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G-Dragon me2day 30nov.09


 안녕 오랫만이에요 다들잘자고있어요?난이제누웠어요 콘서트준비가한창인데이따가조금만공개할께^^잘자고좋은꿈꿔요∼

 Hey, it’s been a while. Is everybody sleeping well? Right now i’m in bed. preparations for the concert are in full swing,  i’ll open/reveal a little of it^^ Sleep well, have sweet dreams~

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Re-broadcast of Big Bang “Let Me Hear Your Voice” on Music Japan


If you remember Big Bang was on Music Japan on November 15th but there were editing problems on G-Dragon’s part so NHK came out to clarify that it wasn’t G-Dragon’s fault as they had said at first, but that it was rather technical issues that they were having. They apologized to vips and promised a re-broadcast without any issues on G-Dragon’s part.

Finally we can enjoy this performance without the errors. NHK was really stupid, at first they said that it was G-Dragon who wasn’t in sync with background music, but vips who went to actually watch that live knew it wasn’t true so NHK had to admit their mistakes. Idiots.


091128 G-Dragon & TaeYang on COCO&MARC 







091125 BIGBANG G-Dragon&GaHo:::Midnight Entertainment


Big Bang will join TVXQ for FNS music festival

source: allkpop

It has only been 5 months since Big Bang debuted in Japan and they are already set to join TVXQ for the 2009 FNS Music Awards!

Fuji TV revealed the list of participants on their homepage on the 25th. Big Bang and TVXQ will join fellow Japanese artists V6, KinKi Kids, Hirai Ken, Arashi, EXILE, Koda Kumi, Yuzu, Ayaka, Aoyama Thelma and SPEED.

That's not all. Big Bang will also join TVXQ at Nihon TV's Best Hit Music Award 2009, which will broadcast on the 26th.

Adding in Big Bang with TVXQ performing as a five member group, we've got lots to anticipate for!

GD's new hair ^-^


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ViVi interview

-What kind of year would you like 2010 to be?
GD: 10 is a perfect number, so I hope next year becomes a ‘perfect year’.

-What’s Big Bang to you?
GD: Another family. We go to each other for advice for lots things, not only work.

-Enjoyment in Japan
GD: This time, I plan to make them take us to a LOVELESS store called GUILD PRIME.

-The person you think won’t change even after 10 years?
GD: I haven’t changed.

-Hopes of marriage?
TOP: GD always talks of how he wants to get married
GD: If I meet my ideal woman, I want to get married straight away. And I want to start making a world of just the two of us.

-Your ideal type
GD: Before I saw a girl who I thought ‘Wow, nice~’. (points at Akiko in page 143 in December issue) This model is so cool. My ideal type! I like mysterious looking girls.

All of the interview here 





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