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Icon for the young people
10 years of training
His music that's different from Bigbang's

The dream that he caught 10 years after his debut
He ran into many obstacles but he did not give up. He has finally grasped his own solo album after ten years in YG.

Why did you make the release date for August 18?
First of all when I told YG I wanted a big present for my birthday, he decided the release date to be August 18. On my birthdays, since I've only received a lot of presents, I wanted to give something back this time.

It's the first time interviewing you as 'G-Dragon' not Bigbang. Other interviewers could've asked you about this before, but how does it feel like being interviewed as G-Dragon not Bigbang's leader?

Nothing really different actually. Since I was 13 years old I've been the youngest in YG and Bigbang's leader. Right now I feel quite lonely and unsteady.

You were first in Korea, but you were also first for the Japan's HMV pre-ordering ranking charts. How did you feel like when you heard that?

I was really surprised when I heard about that online. I'm very thankful that Japan's giving me all this attetion even though I'm like own of the newest of the new faces.
I thought that I needed to work hard.

Is the person crying bloody-tears on the album you (G-Dragon)?
Yes. I made a mold of my face quite a while before. The masks that the dancers are wearing in the music video are also masks of my face.

Could you introduce your title song 'Heartbreaker'.
I think it is a song that leaves a lot of impact. It expresses the wrath for his ex-girlfriend.

You've showed yourself transforming a lot, but in Heartbreaker I see you a little differently from Bigbang's leader G-Dragon.
Did you change something on purpose?

I always like giving change and challenging myself. It's just as you see.

There's an apple in the music video. What's the meaning of that?
It's a heart. There's a picture in the album jacket where I'm blending the apple; that also represents the heart.

You revealed the song 'Boy' online first. Why did you reveal this song rather than revealing your title song first?
In the song it seems like you wrote a story with Kwon Jiyong's story and thoughts; do you think that G-Dragon and Kwon Jiyong are totally separate?
Is there a part that you leave a distinction?

The biggest reason was because it was track number one on my album. Just a simple reason.
I think you'll be able to listen to what I thought about working in this industry, what I'm worrying about etc. while listening to this song.

What’s your favorite song in the album?

Personally it's 'Butterfly' for me. When I listen to this song I feel fluttery.

You worked with Bigbang's member Taeyang, Kim Gunmo and 2NE1 members for this album. Could you tell us some happenings that happened while working with them?
No real interesting happenings... But what I'm always thinking about is that I'm lucky to be working with these amazing people.

When do you think you're the most comfortable and the most yourself?
I'm the most comfortable when I'm at home resting doing nothing. I feel the most 'myself' when I'm with music.

When do you feel the loneliest?
Recently...many times where I felt very lonesome.

Any events or things that made you really happy recently?
The album celebration and birthday party!

A word to the fans that are reading this interview?
Thank you for all your support and for reading all of the interview. I'll work hard with the activies. And to the Japanese fans..
I'm very sorry that I haven't been able to meet you guys a lot in Japan.


GD to a person he knows once said, "I want to show my own style, that I couldn't do as Bigbang, and the result of my growth in YG for the past ten years."
G-Dragon mentioned that he was making is album like he was writing a diary about his own growth process. This album that took almost a year from the planning, for him it could be a record of his history until now.
The title song of this album 'Heartbreaker' music video shooting took four days to shoot going around 10 sets.
Like he said in the interview, the 'apple' that represents the heart is split into two; this probably means that the love of two people have ended, and he has expressed this pain of breaking up.
And about his new blond hair that has become a hot issue,
"I've tried out so many new hair styles that I didn't have any more I could try out. This hair style suited a person that was going through a break-up and agonizing pain through this."
For his first solo debut Inkigayo performance he gave himself 4 out of 10 and explained "Not even half of what I practice came out".
But it seemed like he didn't mind too much.
He has smiling as if he were saying, 'now is the start of the G-Dragon syndrome'.
G-Dragon afterwards has accomplished things that we have not expected at all. (the rest cut off)

Original interview in Japanese from 에리코 @ DCGD
Translations to Korean by non. @ DCGD
Translations to English by Beau @ bbvipz


SBS Kim JungEun's Chocolated
Big Bang GDragon has been labelled as a 'herbivorous guy’.

GDragon did a test on how much of a 'herbivorous guy' he is on the show SBS Kim JungEun's Chocolated aired on 19th September.

It has been known that GDragon has become the new representative of 'herbivorous guy' in the entertainment zone with his unique fashion sense.

GDragon was asked to answer a series of questions with 'O' or 'X' answer - "I have a lot of girl friends but there is no case of development into lovers","I can hold a computer dinner with alcohol' etc. And most of his answers were 'O’ and MC Kim JungEun has labelled him as a 'perfect herbivorous guy’.

During this episode, GDragon also performed his solo songs like 'Heartbreaker', Breathe' and 'This Love’.

Meanwhile, GDragon continues with the 'GDragon tsunami' phenomenon, the song 'Heartbreaker' is doing well up on music charts and music shows rankings.

*PS: 'Herbivorous Guy’, according to Korean Wiki, is to describe someone who does not appeal very strongly as an opposite gender to female, but is known to be active in his interests and hobbies, and rather passive when it comes to females or lovers.

Translators note:I hope I’m getting this right – it’s like the idea of guy friends who are like really close friends but you don't see them as becoming your boyfriend?
Credits:K Bites




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