MBC Every1 'The Secret Star' Big Bang G-Dragon

posted on 17 Sep 2009 11:52 by moomooae

*'Inkigayo's producer Park Seunghoon, special points about idol group performances? (part of interview)
"G-Dragon after his song's over, the more we keep shooting him, and the more he can 'play' in front of the camera. He fills the charisma with his stare. So I request for a lot of tight angles(close ups) , and I did a lot of big close ups because his facial expressions are very important. All the girls watching him have a heart attack when they have eye contact with him (laugh)."

"One of the good things about the YG singers is that they fill the 'screen' with their gestures and facial expressions. 2NE1 also thinks a lot about their facial expressions. When there is another member that's not singing that has a cute look on her face, sometimes there's a better 'feel' when we close up to that person. 'I don't care' is especially a musical-like song that has a story to it, so we tried to point out all the expressions of the members."

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