G-Dragon@Mnet Asian Music Award 21/11/09

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^^why is Ji using Ri's phone lol?
They both have the same phone except Ri has a white one and GD has a black one unless they exchanged.



Big Bang GDragon was seen expressing his condolences for late top model Daul Kim on 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) on 21st November.

A white flower was seen on the left side of the coat he was wearing on the red carpet that day. It is not common to see such a fashion on prize ceremony. And it was known after that he had want to express his condolences for late Daul Kim. A friend of GDragon said, “It was a big shock for him as the news came all of the sudden. When he was preparing for his outfit that day, he thought of Daul Kim and wanted to place the flower there.”

GDragon has also wrote on his me2day on 20th November, “My condolences to Miss Kim Daul. Daul ah, please rest in peace. I’ll pray for you Goodbye..”

The 2 are known to be friends. GDragon had great interests in fashion and the 2 could get into conversations very easily. This goes the same for 2NE1 stylist ‘Yang Gang’.


RIP,Kim Daul.

GD After Winning Album of The Year & 2NE1 Winning Song Of The Year


After The Show 


GD & 2PM Junsu at MAMA

All this pics make me wonder who else can be dorky, cuteee and sexxxxy at the same time like GD. He's unique!

Credit : SS.J @ DCGD soompi

NHK Music Japan apologizes to Big Bang

On the November 15th edition of Music Japan on NHK, Big Bang performed their new single Let Me Hear Your Voice. No big deal, right? Well, apparently it is because NHK apologized to Japan for not properly syncing the audio during G-Dragon's rapping portion. Music Japan issued an apology on their website for not properly editing the footage and stated that they will re-broadcast the performance with proper editing on November 29th.

It was quite unfortunate but it's good to see that NHK Music Japan apologized for the incident.

G-Dragon's portion starts at 2:04
Click here to see!!!

credits: allkpop

G-Dragon and Taeyang with Babies

Back in 2007, the Social Welfare Society recruited stars such as the Wonder Girls, Yoon Eun Hye, Han Hye Jin, Kim Jung Eun, Jang Hyuk, Park Jung Ah, Lee Seung Gi, and others together to take photographs with adorable babies in an effort to help the adoption of babies. It's been almost 2 years since then and now it seems the same agency has recruited Big Bang's Taeyang and G-Dragon for the same cause.

Check out the adorable photos below, thanks to melinda for the tip, 구름둥둥 @ BB FLOW for sharing the photos


credit:credits: allkpop & http://bigbangvip.net

CUTiE Interview & ★BIGBANG's messages to each other

091121 G-Dragon - Red Carpet with Gaho at MAMA




[091121] G-Dragon - Heartbreaker @ MAMA


091121 G-Dragon + Taeyang (태양) - Korean Dream @ MAMA


091121 G-Dragon - Album of the Year at MAMA


Multi-Angle Vers of GDYB's Performance http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=bigba...page=1&bbs=

another fancams of GD:



Best New Male Artist Supreme Team
Best New Female Artist 2NE1
Best Trot Hong Jin Young
Best Dance KARA Honey
Best Mixed Gender Group 8eight
Best Hip Hop LeeSSANG
Best Rock BooHwal
Best House & Electronic Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra
Best Ballad R&B Kim Tae Woo ‘Love Rain’
Best Male Solo Artist Tiger JK
Best Female Solo Artist Baek Ji Young
Best Asian Composer JYP
2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards Recommended Lollipop
Best Music Video 2NE1Fire
Best Female Group Brown Eyed Girls
Best Male Group 2PM

2009 Song Of The Year 2NE1
2009 Artist Of The Year 2PM

2009 Album Of The Year G-Dragon

Best album of the year is a daesang award, meaning it’s the highest award you can get, and the most meaningful.


 Credit: All Pic On Pic & Gd's Soompi & DCGD


  Credit:: All Pic On Pic & Gd's Soompi & http://g-dragonlover.exteen.com

GD's me2day  20nov 09

김다울양의 명복을빕니다 다울아 부디편히쉬렴 기도할께 안녕..

My condolences to Miss Kim Daul. Daul ah, please rest in peace. I’ll pray for you Goodbye..."

credit: sookyeong @ kbites

(GD's friend Daul Kim (the supermode) has just died. Daul Kim was a pretty famous international model from Korea, she was said to be good friends with Big Bang's G-Dragon. G-Dragon even stayed with her for a brief time during his short vacation to Europe earlier in the year.

credit:http://www.soompi.com & allkpop

this has to come at a time when he's preparing for his concert....i hope GD will be okay. he will definitely be affected somewhat sad.gif




he is cooolbig smile big smile

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he is cooolbig smile big smile

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