G-Dragon Album of the Year @ Melon Music Awards 2009

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GDragon in another round of criticisms by netizens?

After the recent criticisms against his solo concert and while investigations are still in the process on the controversial parts to the concert by Health and Family Welfare association, Big Bang leader GDragon has all eyes on him again.

GDragon was previously appointed the public ambassador by Korea’s Ministry of Justice for the Law and Order department, and this was being raised up in various online community sites recently by netizens.

In one community site, netizens uploaded photos of GDragon at the public ambassador appointment ceremony and also news article regarded to it, and many netizens have also posted up criticisms about the case.

Already on the 15th, an investigation was warranted out to investigate on GDragon’s recent solo concert, which was said to have showcased many scenes which were unhealthy for teenage fans. Performances like ‘She’s Gone’ and ‘Breathe’ put up during the solo concert are said to be inappropriate for the teenage fans present as they involved many dances and movements which are said to be more suitable for adults.

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 Big Bang presents:: “ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR 2010″!

If you remember a few weeks ago there was news of Big Bang holding a tour in Japan in 2010 but not much was revealed. However this tour has now been confirmed by YG’s official Japanese site and more details on the dates and locations have been revealed as well.

There will be a total of 4 concerts, starting in February 10th. The following are the dates and locations:

February 10th at Yokohama Arena
February 11th at Yokohama Arena
February 13th at Kobe World Hall
February 16th at Budokan

The performances on February 10th and 16th start at 7:00pm and the ones on February 11th and 13th start at 6:00pm.

For more information on how much the tickets cost and where you can find them visit Big Bang’s official Japanese site here and click on the “ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR 2010” banner. (I’m loving that banner)


G-Dragon Album of the Year @ Melon Music Awards 2009


!I am so happy!!! G-Dragon won 2 album of the year awards (which are huge awards!) and 2NE1 won the best rookie twice as well! YG family is something to really be proud of. A lot of people were saying GD & 2NE1 wouldn’t win anything because of the online voting but that was only a small percentage, this goes to show that even with that percent taken away from them they still beat other teams in the other categories. Congrats GD & 2Ne1!


G-Dragon 2009 TOP 10 @ Melon Music Awards 2009 [091216]


Woww I,m so surprise!! I know his album is the best in 2009 and he deserve every album of the year awards out there, but he wasn't attend Melon, so I though Melon won't give him award 'cos of the "no attend no award rule" like GDA (and MAMA). I'm so happy Melon is fair enough like they announce they'd be. And the top 10 award too, yay!! I hope these good news lift his spirit up. No matter how some people want to take him down, the facts that he's talent and awesome will always make him "I'll still still be there". I'll still still and always will love and support you ma baby!!

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