G-Dragon Taeyang and 2NE1 to perform at SBS Gayo Daejun

Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang will be performing today at the 2009 SBS Gayo Daejun as well as their juniors 2NE1.

G-Dragon will perform 3 songs out of his solo albumHeartbreaker“, “Korean Dream feat Taeyang, Hello feat Sandara. While Taeyang will be performing “Wedding Dress” and “Where You At“.

2NE1 will be performing 3 of their hits as well “Fire“, “I Don’t Care” (remix) and “Let’s go party“.

This will be aired on Korean channel SBS on December 29th at 9:55pm (korean time).

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January 29th to January 31st, the group will be holding 3 concert performances in Seoul Olympic Stadium.

Tickets for Big Bang's 2010 Concert '2010 BigShow' were available for sale from 8pm on the 28th.
According to YG Entertainment, this first batch of 12,000 tickets were all sold in just 5 minutes. There was a 1 in 12.5 chance of getting a ticket if you were online at G-Market at the time.

A representative from YG Entertainment said "Considering that Big Bang hasn't been active in Korea as a group this year, this shows that their name itself is now its own label."

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 Big Bang & GD got 9 places in the Top 50 Chart

Channel V Thailand

Upcoming events:
December 29: SBS Music Festival - GD & Taeyang
December 30: TBS 51st Japan Record Awards Ceremony - Rookie award & G-Dragon's collab stage with w-inds.

January 5: VIPZ Second Anniversary
January 5: SBS Strong Heart - Taeyang & Daesung
January 27: Aoyama Teruma & Taeyang's 'Fall in Love' Release
January 29-31: 2010 Bigbang Concert [Big Show]

February 13: G-Dragon Solo Concert [Shine a Light] broadcasted on TBS

Male Singers: 'Style Genius' G-Dragon


081220 Big Bang - MBC Music Core Christmas Stage + Sunset  Glow REMIX


Big Bang perform “Gara Gara GO!” at Music Station SUPER LIVE 2009



Last week we brought you news on how Big Bang was invited to Music Station Super Live, which is one of Japan’s biggest end-year music shows and only the top Japanese artists are invited. This is the first time Big Bang attended and they put on a great show! This performance is from December 25th.

G-Dragon still looks as hot as the first time I saw him with that haircut, and that pink jacket is hot! The camera loves G-Dragon. WOW! What is up with TOP’s hair? He looks like he has a mop up there haha, it’s okay though, it’s TOP after all so I forgive him, but I can barely see his face!


G-Dragon nominated for the 19th Seoul Music Awards

G-Dragon has been nominated for the High1 19th Seoul Music Awards which is a major music award show that is held annually in Korea. He was nominated for the category of the Bonsang award along with 29 other artists. For the bonsang category only the top 10 artists are chosen.

2NE1 is also a nominee for the ‘Best Newcomer’ category. Big Bang won the Daesang last year in 2008, which is the highest award of the night. Voting will begin on December 26th, voting will be done only by mobile phones, no online voting will be available.

Good luck to G-Dragon and 2NE1~!! Although I won’t be able to vote, I trust KVIPS will vote a lot for them.


BB Japans Album


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