GD performed @ Pierrot Strike Grand Openning party12/12/09

posted on 14 Dec 2009 14:47 by moomooae

Shaun Evaristo blogs about GD's concert+ extra.

Source:Shaun Evaristo's tumblr

QUOTE ( @ TUE Dec 8 2009)
GD’s sold out concert. 15,000 people. sold out show and screaming that made me go deaf. jk. a great audience esp, the 2nd day. the show was great!! fun, funny, exciting are just a few of the things the concert brought forward.
i really like what this dude has to offer, its like he’s got a bunch of personalities and plays each part really well. from rapping, to singing, to dancing, acting and creating something thats challenging for him. i appreciate artists that push themselves because i do the same. even if people like it or not…..if its violent, or too sexy, or to weird its up to me to challenge who i am as an artist. push the envelope and create because this is what we live for. if i just created what people wanted….then i think i would stop. i dont think i could enjoy just making other people happy, you can’t make everyone happy!! thats why i believe in just doing you! and i feel like thats what he does. i respect that! if people didnt like my stuff then just stop watching……ha and if my stuff was too edgy for kids then its really up to the parents to be responsible for what their children are watching, or what concerts they go to. lol (if you didn’t know, im hinting towards a certain situation)
at the end of the day, we are artists. create and grow, do you! in my opinion, homie is an entertainer, that what he does. and to me….he did just that! good show. good job to you too aims, i wouldn’t expect any less of the work you did. glad you executed well and did the job as it was told to look like, thats what a professional is.
anyway, i had a good time watching from the sidelines. proud to have my choreography in the show. if anything i just wish there was more time to get things worked out a little more, you know develop the ideas more. all good, its the nature of the biz.

QUOTE ( @ FRI Dec 11 2009)
First time I started going to korea for BB I walked down the streets of hongdae and saw a Baskin robins n went i