G-Dragon’s tears during “Heartbreaker”

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G-Dragon’s tears were a mistake

It seems like Big Bang G-Dragon didn't cry on purpose after all. Some of you might have thought he had the tears during his performance of Heartbreaker at the SBS Gayo Daejun as an additional detail of the performance but that's not the case. Some other people thought he was crying about all the controversies he went through in 2009.

But those tears had no absolutely no meaning as now there's been clarification on the whole incident. Before he started singing, he was placed in a box with a "G" on it. It came down and he popped out of it as his entrance but in the box, there was so much smoke, that he couldn't help but shed some tears.

He started to tear up because of the smoke but couldn't wipe it before the performance so it looked like he was just sentimental on stage. Then for Gossip Man, he wiped off the tears and finished the song.

So there you have it. G-Dragon is not a cry baby. But to be honest, the tears made his performance more memorable. Remember to visit the



The Truth About GD's Tears!


While performing his song 'Heartbreaker' at SBS GayoDaejun on the 29th, G-Dragon startled many by showing tears running down his face. Fans speculated that this was because of the controversies related to his album including plagiarism issues, and his solo concert "Shine A Light".
However, according to a YGE stylist it was because of the 'smog' used as a special effect at the beginning of the performance. G-Dragon started off the stage by coming out of a box with a huge 'G' on it, which was filled with so much smoke that he couldn't even open his eyes.
Though he chose not to wipe the tears off his face, it seemed so natural that even the organisers of the event thought of it as part of his concept.

..not gonna put the rest of the article in, its just about how awesome he was and how he got a new haircut and blah.

Credits: Genie @ VIPZ

Reason behind G-Dragon’s tears? YG Entertainment speaks up!

As many know, Big Bang's G-Dragon has sparked up curiosity among many because the leader shed tears during the performance of his hit single, Heartbreaker at the 2009 SBS Gayo Daejun for reasons still unknown.

Big Bang's agency, YG Entertainment, spoke up about the incident during a phone call with Me2day Star News today on December 30. The representative said,

There is much speculation about this issue, but only G-Dragon knows what happened during the stage performance. Today, G-Dragon and the other Big Bang members left for Japan to receive a newcomer award. The only way we can find out about why he teared during his stage performance is to confirm with G-Dragon himself as soon as he comes back from Japan.

I guess YG Entertainment has no idea either. We hope G-Dragon feels better now!

credit: allkpop.com/bigbangvip  TnU for the picture


G-Dragon’s tears during “Heartbreaker” caught many attention


Big Bang GDragon’s tears flowing down his cheek during his performance has roused much curiosity amongst netizens.
During his performance of ‘Heartbreaker’ on 29th December for 2009 SBS Gayo DaeJun, he was seen in tears when performing, and had many fans and viewers curious and surprised.

With that, many fans and netizens have attributed that to the plagiarism issues brought up against him for his 1st solo album ‘Heartbreaker’ in August, and then all the criticisms against him once more for some scenes said to be inappropriate for youths during his 1st solo concert recently.

Some fans also went up to GDragon’s me2day page and wrote messages like “Close your 2 eyes and block your 2 ears, we will protect you”, “It hurts my heart to see you in tears. Please don’t cry. Have strength” etc.



G-Dragon and CL get criticized

2NE1's baddest female CL drew attention with her revealing outfit at the 2009 SBS Gayo Daejun. The outfit was a bit like the other sexy black one she wore for G-Dragon's solo concert.

While performing The Leaders, she wore a black leotard/body suit outfit that showed her stomach and bra. It was bound to draw bad and good feedback from fans.

Some netizens are mad about how she wore that when she's still underaged. Reminds me of Hyuna's situation with her short dresses.

Netizens commented, "She might as well have worn underwear," "I can't believe they made an underaged girl wear that." But other liked the risky choice in style, "It's been a while since I've seen such a good stage," "The energy is amazing."

G-Dragon also wore clothes that made people speechless, in a bad way. I can't think of another word than just plain "weird." His gelled down hair and checker capris made people second guess this "fashionista."

If someone says they liked his outfit, they are a true fan. The jacket was beyond bizarre and none of clothing added up. The leggings pants made me a bit dizzy.

People were definitely disappointed with the fashion choices YG made this time even though the rest of the YG family looked good.



091230 w-inds +GD -stage Interview @ Japan Record Award


[51st Japan Record Awards] Winds ft G Dragon - Rain is fallin'



091230 Pic of GD @ the airport

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