Big Bang’s G-Dragon congratulated group BEAST member Jang Hyun Seung on his debut.

BEAST had their debut showcase on 15th October in Seoul MTV GongGae Hall. And many Korean artistes also sent their congratulatory messages to the group for their debut.

Of them is Big Bang’s G-Dragon who did a video message, “I know about BEAST’s debut through the internet. There is HyunSeung in BEAST whom I’m close to and I love. This friend has worked hard and for a long time for his debut, so please give him much love and support. BEAST, hwaiting!”

Jang HyunSeung then commented, “I don’t know when JiYoung prepared for this. But I’m really touched by him giving strength like a real brother. Looks like he will be watching the first broadcast, this gives me strength.”

HyunSeung was eliminated from group Big Bang before they were preparing to debut on MTV Big Bang.

Credits: aleee@ ibigbang.wordpress


G-Dragon of Big Bang sent a heartwarming message to B2ST / BEAST for their showcase.

G-Dragon sent a video message to BEAST, saying "I learned from the Internet that a group called BEAST is debuting. My friend Hyun Seung is a member. He prepared a long time for this so please show appreciation for his hard work. BEAST, fighting!"

The member that G-Dragon mentioned, Jang Hyun Seung aka SO-1, was a part of MTV's reality show Big Bang. He competed against the current Big Bang members for a spot in the group but ultimately failed to impress YG. Jang did not make the cut and ended up moving to another entertainment company, from which he debuted as part of BEAST.

Despite G-Dragon's message, the fans are suspecting that the relationship between the two groups won't be as friendly as it appears on the surface. There are reports that Jang wrote a diary entry on his personal website in June which seemed to be aimed at Big Bang or their management; he wrote "What about Kanye or Nas who are going far? This ain't something kids who started out with babbling to be fooling with. Let's wait for August; I'll beat you all." He also replied to this entry saying "My