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BIGBANG Go! Korea with「Fila World Cup 2010」window display in Seoul


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Prosecution will not book G-Dragon

The prosecution suspended its investigation of obscenity charges against pop singer G-Dragon on Tuesday.

Prosecutors said it decided to suspend its plan to indict the singer, who had been accused of simulating sex on stage with a female dancer during a concert in December.

Criticism from netizens was especially severe because the audience was made up mostly of pre-teens.

After the show, the Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs filed a complaint against the singer and his management agency on charges of obscenity.

The prosecution said it had made its decision because the singer had only acted in accordance with the management agency's plans, and that the controversial scene made up just two minutes of the two-hour performance.

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Shine A Light Photobook Pages 0~47

“Huh? It’s not time yet, right?”
“(smiles sleepily) Yeah…….”

On the day of the first meeting, I tried to arrive as early as possible to prepare myself for what was ahead. But first place will always go to Jiyong. He was already there way before the time of the meeting, making prep