Big Bang wins “Best Newcomer” at 51st Japan Record Awards

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on “Strong Heart” Big Bang Tree Comparison [05.01.10]


100106 GD@Airport

Credit: GD&H (   & Smile@BBVIP.NET


2PM’s Woo Young shows some love for GDYB

 Woo Young (of 6 member band, 2PM) showed his love (or support) for GDYB by changing his background music (BGM) on cyworld recently too “Heartbreaker” (GD) and “Wedding Dress”. Many artists change their
BGM’s to show support for other artists and it's good to see all the 2PM-BB love (Junsu, former YG trainee, was friends with GDYB since his trainee days)

Credit: Kay @ AlwaysTaeyang  &   mavy @


New HITE Beer Pictures

Credit: 큰엄마 @ bbvipz  xtlover15/bigbangvip


Dance Showdown: Big Bang's TaeYang vs. SUJU's Eunhyuk

we can't see much of GD now as his solo promotions ended.  :( 

 Bigbang’s Taeyang and Daesung will be attending the special new year episode of SBS Kang Shim Jang (Strong Heart), which will be broadcasted on the 5th. Bigbang had a special conversation and their pop dance had been a hot topic.
Taeyang, who had not been appearing in variety shows, had prepared a special kind of dance which is not usually seen in shows. His performance was shocking and had surprised everybody.
Super Junior’s Eunhyuk challenged Taeyang and both of them did not back down, resulting in the dance battle to be very intense and caused the studio to be burning hot.
Among South Korea’s top dancers, two idol singers had an intense and fiery match which will be broadcasted at 11:15PM on the 5th, through the special new year episode of Strong Heart.

Credit: DeDe @ VIPACCESSSource: 宝蓝殿堂 // SUJUDIAN.CNTranslation: (L) @ SJ-WORLD.NET


GD FILA shot


soompi/ missARROGANT


Big Bang “2010 Big Show Concert” Promo Video 2!




 look at his face, just feel good when see his smile :)

    Here's a picture! Its been a long time

  it's so cute just because it's him who's doing it,    hhahah... I miss him.

 credit:  soompi/ ooxstacee


Big Bang ‘HEART WITH YOU’ NII Campaign


Heartbreaker is #1 on 2009 HotTracks & Hanteo Annual Album Sales List

Source: blue..라라 & 쏘쏭@ VIPZ & bigbangvip

Upcoming events:

January 5: VIPZ Second Anniversary
January 5: SBS Strong Heart - Taeyang & Daesung
January 27: Aoyama Teruma & Taeyang's 'Fall in Love' Release
January 29-31: 2010 Bigbang Concert [Big Show]

February 13: G-Dragon Solo Concert [Shine a Light] broadcasted on TBS



Japanese netizens rage over Big Bang’s Rookie Newcomer Award?

On December 30, Big Bang wrapped up the year by winning the Rookie Newcomer Award at the 51st Japan Records Awards, beating other up & coming artists including Hilcrhyme, Maya Sakura and SCANDAL. However, it looks like a number of Japanese netizens are anything but happy.

A day after Big Bang won its award at the Japan Record Awards, Worldwide Arts Show, a popular news blog, and 2CH, a large internet community, were flooded with attacks and protests against Big Bang's victory, claiming that the judging criteria was flawed. "A Korean boy group that I haven't even heard of nor seen received the Best Newcomer Award through a shady judging process," an individual remarked.

Netizens argued that Big Bang's record sales, which fell behind many other newcomers of the year, were overlooked by the judging panel. For example, Hilcrhyme sold 108,000 record copies, dominating Big Bang's 41,000 sales count. Furthermore, Hilcrhyme's track Shunkashūtō was ranked at Japan's #1 top-selling single for the week of September 22, whereas none of Big Bang's tracks made the list. "Record sales are an important part of judging criteria, so what kind of criteria did the judges use?" many netizens questioned.

Interestingly enough, Big Bang's Best Newcomer Award at the 42nd Japan Cable Daesang earlier in December, which also beat Hilchryme and Maya Sakura, was met without a ruckus. Others have pointed out that Hilcrhyme's Shunkashūtō was released in September, whereas Big Bang released Let Me Hear Your Voice in November, which may have resulted in Big Bang's lower sales count.

Although I'm a fan of Big Bang myself, I can understand the Japanese netizens' argument - after all, it'd be strange if a rookie Japanese artist that didn't have a list of smash singles or overwhelming fame swooped in and won a rookie award in Korea. Considering how difficult it was for TVXQ to rise to the top in Japan, one cannot assume that Big Bang's solid popularity in Korea would so easily transcend to the Japanese market.

Considering the excitement that Big Bang's 2010 comeback announcement has created, it's weird to hear news about people getting so negatively riled up about Big Bang. Regardless, good luck to these boys as they continue their breakthrough into Japan and eventually return to Korea this summer!

credits: allkpop [lawlietta in General]

G-Dragon’s ‘MCM’ Rider Jacket is a pie in the sky
[a pie in the sky means that the chances of the thing ever actually materialising is really narrow]

CL and
G-Dragon’s costumes at the live ‘2009 SBS Gayo Daejun’ were a big topic.

G-Dragon’s ‘MCM’ intense pink rider jacket and his new hairstyle left a big impression on the public. Unfortunately for the customers, this outfit G-Dragon was wearing cannot be bought. This rider pink jacket ‘MCM’ was made exclusively for G-Dragon. Therefore, it’s a pie in the sky.

Credit: aleee @ iBigBang || Original article in fashioninsight. & bigbangvip
Pic re-uploaded by: mavy @

Big Bang to release their new Korean album this summer

+ Focus on Japanese activities for the first half of 2010

YG Entertainment’s chief executive/founder, Yang Hyun Suk had a phone call with Star News last December 31st in which he said, “Big Bang will return with a new album in mid-2010, they will release a new full album in Korea this summer.” he said.
It’s been a long time since Big Bang released an album as a whole. Their last album was in November 2008, and ever since they’ve been working in Japan and on their solo activities.

However, Big Bang will focus on Japanese activities for the first half of 2010.

YG said, “On December 30 at the 51st Japan Record Awards, Big Bang won the ‘Best Newcomer Award’ due to this big recognition in Japan, Japanese music officials and fans have a lot of expectations from Big Bang for 2010, for this reason Big Bang will focus on activities in Japan for the first half of 2010.”

Also, “For the Korean fans waiting for Big Bang, Daesung will debut with his solo album next year as well as TOP.” YG said.
According to Yang Hyun Suk early next year, Taeyang’s solo album will be released offline. After that Daesung will release his solo album for which he is currently recording and producing right now. Seungri and TOP will also release a digital single or mini album for the fans.

In addition, Korean fans will be able to enjoy three Big Bang concerts starting January 29th to January 31st at the Seoul’s Olympic Stadium.

Credits: aleee @ibigbang.wordpress   & bigbangvip

 091229 GD watching 4minute's performance at SBS gayo daejun



Big Bang wins “Best Newcomer” at 51st Japan Record Awards + “Gara Gara GO!” Performance


091230 BIGBANG Ceremony


Credit: 아찔한너 @ bbvipz

G-Dragon picked as one of the Earth’s Most Beautiful People of 2009

According to a Chinese list of the Earth’s 50 Most Beautiful People for the year of 2009, G-Dragon was picked as one for his charisma on stage, yet child-like smile off the stage. He was number 28, while Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga tied for #1.

Since Big Bang’s early days, their young leader G-Dragon has been accused of plagiarism, the same thing happened when G-Dragon released his own solo album. This individualistic Leo, blood type A guy is always upright on the stage and stubbornly sings his own songs. However once he turns around to hug his beloved dog “GaHo“, he is full of child-like smiles.”

Koreans on the list:
#23 – Yoo EunHye
#24 – Han HyoJoo
#25 – Jang GeunSeok
#26 – Ha JiWon
#27 – Park HeJin
#28 – Kwon JiYoung
#28 – WonBin
#29 – Lee ByungHun

Credit: aleee @ iBigBang || Chinese article: yule || K Bites


Gaho attends the training school

Credit: 엘리써니 @ dcinside

C: JOKER @ bbvipz  & shinhdeplol/ soompi
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