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posted on 22 Mar 2010 14:26 by moomooae

 G-Dragon was seen bowling with 2PM’s Junsu and Nichkhun

I saw 2PM Junsu, Nichkhun, Big Bang Kwon Jiyong, Se7en, Park Hanbyul, Lee Hyuksu, and the 2NE1 coordi (yanggeng)! I had heard that they came here to hang out but seeing them in person was so amazing T_T They were all so cool looking. Prince Nichkhun was extremely cute. Kwon Jiyong and Junsu were so hot… They were very friendly and close looking. They bowled for a really long time… Se7en and Park Hanbyul were just holding onto each other the whole time. They were all so close!

#2 2010.3.24
Today must be my lucky day or something! It was around 11 PM, I went down to Apkujeong’s bowling alley. I went there for the first time and saw 2PM Nichkhun with some girls bowling! About an hour later, there was a whole group formed! Big Bang’s G Dragon, 2PM Junsu, Se7en, Park Hanbyul, Lee Hyuksi, 2NE1’s coordi. I was so surprised, thought I was going to faint.
Nichkhun, Junsu, and G Dragon sat together and talked for about 10 minutes, then Junsu, GD, and Junsu’s friend, and 2NE1’s coordi formed a team and went to bowl~ Junsu got a strike and started screaming and hand shaking everyone, it was nice to watch. Most of their friends had a gyopo feel, they were mostly using English.
Se7en and Park Hanbyul, and Park Hanbyul’s friend just sat and talked the whole time… Lee Hyuksu was walking back and forth and mingling. It was cool!

I went to a bowling alley in a designer club. I recognized Nichkhun right away because he had NICH KHUN written on the back of his shirt. He was bowling with some girls, and then 2PM Junsu and Big Bang Kwon Jiyong came. I think I saw Lee Hyuksu too. Park Hanbyul and Se7en came also. It was hard not to notice because they looked like they were having so much fun. ^^

Credits: hazyfiasco (trans) | kdrama_queen @
Taken from:

[ENG] Global Warning BTS 5




Bigbang is coming to Thailand to shoot a CF of Eversense

As many of you may know that Bigbang is coming to Thailand to shoot a CF of Eversense products on 2-4 March 2010.

The press conference will be held on 2 March we already posted.

However, there was an event promoting the coming of the boys during the past weekend. Lucky me got to visit the event for a lil bit.

And so...with no further ado, i bring you some photos of which i took them myself..

 it says "Eversense dares all confident girls to win Bigbang's heart"

Eversense ask girls to upload their clip answer 3 questions which are:
1 What would they do if BB asked them their phone number? How would they play hard to get?
(Me: let me give ur my phone then i'll call u myself. hahaaa)

2 How would they react if BB gave them flowers? Again they have to pretend that they are not interested.
(Me: i will say that now i can die happily)

3.And lastly what would they do if BB asked them out? Same have to act cool and not interested in.
(Me: lets go to my place and hahaaa...)

the clip must be 1 minute long. then upload it to the site and try to have as much vote as they can to be in top ten b'cuz Bigbang will choose the 2 lucky girls out of these ten. However the other 48 girls with highest vote will still get to be on the set for supporter roles.

Latest news is that they will choose the top 100 girls today and ask them to join the activity on 27 March for the preparation of shoothing the CF.

sooooo jealous those girls already.

i seriously think abt loading some clip myself but it's sooo hard to act like BB is not the coolest boys ever, rite??

However best of luck to whoever wins the competition..

PS. i took a lot of photo wid BB posters. lol...really wanna take them home..
if u VIPs r nice enough i'll show u what i did widthe boys' posters. hahaaa

source: Eversense, eversense facebook


G-Dragon and Seungri UFO Town Messages



Seungri: (0:00 – 0:0:28)
Our relationship is only built of fondness!
In fact people probably see that we are really cute when we play around like Tom and Jerry.
Um..I’m…well Jiyongie hyung is Tom and I’m Jerry, I think that’s because I’m a bit shorter.
Well please show a lot of love to Tom & Jerry, this is called for short “Nyongtory”(yong from kwon jiyong and tory from victory)
hehehe…..Nyongtory cuteee~

G-Dragon: (0:28 – 1:23)
Seungri is a friend who has a burning passion even bigger than a flame.
There are many fans or people in general who watch us o TV and misunderstand us because I tease Seungri so much that they think me and Seungri don’t have a good relationship. But this is really not the case, I have a lot of care for Seungri.
Maybe it’s because I’m a guy that it’s become my habit to always tease him in order to express my affections towards him instead of hugging him. Because of this though we made a lot of people upset but..I…umm…really don’t mean it like that.
I’m thankful to Seungri for liking me so much despite the fact that I annoy him so much.
Seungri has now grown up, he is 20 years old so from now on I’ll be more respectful to Seungri in the future everyone.

Seungri: (1:23 – 1:45)
Right now I’m so relaxed on a broadcast like this!
heheheh…hehehe…yes…the hyung that I…
Of course I like the Big Bang member hyungs, my wish to be like my hyungs is like a chimney (?) [i dont know what he means by that]

Seungri: (1:45 – 2:05)
Leader hyung is so cool/handsome.
He doesn’t exercise a lot but lately he has gotten in good shape and even taller.
He never has any fat on him…he’s a got a slim body he he..ha ha ha…yes he is very cool/handsome.
Yes in the future please take more care of me Seungri, Jiyong hyung.

G-Dragon: (2:05 – 2:27)
Now our maknae has become a very manly man. Recently when he gets out of the shower his body has become better and built and his shoulders have also gotten wider. (more muscular)
Seungri wait a minute, I’ll take him out on a trip
I’d make it prettily, prettily, beautiful, prettyily prettily..
*whispers* Seungri-ah, Seungri-ah..
Come here…hey! hey!

Translated: alee @ ibigbang

Eversense BIGBANG Girls Press Conference in Thailand


Eversense people have recently confirmed the date and venue of the upcoming press conference for BIGBANG's next endorsement as follows:

Venue: Park Paragon,Siam Paragon,Bangkok,Thailand

Date: Friday April 2,2010

Time: To be advised

The search for the CM shawty goes just like how LG Cyon does for a Lollipop Girl by uploading a clip and BIGBANG will select them.

They've got a good taste when it comes to a bunch of the pretty women.You know the score,right?

Visit EVERSENSE BIGBANG GIRL or 4NOLOGUE CO., LTD. or Facebook Profile or hi5 - EVS Bigbanggirl for more info (in Thai)

Via Facebook | Eversense Thailand


so cute ^^



Flo-Rida to hold two-night concert in Seoul!

Flo-Rida will hold a concert at the Yonsei University auditorium on May 21 and 22. The organizers of the concerts, Moon Stone Korea, have hinted at a possible
surprise guest performer” during the show.

Korean media are claiming that Flo-Rida’s surge in popularity is due to the allegations of plagiarism over G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker.

Cr. Daily KPop News

It would be soo cool if GD was the 'surprise' guest. I would love to hear the Heartbreaker collab live!



Big Bang wins Best Choreography Video at Space Shower MVA
by GhostWriter on March 22, 2010 @ 11:27 AM (EDT)

The boys of Big Bang along with choreographer Shaun Evaristo won the Best Choreography Video award for their hit single Gara Gara Go at the Space Shower Music Video Awards in Japan.

Other nominees for the award included BoA, Miura Daichi, Rip Slyme, and Ikimono Gakari.

Congratulations to Big Bang and Shaun Evaristo, his choreography is always on point and is well deserved. Thanks to Daniella for the tip.

"We're so happy that 「ガラガラ GO!!」 is selected as the BEST CHOREOGRAPHY VIDEO.It was shot in summer 2009 while we were having the activities both in Korea and Japan.The MV was shot for two days nonstop with no sleeping.It's great to know that you guys like the choreography.We thank you all and looking for your support in the future"
source: teambigbang@
pics reuploaded by: ncly @ bbvip



Big Bang's Gara Gara GO!! nominated for Choreography Video

Skyperfect! Space Shower MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS
Director : Hyun-Seung Seo
Choreographer : Shaun Evaristo / SOL
Singing the electronic style song, dancing to aggressive dance steps, the five persons pursued the danceable kind of MV effect.
With the costumes and lighting colors which remind us of the 80's pop era, coupled with the stage props used during the performance, it sets off more charms for the dance.

ON AIR Time :

Premiere : March 22nd at 22:00 ~ 24:00
Repeat telecast : March 28th at 20:00 ~ 22:00
March 31st at 23:00 ~ 01:00
April 02nd at 21:00 ~ 23:00
April 04th at 10:00 ~ 12:00
April 07th at 19:00 ~ 21:00
April 12th at 23:00 ~ 01:00

thanks to baidu bigbang
translated by Miseremei @


Shine A Light Photobook Pages 104~191


Jiyong appears with a strong, clear voice and a nearly-90 degree bow.

He smiles brightly at the band sessionists, greeting every individual one and saying over and over again how he hopes they’ll all do a great job today too.

One of the staff who says he’s been working with him since he was a trainee says he’s always greeted people like that since he was young.

It might be that he’s done it so much that it feels natural now, like a habit, but it definitely makes other people happy when they’re greeted in such a bright way.

So, shall we start our practice as cheerfully as always?

Even during his Japanese promotions, Jiyong consistently calls the staff and engineers to check up on the sound and setlist.

People who don’t know him say he seems hard to work with (I confess I had the same misconceptions before actually meeting him), but when you get to work with him, it’s actually even more fun and comfortable than working with anyone else, not to mention how grateful we all are that he always listens to the staff’s requests. I was worried that he’d find them bothersome, or that he’d be overly sensitive to feedback but looking back, they were really pointless concerns.

He’s so courteous and tries to pay attention to every member of the staff. I think that’s why the staff also try even harder to do better for him, so the atmosphere is always warm and friendly.

“Everything’s working out so well in terms of progress. It’s proof of Jiyong’s effort. I’m really looking forward to this concert. I’m so curious to how it’ll turn out.”

“How about we show the fans one of our practice videos, just as a little preview??”

The staff are in awe at Jiyong’s sudden suggestion.

Though it may not seem like something that amazing depending on the person, Jiyong often comes up with such sudden and brilliant ideas.

Because he knows even more about the progress of the concert than the staff, sometimes he can even be seen jokingly boasting to the stammering staff.

“How did you think of something like that?”
“(kekeke) I’m smart, right?

“Kush, what kind of person do you think G-Dragon is?”

“To me, G-Dragon is a dongsaeng who’s like a friend. He’s always cheerful and though he may seem immature, he’s actually an old grandpa!

I think G-Dragon would rather express himself through singing than talking, and that he’s a true musician who shows himself directly through his actions.”

I’m told that he and the dance crew he’s always with can communicate just by looking at each other.
While I was watching them practice, seeing him get along so well with every person in the dance crew made me think: “This must be what he’s like when he’s ‘Kwon Jiyong’ and not ‘G-Dragon’”.

“I was Kwon Jiyong before my debut, but afterwards I became ‘G-Dragon’ to some of my friends………….
It makes me so sad……………..
If someone finds me uncomfortable to be with, I think I feel the same way too. So I find myself not being able to meet the friends of mine who find my presence awkward and uncomfortable.
It’s awkward for me too as well as the other person………………

But the rest of my friends……………they’re my real friends. We always joke around and hit each other playfully………’s so much fun.
It may seem like nothing to other people, but to me it’s the most fun thing in the world.

Maybe that’s why dance practices are so fun for Jiyong. The dance crew is made up of only his ‘real friends’.

Whenever they’re scheduled to return from Japan, Gaho has to be taken to Big Bang’s dorms. This is because it’s G-Dragon’s small wish to be greeted by Gaho when he returns.

Once, Jiyong’s mother sent Gaho to a dog training school to fix all his small habits while Jiyong was in Japan.
If you think about it, it was an obvious result that Jiyong jumped with rage when he got back from Japan.

Having seen Jiyong’s love for Gaho myself, he really treats him like the apple of his eye. (Though when Gaho abuses his rights as a dog sometimes, Jiyong does punish him of course. He doesn’t just pamper him all day long.)

After realising too late that Gaho had been sent off to training school, Jiyong demanded he be brought straight home, worried about Gaho who would be alone in a strange environment. But after listening to his mother’s logical explanation of ‘Why Gaho Needed to Be Trained’, he wordlessly gave in.

She said that because he couldn’t be with Gaho all the time, he at least needed to let him learn to cope by himself when he wasn’t around.

But even so, Jiyong seems to be missing Gaho to death.
Do you see G-Dragon converting his longing for Gaho into his practice? [LOL his hat says ‘Gaho’s Daddy’]

The Jiyong I saw at practice was different to the one I see on TV or at concerts. It wasn’t the glamorous and charismatic leader of Big Bang, but Jiyong the trainee from the past, practising to death and sweating like no tomorrow, putting his all into every moment so not to miss anything.

You’d think he’d be totally exhausted by now, but even during his breaks he’s busy checking the formation and flow of the dance crew, and stuff like that.

Take it easy, Jiyong.

‘Look Only At Me Part.2’, sung by Jiyong and Taeyang.

Jiyong and Taeyang have been maturing together for 10 years now, a time which people say changes even mountains. [Korean proverb thing]
They probably don’t even need words to understand each other.

When the two of them are talking and laughing during their breaks, Jiyong seems to talk more and even act a little cuter around Taeyang.

But when the music plays, both their playful sides vanish and they focus entirely on the practice session.

“Look only at me~”

Gahh…I really do want to look only at Jiyong and Taeyang….

For Jiyong’s fitness and strength during the preparations of his concert, his mother makes him beef soup.
Jiyong has been eating this beef soup every single day.

I don’t know why but when you think of Jiyong, you’d think he’d like foods like spaghetti and pizza.... but it turns out he really likes Korean food.

He manages to survive until the end of the concerts thanks to his mother’s beef soup. Maybe he ate it a bit too much though?

“I swear I’m gonna become a bear after all this.....”
[beef soup = 곰국 which when literally translated becomes ‘Bear Soup’]

But even though he whines, he always manages to finish a bowl of his mother’s beef soup just like that.

Jiyong has been in beef soup-appreciation mode lately.

“Anything to say about Jiyong who performs with you?”

“I think that as a hot icon, it isn’t surprising at all that cute Jiyong steals the hearts of fangirls.

And it’s also great to always see him confident...Working really hard but really letting loose when he’s on a break! That’s his style.

As we’ve been working together, I can’t help thinking how chic he is but it’s also impressive that at the same time, he takes care of all the people around him and thanks everyone.”

At most concerts, I heard that the guests just come to the rehearsal on the day to check up on the overall flow and practise a few times.

G-Dragon’s concert must be a total exception.

Everyone comes to practise with Jiyong basically every day as if it were for their own concerts.

The members of his YG Family will probably be moved in a slightly different way watching this concert; Jiyong will be standing alone on stage after ten years of practice, after debuting as Big Bang, but as the solo artist G-Dragon rather than the leader of Big Bang.

So maybe that’s why they’re practising so hard as if it were for themselves?

Scans by: DaragonHideout
Translated by: sjay.x @ BBVIP

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