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G-Dragon "Summoned by the Prosecution", No Freedom of Expression for Musicians?, (+more)

There are many controversies over G-Dragon's performance that was marked as an offense for an immoral performance and also said that it infringed the youth protection laws. We have to recognize that the core of this controversy is the freedom of a creator and that we cannot overlook the freedom of the audience who has the right to enjoy a creator's expressions and results.

This controversy this time is very ambiguous. What is the standard for obscenity? Is it when someone feels sexually harassed or is it when someone thinks that it is simply too erotic? But it’s not like the police could just pick a random person that was at G-Dragon’s concert and ask "Was that too obscene for you?"

There is no set standard for something that is erotic or for something that is obscene and this controversy is equivocal. Also, performers were not naked that made the audience feel like they were watching an 18A performance. Then was the performance obscene because it was about sex? Our society that corners sex as obscene is more abnormal.

Saying that there is a problem with a performance that makes one think about sex is a problem itself since that could mean sex=immoral. Well it’s a whole different problem if G-Dragon's performance was too explicit; however, his performance was short and people had various opinions about it.

The start of this controversy and tragedy was the opinion differences between the audience and the public that was saying G-Dragon's performance was immoral. This eventually led more than 1000 of the audiences that were at G-dragon's concert to turn in a petition to the prosecution.

These people turned in a petition saying "For the obscene performance crime the audience has to agree with the fact that the performance was obscene and over the line; however, G-Dragon's concert was not obscene at all and it did not sexually harass us in any way." Also, these people said the performance as a whole cannot be judged by the short moment.

The more important thing is the freedom of creation. A society that threatens the freedom of creation for musicians makes a society where there is no cultural variety. If G-Dragon's two-hour-long concert is valid as obscenity because of the momentary performance during it, then this is invading the freedom and the rights of a creator.

Original Article by Kim Jihyun @ TV Daily
Translated by Beau @ bbvipz, bbvip
Edited by big bang=love @ bbvip


G-Dragon fans start petitions to help out with the prosecution

Amidst news that Big Bang GDragon will be charged for violating the Youth Protection Act with some of his performances during his solo concert, it was known that 1000 GDragon’s fans has handed up a petition to the prosecutors.

GDragon’s fan page Kwon JiYoung Supporters is known to have handed up a petition with signature from 1000 fans to the Seoul District Prosecutor Office after news went out about GDragon’s case recently.

It is known through an announcement posted on GDragon Supporters on 21st December, “The first petition with 1000 signatures have been handed up to the prosecutor office directly. Ahead we are preparing for the 2nd and 3rd petitions.”

The fanpage also wrote, “We will also be sending out petitions to YG Entertainment and GDragon with 2000 signatures. We hope that we can get them to see the heart and sentiments of us many and also that of the artiste himself.”

They also added, “Instead of waiting for the case to be over, we want to relay the right meanings and sentiments. It is like a precious present as compared to just showing support, to relay the enthusiasm and also the subjectivity of the case.”

Thanks to Kbites & ibigbang

G-Dragon going to jail?


It looks like Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon will finally be paying the consequences of his performance at his first solo concert last year.

Last year at his Shine A Light concert, G-Dragon performed as planned but spiced up his stages as he dry-humped Aimee Lee Lucas on a stand-up bed and sang two songs that were strictly forbidden to be heard by minors. Not only that but the concert did not have a higher age restriction at 19+. Instead, anyone over 12 was allowed to attend. After a dark forecast, it looks like YG Entertainment’s apology won’t get G-Dragon away scot-free, because investigations are currently underway.

If you recall, G-Dragon’s first solo album “Heartbreaker” was slapped with a big fat age restriction of 19+. His songs She’s Gone and Korean Dream were prohibited from being aired on television past 10PM and also be unavailable for purchase to minors.

The Eastern Seoul District Prosecutor stated, “The investigation is in the stage of collecting and reviewing all the data we have on the case. G-Dragon’s summoning is still pending but will be decided shortly.

If G-Dragon fails to win his case he’ll have to pay up to at least a $5,000 fine and serve at least a year in prison.  A YGE representative said, “YG will aid the case in this investigation and will handle it on behalf of G-Dragon. However, we will accept the the decision and take upon full responsibility of any legal actions.” Hopefully they can get him off the hook!

Looks like things are heating up for Korea’s most prominent talent. G-Dragon definitely did break some rules but does the punishment fit the crime?



Concert attendees petition on G-Dragon’s behalf

After facing possible arrest, Big Bang’s G-Dragon might face as his punishment for the inappropriateness he displayed to the minors, the fans around the globe began to voice out their dissatisfaction toward the issue in unison.

It has now reported that a thousand fans who were part of the audience on the day of the performance – in other words, the “victims” of G-Dragon’s “crime” – have joined in to form a petition to the Prosecution District. They believed his performance was not bad enough to undergo such harsh consequences.

The petition stated,

Credits: allkpop  & bigbangvip

Prosecutors to prepare subpoena for “lewd conduct to minors” for G-Dragon

BIGBANG G-Dragon will be summoned to the prosecutors in a criminal investigation for the violation of Youth Protection Act for the public performance that contains “lewd conduct to minors.”

The investigation is focusing on last year G-Dragon F.I.R.S.T Solo Concert “Shine a Light” which considered as exhibiting explicit performance, despite the fact that it is rated as strictly prohibited for the preteens under the age of 12.

The Eastern Seoul District Prosecutor official stated, “The investigation is in the progress of collecting, reviewing and summing up all information given based on the subjected matter,” then continued, “We will determine the specific timeframe when G-Dragon will be summoned to this investigation process shortly after this.”

G-Dragon held his concert last December with a performance of arousing sexual libido with a female dancer in “Breathe.”

The prosecutors are seeking for the reasons that given “She’s Gone” and “Korean Dream” were banned by the same Act in November then why those two songs were deliberately added to the aforementioned show.

The two specific songs are prohibited for sale, rent, screening and/or distributing in any channels to the adolescences by this law.

Individual who is convicted of lewd conduct according to the Article 245 in the Youth Protection Act will face fine not exceeding ₩ 5,000,000 and one year imprisonment and the penalties for violation of the same Act are ₩ 20,000,000 fines and three year imprisonment.

YG Entertainment Representative gave a statement on the issue that, “YG will assist the investigators in this progress and will take care of it on behalf of the client (G-Dragon).” then added “we will hereby accept the decision and are responsible for the legal action taken according to the Act.”

God saves Kwon Leader. Keep your fingers crossed for him, VIPs.

Via 지드래곤, '공연음란죄' 검찰소환 준비 중
Trans:PinkyPK❤ @teambigbang & bigbangvip/iheartmangos




is that correct?
I still do not believe this
then, if GD will cease from the Big Bang? (0.o)
how long this problem will end?
I want to GD as it used to be
GD I miss ..
GD struggling

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