Milan Stankovic talks about G-Dragon

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K-VIPS are angry after Milan Stankovic copies G-Dragon but claims G-Dragon was inspired by him

Milan Stankovic is a singer from Serbia who gained fame after he came out as 4th on popular Serbian singing show Zvezde Granda. KVIPS are extremely upset after the Serbian media has called G-Dragon a “Korean Wannabe Milan Stankovic”. Proof of that here.

Not only has the Serbian media made false accusations but even the rumor has it that even singer himself came out to say “I’m glad that Balkan is recognized in the world and that my influence is found in a country so far away. It’s nice to see that a music star from another country is being inspirated by my style and it’s the more proof that I’m doing the right thing!”, proof of that here.

A Serbian fan claimed she saw news of this on her tv and that the singer actually came out and said on tv that G-Dragon had “stolen my clothing style, and hair style also“
Korean fans find this absurd as well as me because this guy has been seen wearing similar clothes to G-Dragon after GD had wore them first but yet he says GD was inspired by him! Take a look at this video in which you see him wearing clothes extremely similar to the ones G-Dragon wore at the MAMA.

Milan Stankovic also released a music video called “Face” which if you watch by clicking here , you can see has some similarity to the wardrobe and glasses wore by G-Dragon in his “Heartbreaker” video.
KVIPs have left a comment for foreign fans saying “ To foreign fans, we’re angry and upset not because he just copied GD’s style but he told a lie on a tv show & articles we want to correct it No one can deny GD’s style is much earlier and more creative & stylish“
Now there is obviously plenty of proof that G-Dragon’s style is much earlier than that guy and he is a star known for being a fashion icon and has no need to copy a Serbian singer, because he likes to be very original. It’s unfair that now even his fashion sense is being critiziced and doubted, and even insulted by calling him a “wanna-be“

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 Milan Stankovic talks about G-Dragon

Milan was talking about the originality of the youth and about new things being brouth to Serbia,whether some people like it or not. And then the host of the show said : You know,Milan,you are being liked too. You can see it on our site,the video of 22 years old, I will probably make mistake in pronouncing his name,Kwon Ji Yong *shes being interrupted by Milan whos saying G-Dragon * who became center of attention as asian copy of Milan Stankovic! Look at him! *Milan is saying silently Thats what we’ve seen today * Then she continues: You have become so famous that even in Asia they are copying the way you look. I guess you’ve already seen it.

Milan starts talking : Yes,Ive seen it,but I think that they are way ahead of us. They are way ahead of Europe. Im glad, although it is funny, we do look alike a lot Then the host says: Hair style and that?,and Milan responses with : I think he looked like that only because of the promotion of his 1st solo album, cause today we were all searching for him on the Internet Host says : So,you follow his work? He answers with Today I got informed about him, I think he looks different now. But anyway I find it a good joke! ends up laughing.

This is what you can see and hear on this video and this is by far the only official statement that was given by Milan and his production.

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