G-Dragon - Breathe Inkigayo 090927

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*G-Dragon said, "I'm a little lonely because I'm doing these activities by myself. But I'm okay because my fans fill up that loneliness for me." When we asked about this album's fashion concept GD answered "Usually there has to be a different concept for each song, but this time I'm planning to show many sides of myself with no fixed concept." Then the MCs said "They call people who are extremely interested in their own interests but those who don't care much about love relationships 'herbivorous men'. What do you think about the rumors that are saying that you are the typical 'herbivorous man'." GD answered "I don't know for sure, but I've heard that 'herbivorous men' are men who take care of themselves. I think it's somewhat true." Then the MCs asked "Do you not care about love relationships?" and GD answered "I'm very interested".

credit : Beau @ bbvipz, BBVIP 

credit:  bogoshipeo1

GD backstage @ Global Gathering 2009


source :  http://bigbangvip.net






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