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Big Bang’s ‘My Heaven’ is the “Best J-Pop Music of the Year”

Yet another win for Big Bang and G-Dragon. Korean music site ‘도시락’ (dosirak) posted their review of the year 2009 with the best music and artist of the year.

From January 1st 2009 to December 20th 2009 G-Dragon got the “Best Album of the Year” and Big Bang’s Japanese album “My Heaven” got the “Best J-Pop Music of the Year“. The rest of the wins were controlled by girl groups and solo female singers, Big Bang and G-Dragon were the only two male winners. 

Congrats once again boys, they just keep piling on the awards more and more.
축하합니다~!!! ^^


Christmas Card from Bigbang to V.I.P Japan

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G-Dragon fans angry at YG Ent?


An encouragement advertisement posted on the newspaper by Big Bang GDragon’s fans has recently been the topic of interests amongst netizens.

‘DCInside GDragon Gallery’ DCGD is known to have posted up 2 advertisement on JongHap Daily Newspaper on 23rd December and 18th November. Attention is drawn to the advertisements as the fans come together to collect funds to post up an encouragement message to GDragon, who was recently caught under criticisms for his solo concert, and also their say about the case.