G-Dragon is a Genie for Vogue Magazine

posted on 19 Nov 2009 10:37 by moomooae
G-Dragon Look-A-Like event for MAMA

It is known that Big Bang GDragon will be taking place in a lookalike event for upcoming MAMA (2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards) on 21st November.

And on 16th November, GDragon posted on his me2day page, “I heard that Mnet is preparing something.. And I’m applying too. Kwon Ji Young lookalike! What if I get eliminated?”

And the Choi PD in charged of the lookalike event said, “GDragon is known to be a trendsetter, and most people would hesitate and feel burdened to consider themselves as lookalike. But it will be a great chance to stand on stage together with GDragon.”

Many from different parts of Korea have applied to take part in the lookalike event, just to have the chance to stand on stage with GDragon.

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G-Dragon is a Genie for Vogue Magazine

G-Dragon who has turned into a Genie for this Vogue photoshoot has been attracting a lot of attention.

In this photoshoot G-Dragon represents a 21st century version of a genie, with a more chic and rebellious look. G-Dragon’s hair for this photoshoot had a different feel, kind of funky with a lot of layers. His fashion styling elements were also very diverse.  The rest of the pictures, plus interview will be released on the December Issue of Vogue magazine.



G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” #1 in all of Asia’s Sales!

According to Shibuya Tower Records, G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” is the #1 most sold Album in all of Asia for two months straight!

Not only that but 2NE1 is right behind their big brother G-Dragon, at number 2! YG Family has been extremely successful this year.


BB Interview (in Women's Weekly Magazine)

Q: “Let Me Hear Your Voice” is being used as the opening theme song for the drama ‘Ohitorisama’ (Single Life). What do you guys think of single women who value spending their time alone?

GD: It’s great that their independent, but I think that they’ll be so used to being alone that they won’t need me!
DS: There are times when you miss people though, right? When that happens, please jump into my heart. *laughs*
YB: I like women who are independent but still depend on me, and are affectionate and cute just to me.
VI: Me too!! I think that’s the same for all men around the world.

Q: Are you all the type of people who can do whatever they want by themselves?

DS: Yes, I can go wherever I want alone and have lots of fun by myself.
GD: Maybe shopping, but I don’t think I’d go out for dinner alone.
YB: Going to the movies alone would a bit… weird for me.
TOP: We’re all people who get lonely quite easily.
VI: (in a cute way) It’s totally impossible for me to live without the other members!! ><
GD: Gosh, move out already! *laughs*

Q: (1) If you all had girlfriends, what type of dates would you take them on in winter?
(2) Whose voices do you want to hear?

VI: (1) Make fake snow fall when I’m with her. And maybe confess while skydiving. *laughs*
(2) My little sister who hasn’t called for about half a year. Do I really have to call first??

TOP: (1) Go to the Tokyo Tower observatory. I would want to drink wine with her while looking at the scenery. (fine by me oppa xP)
(2) My family, especially my mom.

YB: (1) Go snowboarding together! If she doesn’t know how, I can teach her everything from the beginning.
(2) My pet, Boss. Cos even if I just hide for a little, he makes these really lonely sounds. (?)

GD: (1) Wear a really big jacket together and have a hot drink!
(2) My pet Gaho, who sleeps with me every night. I really want to hear his bark right now. *laughs*

DS: (1) I’ve never spent a winter with a girlfriend before so I can’t really think of anything. Maybe winter sports?
(2) The R&B singer MAXWELL, whom I respect so much.

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Trans Credits: sjay.x @ bbvip.net