YG releases apology for G-dragon’s antics

posted on 11 Dec 2009 15:00 by moomooae

YG talks about G-Dragon’s controversial solo concert

YG Entertainment reveals their official stand on G-Dragon’s solo concert controversies.

G-Dragon previously held his solo concert on 6th December and during the concert he was seen performing with a female dancer on a bed. And the performance was criticised as to have violated the Youth Protection Act under the Health and Family Welfare association.

YG representative Yang Hyun Seok released a report on 11th December saying, “We found out through internet news articles yesterday that part of G-Dragon’s solo concert has violated the Youth Protection Act and investigations are under the way on charges of obscenity for the performances.”

He continued, “Even thought it is often said that it is the singer’s dream to draw controversies for their concert stages, it is in fact a form of pressure for them. The singer has to put up the whole show by himself for 2 hours and 30 minutes, different from their routine 1~2 songs on TV and broadcast, furthermore there is the greed and pressure from the company to want to show the audience a variety of performances.”

But YG also expressed responsibility for the controversies, “As a company who should be more careful and cautious about the influence it will have on the youths of the mass music market, I would like to apologies, as 1 person responsible for the performances and operations of the concert, for all the criticisms and debates cooked up by the performances.”

“Like the saying ‘Where there is smoke, there is fire’ goes, I have no intentions to avoid the responsibilities for the criticisms from YG. YG will take all legal responsibilities of the problematic concert performances parts brought up by the Health and Family Welfare associations.”

He ended with, “As proposed by the Health and Family Welfare associations, we will take out or edit the problematic part of the performances from the G-Dragon’s concert performance DVD set to released next February. Once again, I would like to sincerely apologise for the worry caused, we will work hard to avoid such controversies again. Thank You.”



Big Bang Artists of the Year

Meanwhile back in Korea, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism selected Wonder Girls and Korean boy group Big Bang as the Artists of the Year. The two groups are scheduled to receive awards at the 2009 Korea Content Award for their contributions overseas. The boy group performed a similar feat with their hit shows in Japan.

By Kim Hee-sung
Korea.net Staff Writer

Source: Korea.net (Official English website of the Korean government)

Credit: cyon | 넘치는소유욕 @ bbvipz

YG releases apology for G-dragon’s antics

YG Entertainment has released their official statement on the case of G-Dragon’s controversial solo concert.

“We came in contact with an article that said the Korean Family Health Department requested that G-Dragon’s solo concert be examined in further detail for violating the child protection law and sexual promiscuity performance,” said YGE.

“We should have considered the extreme impact popular culture can have on young adults. We are sincerely sorry for the controversy and have no intentions of putting the blame on other people or making excuses in order to refuse responsibility. YG will cooperate willingly with any investigations, and we accept all responsibility for the controversy.”

“Also, although this is a separate matter from the controversy, we would like to mention that for a lot of artists, a solo concert is a big dream as well as a big pressure for them. Usually on music programs, they perform a couple of songs, whereas in a solo concert, an artist must lead the audience for more than 2 hours by himself. We feel that artists feel pressured to show extreme performances in some cases due to the huge amount of expectation put on them.”

“In the concert DVD, all controversial scenes that were deemed inappropriate will be excluded or edited. We apologize once again for the trouble caused, and will take extreme caution to avoid causing any sort of controversy similar to this in the future. Thank you.”

Either way, YG has officially apologized for the actions of the Big Bang leader, regardless of whether or not he did anything wrong.

credits: allkpop

G-Dragon could be in deep trouble

Ever since the release of his first solo album released a few months back, Big Bang leader G-Dragon has been surrounded by both fame and controversy as his album became the #1 most sold album of 2009. He was slapped down with plagiarism accusations and also was hit with an age restriction on his album so that it could no longer be sold to minors. But of all the crazy things that's happened to him, this by far could be the worst.

In case you forgot here's a memory refresher: In early November, the Health and Welfare Ministry branch of the government decided that some of G-Dragon's
music was no longer suitable for the kids and this prevented any fans under the age of 19 from purchasing his album. The songs most under fire was Korean Dream and She's Gone, which also happen to be my favorite tracks on the album, as it had suggestive meaning of drug use and inappropriate thoughts.

On December 6th, G-Dragon held his first ever solo concert and he performed these two songs. The Ministry of Health and Welfare requested the crown attorney's office to investigate G-Dragon's concert because he sang She's Gone. Like previously mentioned, She's Gone is labeled as adults only, but there were a lot of
kids in attendance at the concert. The concerts had an age limit of 12 and older and a lot of 12 - 14 year olds were in attendance. If the song gets rated like that then you're basically not allowed to let minors listen to it. It also didn't help his case when G-Dragon had the controversial said-sexual intercourse routine for Breathe. Officials say that not only were the kids exposed to inappropriate music but also to visual sexual content.

Officials are saying that G-Dragon's music and other content will be under investigation and is not sure how the results will pan out. But if the court rules it against his favor, G-Dragon's work could be prohibited from the Korean public and his albums could no longer be available for purchase for anyone. If convicted, he also may have to pay some hefty fines (almost $200,000). The album already has an R rating but in the Health and Welfare committee's eyes, it's getting out of hand as young kids are still listening and getting their hands on the album.

This sort of reminds me of what America went through in the late 80's and early 90's with the emergence of
Gangsta Rap
. Government officials, left wing and right wing commentators, and many others did whatever they could to block the material from reaching America's youth, but with all the controversy it just made the genre even more popular. It seems like Korea is going through this transition phase at the moment. I'm curious though, if G-Dragon really does get banned, how do you think fans will react? After all we have seen them do some pretty incredible things...

credit: ALLKPOP

Big Bang to attend “Music Station SUPER LIVE” concert!

Big Bang’s appearance on “Music Station SUPER LIVE 2009″ on December 25th has been confirmed!

Music Station SUPER LIVE is the largest and most famous yearly event from Music Station. It’s a year-end celebration concert where 20 to 40 top artists from Japan are invited. Amongst many stars Big Bang who is currently having a lot of success and has recently debuted in Japan has already been invited to Japan’s biggest year-end show, and their appearance has been officially confirmed by YG Ent.

This is the first time Big Bang has attended this show and fans are really excited to see them. The show consists of performances by the artists invited and a small interview in which they’re asked how their current year was and what their plans for the years to come are.

This year-end concert will be held at Makuhari Messe Event hall, and it will open its doors to fans and artists at 5:30 pm, LIVE broadcasting will start from 7:00pm to 11:10pm on TV Asahi on Friday, December 25th.





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