Making Of 'Let Me Hear Your Voice'

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2PM think G-Dragon is a Style Icon?

2PM recently had an interview with ‘OnStyle’ where they talked about the way they dress, what they like, their concept, etc.

Taecyeon first mentioned G-Dragon when they asked them about Idol Fashion, and he said he felt their styles were very similar. The interviewer then went on to ask the boys “what they thought of G-Dragon’s style”, to which Junho replied “Oh– respect [it]” “His style is the best. Junsu is very similar to him..” Junsu embarrased, then replied “Oh..I am a friend…a friend [of G-Dragon]…so that’s why“.


Making of Let Me Hear Your Voice- GD cut


G-Dragon is so charismatic when he is working and even when he isn’t. He knows how to get attention and not in an exaggerative way. When he was eating he said ‘when the cameras aren’t around, this is how I eat” haha he is such a kid on the inside. I love the making of this MV maybe as much as I loved the actual MV. Also the G-Ri parts are so cute! 

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BIGBANG 「声をきかせて」 091108 COUNT DOWN TV


Big Bang recently performed Let Me Hear Your Voice live at Countdown TV in Japan. It's great to see all 5 boys, back in action. And check out, the dance moves, it's pretty funny how they manage to dance to a slow ballad, but they manage to work it out. Kudos to Shaun Evaristo for the choreography. Even if TOP & GD didn't get the spotlight in this song, you could definitely see the hard work they're putting into the dance.

Big Bang is currently having promotions in Japan for their new Japanese single.

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091107 BIGBANG@SpaceshowTV P1

Making of Let Me Hear Your Voice - TOP cut



Se7en will be making his official return to the k-pop scene at G-Dragon's first solo concert (Shine a light) on December 5th and 6th at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.

G-Dragon stated his enthusiasm:
"This is my first solo concert and I wanted Se7en to perform as a guest badly, as I was so close with him during my training years, but I couldn't say anything and waited patiently."

Se7en stated:
"I was very close with G-Dragon during our younger years, and since this is his first solo concert, it's an absolute must that I be there (to support). I'm currently figuring out which songs to perform and will be practicing."

YG Entertainment stated:
"Since this is Se7en's return to the stage in a very long time, we are putting lots of consideration into which songs he will perform. We are even considering the new songs that he has been working on."

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Making Of 'Let Me Hear Your Voice'

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Hahaha ahh this video is hilarious! First of all this was more like a Seungri making video because it was all about him and his randomness. TOP did scream after all but they just didn’t put it in the music video. The karate session between Seungri and G-Dragon was so funny, haha Jiyong is just hitting Seungri’s butt like nothing.

And TOP dancing with Seungri ahaha that was the climax!! that really cracked me up, I was in tears. Those two goof off so much and it looks like TOP has a lot of fun with maknae, I am loving their close relationship lately, it’s so cute.

Then of course G-Ri !!! Doing the Kara Butt Dance! Haha that was so cute, G-Dragon learnt well from Kara right? Now he is teaching his dongseng but Seungri was way off! Then Taeyang slapping Seungri’s butt, ahh the boys cant get enough of Seungri’s butt! this video is just filled with cute moments, I’m loving them! The boys goofing around and having a fun time is so nice to see, even if they’ve been away from Korea, moments like these make me happy. I so had to do a review on this video, it’s too good not to.

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