (TOP), Tae Yang (Tae Yang), Daniel Case (Dae Sung) and that Rich (Seung Ri) Blue shortcuts to work in Thailand to launch new products presenter. 'Ever Sense' under the campaign 'Ever Sense Big Bang Girl (Eversense Bigbang Girl)' by addition, Big Bang will have to appear in the ad, the latest A River Sense. House then. They also share with 2 young Thai people to be given the opportunity to participate in this ad is a presenter as well.

Today's Big Bang appeared on stage with the sound of their scream VIP Thai (a fan) boom Lan Paragon Park. Ready to interview about the presenter of this act.

△ not come to Thailand nearly two years. And this time How are you doing
G. Yong: ครับ feel very excited Thanks for the cheer Hope to take together happily.
Tracks are: feeling very much hot air is hot, but Thai fans as hot as the ครับ. Thank you very much.

△ to Thailand this time. What to do together.
Tracks are: the beginning my Ever Sense ครับ very excited for the first time that the advertising taken in Thailand.

△ in the filming of this ad and 5 prepare young to do anything together.
Top: Nothing special ครับ. But very excited. Because I knew that the fans waiting.

△ contest girls have sent the contest very much. I said something to the little Thai girl.
Daniel Song: honored. Thanks for waiting, and we cheer.

△ like young Thai silk.
Tae Yang: Beautiful (beautiful).

△ each person has to impress the girls how
Seung Ri: singing to listen. (Show singing).
G. Yong: If women find love. Reservations have to seal it.
Top: Talking to preview the Silk congenial. Just like guys like blank
Daniel Pack: to look for what I think he felt that the ครับ.
Tae Yang: I'll hug it ครับ.

△ When it comes to presenters of Evergreen cent. Power of the kiss then. Think this ad. Observable where
Seung Ri: Sure do not, because the Big Bang one group. But will Big Bang Girl with ครับ.

△ now is what works for girls to Joomla!.
Original to: Top film recently completed and Seung Ri and G-Yong just a solo album out. And about the end of this year. I have the album Big Bang ครับ.

△ leave anything to the fans.
Tae Yang: Thank you for helping to cheer Sorry, can not meet frequently to give thanks very excited ครับ. Do not forget to follow our I ครับ.
Top: Thank you very recently came to us yesterday. Do not think the fans will be huge. Do not forget to follow up ads posted I Ever Sense ครับ.

Furthermore, for the product. Ever Sense. There were 2 main product groups: Group Cologne, which includes. Ever Sense. Easy Ice Cologne, Ever Sense Mix & Match new Joyce Cologne, Ever Sense. Perfume Mist. And Evergreen Sense Happy Skin Moisturizer Fax Cologne Group Roll includes Evergreen Sense Natural White Roll, Ever Sense White and Dry Roll-On, A.. White River Sense and Dry Tech profiles and Roll Ever Sense Yogurt Roll Extra White. The distribution channels through the Superstore. Convenience Store and across the country.

It is google translation !!!

LOL Jiyong's face so cute ^^kkk

C: karl/jammy // blue.. 라라 @ BBVIPZ


C: ชอบก็ให้แม่มาขอ @ pantip // tokarroK @ popcornfor2

credit: PINGBOOK


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Thanks:: SRMOM,  seoulge@bbviplover


C: Member @ simezone // Online [RV].+*TEMpo_ViP @ BBTH

^ LOL Jiyong's face laugh.gif

C: tokarroK @ popcornfor2

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